Guitar Scale Mastery System Review – Is It Reliable?

guitar scale mastery

Learn How To Play Guitar With Guitar Scale Mastery

Guitar scale mastery system is suitable for guitarists or even begginers who learn how to play guitar can become a professional one, let’s read my guitar scale mastery review:

  1. What Is Guitar Scale Mastery?
  2. How Will Guitar Scale Mastery Help You Slow Down A Song And How Will Guitar Scale Mastery Benefit You?
  3. How Much To Get Started?
  4. Is It Guaranteed That Guitar Scale Mastery Will Work For You?
  5. What Will You Get From Guitar Scale Mastery?

 guitar scale mastery

What Is Guitar Scale Mastery?

Guitar Scale Mastery is designed by Craig Bassett – a guitarist and guitar teacher who has had a lot of experience on guitar coaching as at high schools, at music schools, via Internet, at master Classes, and private teaching. Eventually, he dedicated all of knowledge in Guitar Scale Mastery, as a result. In the main book, These step-by-step guidelines which comprises 5 parts that Craig Bassett calls “scale weapons” will guide learner on learn how to play guitar . Part 1 is Single string scales, part 2 is two string scales, part 3 is three-note-per-string scales, part 4 is ear training, and last is applications.

How Will Guitar Scale Mastery Help You Slow Down A Song And How Will Guitar Scale Mastery Benefit You?

The majority of people who start to learn how to play guitar is so overwhelm of scales they need to learn. Obviously, it is not too surprising. However, with Guitar Scale Mastery, you will be equipped by a list of tips for being a master in scales. Believe me. Here are what you can get if  learning this guitar tuition program:

1. Part 1: Single String Scales: from this, you can learn:

  • 6 step memorization process that can turn note names, scale degree become a part in you
  • The fundamental technique exercises that the author used
  • 42 different cool sounding melodic patterns
  • To creat your unique single string exercises
  • How to coordinate melodic patterns
  • The 12 “super exercises”which help you play in a more confident, creative way

2. Part 2: Two String Scales: this section provides:

  • Visual Patterns
  • The exact 6 step method used by the author to master Visual Patterns
  • 20 powerful two string exercises

3. Part 3: Three-Note-Per-String Scales: this is one of the best methods usually used in all styles of music. You can learn:

  • How to create your own three-note-per-string fingerings
  • The method of detailed 4 steps for memorizing any scale fingering
  • 8 basic exercises applying the 3-note-per-string approach
  • 8 most favorite intervallic exercises
  • How to use melodic patterns to different fingerings

4. Part 4: Ear Training: it provides you:

  • The process of 4 steps of effective Ear Training
  • 4 foundation exercises
  • What to do when you can not sing a note
  • 8 pivot exercises
  • How to sight sing 32 different melodies without reading music
  • 2 powerful reinforcement exercises

learn play guitar

5.  Part 5: Applications: includes

  • Focused Lick Creation
  • Focused Improvisation
  • Gesturing

The more you can apply them, the faster you become a master guitarist

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You can watch this video to get more information as well as testimonials

guitar scale mastery order

How Much To Get Started?

Today, it just takes $47 from you to purchase the entire comprehensive Guitar Scale Mastery program. The desire of pro guitar player will early become true if you buy this as soon as possible.

What Will You Get From Guitar Scale Mastery?

Coming with the main maunual, purchasers are also presented with some bonuses. They also make the difference between an online course book and a hard book. Let me explain:

  • Guitar Scale Activators: activate any scale that you are practising
  • Bonus update: New content and lessons will be added into your Guitar Scale Mastery program during membership period with no extra cost
  • Special bonus 1: Pentatonic Guitar Success
  • Special bonus 2: Scale Degree Mastery

guitar scale mastery review

Is It Guaranteed That Guitar Scale Mastery Will Work For You?

There is no danger to you if you order this program due to having a Guarantee of 60 days, 100% money – back coming from the manufaturer.

This is the strongest honor-based promise from Craig Bassett to prevent any doubt emerging from your mind!

guitar scale mastery

If you still have any doubt about the system, please glad to vistit here for more details

guitar tuition review

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