16 Tips And Ways On How To Treat A Woman You Love Rightly

how to treat a woman you love

Nowadays, we often listen to the sayings that mention to the responsibility to take more care of women and children who always need the security of men. After getting married, the life of a woman changes so much that she becomes older quickly because she has to bear many works on her shoulders not freely as before. When women have to sacrifice much for their family, their husbands, and babies, for instance, they may not receive enough love as they give. Therefore, it is important to keep men on good ways on how to treat a woman so that they can not only protect their women but also keep her beside forever.

Mentioning to the proper treatment of men to a woman, they are the honesty, the enthusiasm in any work and relationship, the feelings of sympathy and love, the support, the romanticism, and the respect as well. Men need to have all of these characteristics to make themselves good men as well as ideal husbands indeed.

At present, VKool.com would like to show you 16 tips and ways on how to treat a woman you love rightly. All of the suggested ways are really realistic and necessary for any man who wants to treat his woman well and stay in love with her forever. Spend a little time reading the article to know more ways on how to treat a woman you love politely and romantically.

16 Tips And Ways On How To Treat A Woman You Love Rightly  

1. Be Polite

how to treat a woman - be polite

Being polite is considered as the first compulsory condition on how to treat a woman. That means a man should behave as a gentleman and treat her fairly in any cases. A typical example is opening the car’s door for a woman when getting out, which not only shows your polite treatment but also indicates how much you want to support her. No matter how strong or independent a woman is, she also needs this work from men.

If you feel free to say “thank you”, “sorry”, or “please” for the others, you should not save them to women. There will be cases in which you have dated a woman for a long time, you cannot forget to say these polite sayings to her, or in other words, don’t throw your manners out of the window within a last long relationship. It is easy to show her the same polite manner and thoughtfulness as you do for anyone else.

In addition, you should never use profanity or offensive slang to a woman even when you are just kidding. She might smile but she is really not satisfied in her mind, especially in the crowd, because she feels your discourtesy and even becomes ashamed. That aims you have to pay attention to any words for a woman.

In a special relationship with a woman, you should not change or break plans. You may not know how much a woman has to prepare before a dating to make her man satisfied, but you will break up her all preparation just by a call. If you are in an emergent situation, it is unavoidable to cancel a date but you have to inform her soon enough to give a very good explanation along with an apology.

In the dating or work, you always keep on time in any appointment with a woman. A man may feel their time valuable but time is much more important for a woman because she has many things to do besides her work. Thus, you should be always on time as a way on how to treat a woman well. And remember to make a call when you want to change or cancel appointment though she may get angry with you rather let her wait for you too long.

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2. Communicate Your Feelings

Communicating your feelings is another manner on how to treat a woman well that may be the most important one. In fact, men become acquainted with a range of action like head nods, sighs, grunts, or eyebrow raise to express his intention instead of speaking. And although they are folding the arms over their chest and listening to a woman’s talk, she sometimes interrupts and asks if he was listening to her.  That means men rarely have interaction with a woman in a communication which leads to a quick end. You can keep saying like “Oh good”, “yes, I got it”, ‘no, I don’t think so”… during your talk with her so that he can feel you are paying attention to her words and keep going on. Silence is never an answer a woman wants indeed. She cannot know what you are thinking inside your heads, so if you are listening to her, you should show her indication it got through. And if you don’t want to continue a conversation, let speak out so that she will not try to say while not receiving any benefits, which also saves time for both.

In a special relationship, a woman always wants his man to say “I love you” but he may rarely do this. As mentioned above, men like to express their feelings through actions than words but they should not save these romantic words in their love.  You should feel free to share your feelings with your partner so that she will be natural to treat you and trust you more. If you meet trouble when saying the words, you can write a note or use a card to tell and let her know your feelings.

3. Be A Good Listener

how to treat a woman - be a good listener

Besides investing your words, you should also pay attention to her talk and share with her when necessary, which is known as another manner on how to treat a woman. In fact, everyone wants to be heard. By listening to her, you not only make the conversation more exciting but also help give her certain advice in some cases. And if you always listen to her, she will really appreciate it while your bond will greatly grow.

Being a good listener does not mean keeping stare at her all time until she stops. You should also give your opinion that sometimes she can make a mistake or interrupt her with some questions as well. Of the manners on how to treat a woman, you can see that the term “listening” is different from “hearing”, which means you not only receive her information but also develop her story much more. You certainly have different standards to know how important the topic is so that it will play a vital role for you indeed.  If you want to make a woman happy, listen to everything she shares no matter how irrelevant it is in your opinion. And there are some points to look at as follows:

  • Don’t distract her: you have to turn off your games or leave the text you are typing and keep not interrupting her and participate in her talk when necessary. By this way, you are showing how important you consider her and how exciting her talk is to keep going on most naturally.
  • Eye contact: you should keep eye contact along with listening to her story to gain better insight into her feelings because your gestures, facial expressions including eye-movements are very important.
  • Have the same point of view: Your woman may be talking about something bad that does not trouble you or even describing a scenario that you also cannot imagine but you should try to sympathy. In other words, you have to put yourself in her shoes in order to understand his situation and opinion more clearly. There will be sometimes you don’t agree with her but you should also keep your mind open and show that you are always on her side in any dispute.
  • Restrict from solving her problem: you may think that you have to help her solve the problem when she talks about it but it is not really a good idea. If she asks you for some suggestions, you can feel free to show your opinions but in other cases, you should not be offended. Normally, when a woman talks about her problem to face, she just wants to be heard but not want to receive any solutions, then refrain from this situation.

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4. Be Honest

Being honest is also a fancy way on how to treat a woman you love. In fact, honesty is a necessary factor in any relationships, especially in a love. If you love her, honestly tell her your mind but don’t try to play tricks t show your coolness.  More clearly, any girl who falls in love with you because of these tricks cannot be the ideal one for a serious relationship, so you have to notice that. And on the other hand, if you are not into her, also honestly tell her in a polite way. Don’t be too straight to show her that you are not as interested in this relationship as she is and ask her to go away. Don’t be that guy as he will never receive love from the others.

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5. Don’t Be Lazy

It is not easy to find a hard man but anyone should also solve his problem at least. You should manage your money, take care of yourself, and be responsible for your work as the way to be an ideal man. You may be expecting a woman with a sexy body while you are having flaws of your own, which means you cannot urge your woman to be independent or make her own money because you are such a guy. Plus, there is no girl who is willing to get in a serious relationship with a man who never tries his best in anything. Keeping yourself hard and improving work is always a good way on how to treat a woman.

6. Usually Ask Her

how to treat a woman - usually ask her

When asking a woman that what she wants from a man, she will mostly answer that she needs his care. And a way to show your thorough care is often asking how she is feeling or what she is doing by making a call or typing a message. It may be simple but really essential in a relationship with a woman. There are certainly a large number of women considering this is the most necessary manner on how to treat a woman well. It is special to ask a woman when the relationship is new which helps you to make a good impression from the start. Or if you have ever read a book related to women feelings, you may find that it is difficult to accurately guess how a woman is feeling or in other words, a man should try more to understand the women’s eyes.

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7. Fight Fair

It is unavoidable to have arguments between a man and a woman even in a very close couple. An argument is easily dealt with when you have a polite way to talk with your woman, which is also a manner on how to treat a woman. You should never talk nonsense, call her name, particularly make threats and use physical intimidation that all show your bad characteristic. And the worst way may be cutting her off to deal with a fight indeed. And being a man, you should not hold the hurt or angry feelings after the fight and come to meet your woman starting the conversation again instead. Show that you are masculine all the time, please.

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8. Show Your Habits

Any man has his own favorite things like video games, sports, cars, or beer… in which women does not like at all. However, it is a better idea if you tell her what you like to do in the free time instead of hiding her and doing them behind her backs. In other words, you should not tell a lie about who you are staying with or what you are doing. It is considered as a way on how to treat a woman well indeed.

If she does not like what you are doing, you should ask her the reason instead of finding a complex way to hide it. In addition, you can say some sweet words to let her know how much you love her though there are many other girls out there besides showing how important these habits are so that she gives you sympathetic feelings. If she does not trust you, there is certainly a distance in your serious relationship that you should consider again. However, you have to remember not to abuse time doing your favorite things while letting your woman wait or alone, which is always avoided when starting a relationship with a woman as well. Show your habits in positive ways as a good manner on how to treat a woman well.

9. Appreciate Her

how to treat a woman - appreciate her

There will be sometimes your woman make a wrong decision or fail a contract in her work and it is when she needs you to give stimulation. Don’t heritage to give her a compliment by saying that she has done everything well but need more a bit fortune to be successful and there will be other chances. By anyways, an appreciation plays an important role in raising her up from failure or encouraging her to try more. Especially, you should appreciate her as a good wife who completes all the housework including cleaning the house, washing dishes and clothes, cooking well, and taking care of her dog thoroughly. By this way, she may feel comfortable when being with you as your ideal woman. And don’t forget to congratulate her with wine when necessary.

10. Support Her

Always supporting your woman is another good manner on how to treat a woman you love. Your support is not only showed through your bank account you supply her but through the same words in her belief, ambition, and passion. If your woman considers your bank account as your support for her, you should spend time looking at your relationship indeed. When you give her the support, she then tries to pursue her goals professionally or personally. Besides, you should not interrupt her dreams as you find them not reasonable to you. You can also talk her about your opinion but not dismiss her. When you start a serious relationship with a woman, you want to protect her integrity, thus, you cannot do anything harmful to her or your reputation. That means you should support instead of interrupting her when she is trying to make an excellent mark in her career.

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11. Be Respectful

As the others, your woman needs to be respected, which means you have always to respect her as a way on how to treat a woman you love. You may have different ways to communicate with the different group of people and you have to use an appropriate one for your woman indeed. There will be women who do not concern about vulgarity and sports talk but there will also others opposite to this. Therefore, you should pay attention to the talking manner, especially in front of your friend so that your woman can feel she is respected by you and your relatives. Respecting her is also showed through the way you treat her such as keeping on time, being confidential, appreciating and her achievements,…or give her opinion

In addition, you can show your respectful consideration by avoiding jealousy. It may be unavoidable to be jealous of her exes, male friends, and co-workers but you should keep it under control not to make her annoyed or stressed. Moreover, you have also to respect her friends, family, and even her exes as the way you do for her.

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12. Treat Her Family Well

Women always have a deep connection to their family, which means you should treat her relatives well as the way you treat her. There will be a situation she tells you that she is not really close with her family but you should be respectful toward them by anyways instead of criticizing them. Another reason you should treat her family well as a way on how to treat a woman is that her parents and siblings can effect on her decision to date or reject a man.

In other cases when a woman has children, you should be friendly with them and try to know them as much as possible. It is because children are the most important properties of a woman then she will quickly say goodbye to one who does not treat them well. However, never overstep and play yourself as their parents and control them, which make her feel that you are interrupting her life as well.

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13. Mention Her To Friends

how to treat a woman - mention her to friends

All the women like to be introduced to her man’s family and friends in a respectful and polite way. Therefore, if you consider to getting in a serious relationship with her, you should let your friends know her. It is a necessary manner on how to treat a woman well. That does not mean that you always mention her during the conversation with your friends but just make it clear how important she is in your life so that she can feel special and confident in front of his relatives.

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14. Make Her Special

Making your woman feel special is always considered as a good way on how to treat a woman you love. You can make her outstanding on a special occasion, on your anniversary, and during an appointment with your friends.

Firstly, you have to remember special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and particularly her birthday. Be sure that you will give her a gift or celebrate surprising parties for her in these occasions. Creating her special occasions with unforgettable events with your appreciation and tokens of love is really an ideal way on how to treat a woman especially. Never let her tell a lie with her family and friends that you have celebrated a great party for her birthday while you have never done something like that.

Secondly, always remember your both anniversary like your first day and wedding day. Anniversaries are mini-time machines that remind you of beautiful memories so that never forget them as the way you love and respect her. Not only do you remember, but you should also do something special for your anniversary and especially prepare a card or make a conversation in which the good times and the relationship growth reminisce. By this way, your woman will be so happy and love you more and more.

Thirdly, pay attention to the gifts you give her. In fact, only gifts coming from the heart are highly appreciated, which means you should spend time thinking about gifts your woman loves or even making something on your own. It is the way you show the love to her also the way on how to treat a woman well. Besides this special gift, don’t forget to give her a bunch of flowers. There may be not any woman who hates flower or rejects to receive them from a romantic man. You can directly give them to her or have them delivered to her workplace or home as well. And as above, remember to enclose a meaningful card in which you give her thanks and congratulation.

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15. Be Romantic

Every girl loves romanticism but not all of men can do this. There are some guys overdoing his romanticism while others impossible to do anything like that. As a result, you should do something romantic for your woman at least once time so that she could feel the best feeling of happiness. A woman does not expect puppies and diamonds, she just needs a desired feeling.

Romantic gestures might be small and sweet but not have to be big as you thought. You can take her to the place you both firstly me and re-enact what happened on this day. You can also invite her to a fantastic restaurant where plays her favorite ballad or even hire a theater room watching a love movie and do something romantic there. More easily, you just update a new list of songs and choose her an interesting ringtone or making her a special video. And the common way is decorating your house with candles and roses then express your mind honestly.

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16. Make Love

Making love is always an important step on how to treat a woman you love, also important in marriage & relationships. You may think it as sex but it is really more than that. You need to understand her body, her mind, and connect her in the ways that are welcomed, invited, and embraced. Don’t just bring her to your room, lock the door, and say your sweet words. Women always love the moment you show your masculinity or do hard exercise at the gym. But in fact, men just try to be strong in bed while not paying attention to what their women give. It is also preferred to tell your woman what you want and how you like which may give her comfort because you are reliable when telling her anything. Sex is always considered to be mutual, communicative, and reciprocating, thus, don’t be afraid to have a sex with your woman if she is voluntary. And don’t forget to take care of her and pay more attention to her after your sex.

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After reading our article on 16 tips and ways on how to treat a woman you love rightly in our main Relationship & Dating page, hope that you can find out more ways to treat a woman as she deserves and keep her beside you forever. Leave your comments and questions below then we would reply as soon as possible and share with us if you know other ways to treat a woman well if you get.

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