Successful blind date tips for guys – 7 secrets

blind date tips

Blind date may be an interesting experience for everyone in their life. Just imagine that when you meet someone for the first time, you are very curious and anxious. You may ask yourself several difficult questions: What is going on? How can I prepare? How can I make a good conversation with confidence? Everyone has blind date at least once in their life which turns out to be a disappointed experience. However, if you prepare well for the blind date, you can have a lucky chance to find your true love or a good friend.

Successful Blind Date Tips For Guys – How Does It Work?

blind date tips

Do you know what is blind date? Actually it is a date when you have to meet someone for the first time. Therefore blind date may be an awkward situation for people involved because you have to smile and have a conversation with someone you have not known before.

Maybe that seems scaring but do not worry. In this article on, I will give you 6 successful blind date tips which can help you overcome your anxiety and feel relaxed and comfortable with each other within a few seconds. Read article to know more.

1. Prepare For The Best: 

blind date tips

Preparation is the first important secret of blind date tips for guys. You need to take up your mind what you are going to wear and what the topic you want to share in the communication. Even planning for the great romantic dating places is necessary for successful blind date. Make sure that you can find the place which both of you like. If you are a fan of books, the book library is the best idea. Preparation will also help you to prevent the awkward situation that you planned to go the movie theater but the girl wants to go the club.

2. Expectation Makes Worst: 

blind date tips

If you look for the blind date tips, expectation is the first thing you should not do. Nothing is worse than going the blind date and expecting the Mr. Perfect to come. No one can suit for your long list of expectation. It is normal for you to meet someone who can make you disappointed. Even in the worst date, you can gain experience. However, I do not suggest you have to throw out or have low expectation. Just make sure you do not make up the unrealistic date in your mind even when you have an interesting phone call and read the written form profile carefully.

3. Ask The Matchmaker All The Details: 

blind date tips

It is impossible to go out and have nothing about what is going on for a blind date. Even you signed up for the dating online website, it is important to read the profile carefully. If your friend set both of you up for the blind date, you need to ask your friend all the details, including their personality, their hobbies and interests. So asking the matchmaker all the detail is one of the blind date tips for guys.

4. Being Yourself: 

blind date tips

Some people feel anxious and nervous when they plan for a date. They do not know what to wear and what to talk with the person who is totally unfamiliar. Although it seems easier to talk with someone you know well, you need to open your mind about your blind date. It is worth trying if you want to find an actual love. Being yourself is the best one of the blind date tips that can help you get rid of all your anxiety. You are the good person who needs to love and be loved. You have all the values in your personality, your appearance and your careers. Therefore, there is no need to continuously change your clothes and spend too much time on makeup.

Because your natural beauty is perfect, just wear what you like and put a little makeup if necessary.

5. Have A Date At Local Public Place: 

blind date tips

I need to emphasize that a blind date is a date you meet someone you have not known before. Even the person you have a date with is acquaintance of your friend. It is still much unsafe for you to meet them in the totally strange places, where not many people are around. My advice for the successful blind date tips is to have a date at local public places which are suit with your hobbies as well as her interests.

A coffee shop, book stores or public crowed restaurants are ideal for you to consider.

6. Arrive On Time Or Early: 

blind date tips

A mistake many people often make is arriving late. It creates the disappointment and bad judgment. Make sure that you do not arrive late. If you have an unavoidable incident, there is a need to apologize sincerely and explain your reasons. You should arrive on time but it is better idea to go to the dating place early. With 15 minutes early, you will have enough time to straighten your hair and fix your outfit.

7. End With A Good Impression: 

blind date tips

Among successful blind date tips, this is the last secret that you should keep in your mind. At the end of your date, it is important to tell them what are going on your mind and how you like them. Do not leave a date a confusion wondering what you feel about them. If the date goes successfully, you can tell them the feeling and plan for another date after that. If you do not like that guy, you also need to make it clear in a friendly and polite manner. Stop sitting and staring at the person you do not like even that person is unintelligent, unattractive or repulsive.

Those are 7 successful blind date tips I want to share with your guys. In conclusion, blind dating is much more fun and interesting experience that you should try. Many people can find their love in blind date when their chemistry occurs and some people find a good friend. I hope that these 7 blind date tips are helpful for you. If you have any questions raised in your mind, please feel free to leave it bellow. I will answer you all.

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