How To Approach A Woman In Public Or On A Street

how to approach a woman

It is obvious that men sometimes find themselves, at one point or another, in the need of approaching and attracting a woman. That thought crosses our minds when a beautiful woman walks past us or sits on the opposite bench in the park. However, when it is the best time to come and say hi, most of us just simply remain on our seats and tell ourselves that this is not the appropriate time to approach her. Many people do not want to approach women as they do not know what they should do, especially when it happens on the street. Therefore, it is necessary to find and read some tips and tricks on how to approach a woman in order to be more confident. In this article, you are going to discover how to approach a woman on a street or in public, some common mistakes men make when they approach women and what you should do in order to attract them.

How To Approach A Woman – Some Common Mistakes

1. Forget Her Comfort Zone

       Forget her comfort zone review

Keep in your mind that knowing you are a nice guy does not mean that she also does. When you come up to women, it is necessary to know that most women are caught by surprise, which is the reason why they will keep their guards up. This is normal as it is women’s nature to protect themselves against bad people. In this case, it is necessary that you show up as a harmless man with a good sense of humor.

2. Try To Fool Her

Try to fool her review

One of the biggest mistakes that many men make when it comes to approaching women is that they do not give women enough respect as well as credit. Some people like to think that a woman can be fooled into giving their numbers easily. However, remember that they are very well aware that your purpose is to pick them up. Therefore, try not to beat around the bush. Be straightforward and tell them honestly what you are looking for. By doing this, you are building a straightforward and confident image, which usually gains good points from women.

3. Do Not Prepare A Plan

Do not prepare a plan review

Some men have the ability to successfully improvise while some do not. Therefore, it is always a good idea to prepare a plan beforehand so that you will have a bigger chance of showing up as a man who she may consider dating.

4. Act Like A Pervert

act like a pervert review

Apparently, it is common among men that they keep ruining their chances with women by sticking their eyes right at a woman’s breasts. Remember that this action leads to great failure so you do not want to do that next time you flirt a woman. Instead, try to keep looking into her eyes while you are talking to her. You would want to give her an impression of a polite and charming man who is going to make her happy rather than a rad dog that is willing to mark his territory at any fire hydrants on the street.

5. Use Others’ Pickup Lines

use others’ pickup lines review

Unless you made them up yourself, pickup lines are not recommended, especially when you are approaching women on the streets or in the public. Therefore, it is necessary to be yourself and say what you are thinking.

6. Do Not Ask For A Date

do not ask for a date review

It is common among men that they put so much effort and thoughts into how to approach women that they completely forget to ask for her phone number or a date. There is actually no point in thinking so hard and putting so much effort when you are not going to see her or hear her voice again.

7. Approach Every Woman In Sight

approach every woman in sight review

Puppies are what some men like to become when it comes to approaching new faces or sexy bodies. They cannot even control their action and humiliate themselves. Therefore, you need to avoid approaching another woman when you have already had her number. Control and calm down. If you are busted while making a move on others, it is certainly that she will definitely deny your calls.

8. Burn Their Bridges

burn their bridges review

It is ridiculous that when some people are rejected by a woman, they will immediately change their attitude and insult her. Guys, keep in mind that the woman you are trying to approach may have had a rough day, and you do not know if you will see her again. Therefore, next time if you are rejected by someone, try to bow out gracefully like a true gentleman and say “I am so sorry. So I think we will never have a chance to know if we would make a good match or not.”

9. Lie

how to approach a woman-lie review

Those people, who did not prepare a plan before approaching a woman, usually have no idea what they should say so they choose to lie. The most common lie men always use is “Excuse me, I have just moved here. Can you please show me how to get to…” Like what was mentioned in no.2, it is a good idea to give a woman some credits, not to lie to her because she is not stupid. If you do that, what will happen if she knows that was a lie? Who is going to humiliate oneself then? What will happen to a relationship that started with a lie?

10. Get Too Nervous

get too nervous review

Many men have a tendency to get too nervous when it comes to approaching a woman since they do not know how to start and how to crack her code. Therefore, they act like they are going to ask her to marry them for the rest of their lives. By doing so, they will show up like desperate men who have no idea what they are doing. What you need to do now is to relax. It is simple, just say “Hi” and make a new friend, not a wife.

How To Approach A Woman On The Street Or In Public

1. Use Eye Contact

use eye contact review

If you want to know how to approach a woman, let me tell you this: making eye contact will give you the ultimate invitation. That invitation will open the gate to a woman’s world and make things much easier for you.

When you want to approach a beautiful woman, all you need to do is making eye contact and giving a relaxed smile if she catches your look. By doing this, you will create an image of a friendly and confident man. After that, if she keeps looking at you, that means you are giving an invitation to come and talk to her. Do not wait for another chance since this is the clearest sign of interest that you will receive.

2. Be Friendly And Confident

be friendly and confident review

Having the correct body language can lead to a perfect approach. Therefore, always remember to keep your back straight and your head up, shoulders back and smile. By doing this, you are building an image of a friendly and confident guy, which is a good thing because she will become more open to start engaging in the conversation.

Moreover, if you find a woman that you feel attracted to, try to act right away. If you insist on waiting for the appropriate time, which never comes, you will make the anxiety even worse. Therefore, within 2 seconds of seeing the woman of your interest, you should instantly walk to her without hesitating.

3. Be Genuine And Humorous

be genuine and humorous review

When it comes to starting a conversation with someone you have just met, it is necessary to keep things light, positive and fun. You can create a good impression by starting things off with a funny joke to make her laugh. However, in case you do not feel comfortable doing so, just say what makes you feel good. You can give her a sincere compliment or a simple “Hello” and you are good to go.

4. Make Her Feel Good

make her feel good review

The truth is, what you say to a woman does not really matter since she will probably forget most of it after a few hours. However, she will not forget how you made her feel, which is created by your attitude.

Most men, who do not know how to approach a woman, tend to have an attitude of “Hope I will get her number” or “I hope she will likes me” Remember that those who always seek for approval as well as depend on the outcomes usually lack confidence. Having that attitude can give women a wrong impression. Therefore, it is necessary to create a positive and warm vibe during the approach.

Now, hopefully after reading this article, you will discover tips and tricks on how to approach a woman and even be able to attract beautiful women. If you find this ‘’How to approach a woman in public or on a street’’ article informative and useful, please let us know by leaving a comment down the section below. If you have any questions related to this article, please feel free to reach us any time you need.

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