Band Jammer Review – Will Andy’s Guitar Course Work?

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Learn How To Play Guitar With Band Jammer Program?

This is a complete band jammer program review that shows you all about Band Jammer with 6 below parts:

1. Learn How To Play Guitar – The Author’s Claims

2. About Andy Partridge – The Author of Band Jammer Program

3. How Band Jammer Works

4. Band Jammer Program – Advantages

5. Band Jammer Program – Disadvantages

6. Band Jammer Program – Conclusion

Learn How To Play Guitar – The Author’s Claims

Band Jammer Program is a live guitar learning course that provides learners with a huge selection of online guitar lessons. The author claims that Band Jammer program is a believable tool for anyone to learn songs, riffs, techniques and skills that will help learners jam live with a band. Moreover, the author promises that series of lessons of Band Jammer Program are all about finding a technique that suits anyone. Therefore, learners can find songs by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, U2, Snow Patrol, Thin Lizzy, Foo Fighters, The Kinks and many more. The author also asserts that learners will turn from guitar basics to jamming with the band in just a few weeks joining in Band Jammer Program.

About Andy Patridge – The Author Of Band Jammer Program

Andy Patridge is the musical director and lead tutor of He is a well-known guitarist and online guitar teacher who is running Company. With this program, he aims to engage and motivate beginner and intermediate guitarist to progress their guitar skills and playing ability. Each lesson introduced by Andy always brings about funny atmosphere for the learners. If people want to contact Andy Patridge for this program, people can connect with him on Facebook, Youtube,  or people may also leave their comments here.

How Band Jammer Program Works

The Band Jammer site comes with over 1,100 videos (updating weekly) structured into easy-to-navigate online libraries. It is an accelerated guitar teaching system that healp you how to learn guitar such things as:

  • Beginner guitar basics,
  • Cool Classic Riffs,
  • Strumming and Rhythm Sessions,
  • Great Guitar Songs,
  • Essential skills, tricks, and techniques,
  • Solos, Blues, and Improvisation,
  • Especially, learners can jam with a real band.

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In order to make learner follow with ease, Band Jammer Program brings about 3 options for users to choose:

Option 1: The Magic of Improvisation webinar. This option is suitable for those who have never experienced guitar before. This webinar is free and full-power webinar.

Option 2: The Band Jammer Kickstart. It is the shelf of contain package which includes the selection of lessons from the tuition library in Band Jammer KickStart Package is fixed price and single payment product. Moreover, as buying this package, clients will get great bonuses including:

  • Bonus 1: BandJammer Bootcamp
  • Bonus 2: Cool Guitar Riffs
  • Bonus 3: Tricks and Techniques
  • Bonus 4: Rhythm Strumming
  • Bonus 5: Improvisation & Solos

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Option 3: The Band Jammer Pro. This keeps learners access to all lessons libraries including Songs Library with over 750 videos, Riffs Library with over 150 videos on classic guitar riffs, and Soloing Library with guitar solos and improvisation; especially the weekly coaching session to motivate learners’ skills. There is also a Bootcamp for learners to brush up their basics. However, in order to have BandJammer Pro Membership, users have to pay $19 per month with no contract, so members can cancel anytime they want. Also, member of BandJammer Pro will get some valuable bonuses such as:

  • Bonus 1: BandJammer Bootcamp
  • Bonus 2: Tricks and Techniques
  • Bonus 3: Strumming Sessions

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Band Jammer Program – Advantages

  • Band Jammer Program provides step-by-step highly effective process that help learners, even beginners understand without doubt.
  • Band Jammer Program provides a clear and structured learning experience to minimize learning time but maximize the results.
  • It is the fastest way to learn because of detailed, practical and fun lessons.
  • The course is suitable for a wide range of learners, from the beginners to those whose have played guitar for years.
  • Band Jammer Program is easy to use with anyone because learners just have to follow high quality multi-camera on the internet.
  • It is 100% portable, so it may run on thumbdrive, cell-phone, or alternative portable machine and train on any Windows 7 PC.
  • Band Jammer Program is not a scam because it gives users a 100% refund of the purchase price without questions.

Band Jammer Program – Disadvantages

Although Band Jammer Program gets a lot of advantages; however, it also has some disadvantages. You do not expect that Band Jammer can work for you in a short time without effort. It depends on you and your time and effort.

Band Jammer Program – Conclusion 

Now, after reading this Band Jammer Program review, it is your choice. I believe with this training scheme, the success is in your hand.

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