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wedding ideas on a budget

Wedding is an important event in everybody’s life. However, the cost it takes is not low at all, especially recent days. Currently, the average cost of a wedding is more than $20,000, making it one of the most expensive life events. In case you do not have $20,000 to spend, do not worry. With a much smaller amount of money, you could still have a fun, stylish, and memorable wedding while still saving money concurrently. These are creative and cool wedding ideas on a budget that collected from a large number of couples worldwide. Check them out!

I. Creative And Cool Wedding Ideas On A Budget – Wedding Planning

1. Wedding Venue wedding ideas on a budget with wedding venue

The two things which are often decided on before the wedding venue are whether or not to get married and the date. In fact, the wedding venue could be expensive, yet you could save yourself a lot of money if getting married on such a day other than Saturday and if finding a suitable place outside the city centre. Even though Saturday is the day to walk down the aisle, you should consider Friday or Sunday. Wedding vendors often offers deals on off-days. Friday weddings should be hold in the evening while Sunday weddings should be finished early in the day.

A lot of public spaces, such as parks or the local village green, might be available to rent at such a low fee. Nevertheless, if that space is not equipped to deal with events, then you have to rent almost things from napkins to chairs and tables. So, make sure you check out all of the necessary things before renting any place.

Another idea for finding your venue is to choose an unusual venue, like an aquarium, a gallery, a zoo, or even an historical site. Besides, holding your reception and your ceremony is the same place will allow you to save multiple site costs and transportation fees from different locations.

2. Drink Menu And Reception Food

When it comes to wedding planning, food and drinks also play a big part in the cost of a wedding. The best manner to save on foods and drinks as well as desserts for your own wedding is to supply your own. In order to do so, you can make a list of family members and friends to support and warrant that you do not overextend yourself with the complicated fare. However, your reception venue may charge a cake-cutting fee if you bring in outside baked cakes. So, you had better weigh the costs before ordering an outside vendor for your cake.

In case you do not want to make foods and drinks on your own, just consider serving heavy appetizers rather than a sit-down meal and find a venue which allows customers –- to bring their own beer, liquor, and wine.

In other words, talking about wedding cake, for most people, the menu as well as the cake often takes a bite out of the budget. You could save a considerable amount of money on this front by modifying the menu and food choices, especially the drinks, on decreasing your guest list.

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3. Videographers And Photographers wedding ideas on a budget with videographers and photographers

Once the wedding is all announced and done, you should make sure that you prepare a keepsake which will remind you of that important day. However, unfortunately, this could be so expensive. The solution for this problem is to hire someone that is an amateur or has just getting started in their job or someone who choose to shoot wedding photos as their side gig.

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4. Wedding Ceremony, Reception Music

It could be so expensive for you to hire those professional musicians or bands, yet luckily you can save money in this category by applying many ways such as hiring a student musician, or even a friend to perform, if possible.

II. Creative And Cool Wedding Ideas On A Budget – Wedding Decor

1. Wedding Flowers wedding ideas on a budget with wedding flowers

When it comes to wedding decor, it is rather easy to get out of your control when decorating the venue, especially wedding flowers. Wedding flowers could take from you thousands of dollars. So, buy flowers that are in-season in your area. Just plan ahead so you can save the cost and effort of importing flowers from a different location. Yet, you can lower that cost to even a couple hundred dollars while still having great flower arrangements if you are lucid. Just be smart about the kinds of flowers you opt for and consider how you could repurpose them in your wedding.

2. Reception Decors

Actually, the best manner to save your money on the wedding reception decors is to make it fun. Shop at flea markets to choose cheap and unique wedding decors. That means you should get creative and pick a solid, good theme. If you could do that, everything else will automatically fall into its place.

3. Ceremony Decors

In some cases, less is more. That will help you keep the cost of decorating the wedding venue reasonable. Remember that basing on your own venue, the setting might be all you need.

4. Reception Table Centerpieces

This is an area that you could bring a lot of fun yet still saving your money if you could do all the centerpieces yourself.

III. Creative And Cool Wedding Ideas On A Budget – Wedding Attire

1. Menswear

Even most people often look at the price, it is still critical for your wedding that the groom also looks good. Luckily, menswear is not as costly as the dress of the bride. During the wedding, men need to be comfortable and flexible, so you should choose the most reasonable suit that will be wore on that big day and also consider alternatives to tuxedos.

2. Wedding Dress

When it comes to wedding ideas on a budget, wedding dress should not be skipped. It is really easy to get out of your control when spending money on the bride’s wedding dress. Yet, you can still save money on the dress if shopping wisely and sticking to the scheduled budget. For saving money on wedding dress, you can rent or purchase a used wedding gown. Though all of us love to have a designed, brand new dress, you do not have thousands of dollars to spend; you could use the online service to look for a gown, which another bride just wore for a single day. Or, you can scale back and purchase a wedding gown from last year’s rack. Not only are these kinds of wedding dress dramatically reduced, but you also could save even more by applying your negotiation skills to work.

Wedding by Crouse Photography, Roxanne Crouse

3. Hairdo For Bride

Though having a professional stylist coming to you on that big day might be so great and convenient, that also means the bill will be big, causing unwanted stress. Thus, if possible, doing your own hair or going to the Costmetology School will be two good ways to lower the cost of your hairdo.

4. Makeup For Bride

Similar to bride’s hair, making up for the bride is also expensive if you hire a professional. Purchasing your makeup and doing it by yourself also could be costly. Therefore, you should look for a coupon to buy makeup or visit a department cosmetics store to get a free makeover.

5. Wedding Jewelry

We both know that there will be an exchanging of wedding rings during the wedding ceremony, yet the bride will most likely want to wear several pieces of jewelry to complement her beautiful wedding gown. The best manner to avoid being out of budget for rings, you can stay out of high-end stores and borrow some family members or friends.

IV. Creative And Cool Wedding Ideas On A Budget – Other Wedding Costs

1. Wedding Invitations wedding ideas on a budget with wedding invitations

Nowadays, the Internet puts designing your own invitations within reach. The wedding invitations are also what you could save ton of money by doing just part of it or all of it by yourself. Consider supplying your own cardstock to the printer or even go electronic by sending out email invitations.

2. Wedding Favors
it is common to give those wedding favors to the guests as an appreciation for their appearance and loving support of your marriage. If you hold a large wedding with the long list of guest, the cost of those favors could be high, so consider making handmade favors by yourself. Store-bought wedding favors might be pricey, no matter how small your guest list. Consider some easy and creative ideas to do something as simple as burning a CD or bagging up some candy.

3. Make A Honeymoon Deal

From your honeymoon to the vendors, there are a lot of hidden discounts that can help you maintain your wedding budget. A lot of hotels offer honeymoon packages that is a good way to save money.

The creative and cool wedding ideas on a budget above aim to help you create the best possible plan to organize a memorable wedding while still saving your money for other purposes after marriage.

If you have any idea to contribute for this “Creative & Cool Wedding Ideas On A Budget” article or any relationship tips in, leave your words below to let us know your thoughts. We will answer all soon!

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