14 Natural Health Benefits Of Dandelion Tea

health benefits of dandelion tea

Dandelion is known as a sunny, subtle, and incredible healing plant that has been used for many years.  It is easy to find this ornamental plant in gardens or parks because it is bright and quite beautiful. It appears in traditional medicine in which it acts as an edible food, a restorative tonic, and an ingredient of herbal wines and beers. Dandelion has a variety of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and detoxifiers which make it get many health benefits. Dandelion tea made from organic dandelion is also considered as a good beverage for human’s health.

When mentioning to dandelion tea, people commonly talk about 2 infusions involved in 2 parts of the plant: one with the plant’s leaves, and the other with roasted dandelion roots. They are all safe and used for many purposes. More clearly, dandelion tea has some benefits in relieving acne, jaundice, urinary disorders, liver disorders, diabetes, anemia and even cancer. It is also famous for the ability maintaining bone health, caring the skin, and losing weight. And there may be more benefits that have been studied by many international institutions.

In this article, VKool.com will present you top 14 natural health benefits of dandelion tea. This article listed the best advantages of dandelion tea from reliable sources so that you can absolutely believe in.  However, it is only for the informational target and it is not aimed to give medical advice. Keep reading the writing to learn more about this beneficial tea!

Top 14 Natural Health Benefits Of Dandelion Tea

1. Maintain The Bone Health

benefits of dandelion tea - maintain the bone health

Maintaining the health of the bone is the first one of benefits of dandelion tea. It is because that dandelion is very rich in calcium that is known as an essential nutrient for the strength and growth of bones. Plus, the plant is also rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C and Luteolin that protect bones from damage related aging. While bones are often damaged due to free radicals and become weaker with decreased density, dandelion tea can help them maintain their health by supplying requested nutrients.

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2. Promote The Liver Health

benefits of dandelion tea - promote the liver health

Besides maintaining the bone health, dandelion tea can help promote the liver health in many ways. The root of the plant is known as a liver tonic and commonly used in folk medicine. The study before indicated its ability to increase the flow of bile and that the plant can help detoxify the liver as well as relieve any symptoms of liver disease. And when used to detoxify the liver, dandelion tea appears to be very effective. The reason is that it can increase a detoxifying enzyme dramatically.

Dandelions tea helps the liver in many different ways. While vitamin-C and Luteolin, the antioxidants presented in dandelion, prevent the liver from aging and keep it functioning in optimal gear, other compounds of dandelions aid in treating hemorrhaging in the liver. In addition, dandelion tea helps maintain the proper bile flow and stimulate the liver.

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3. Clear The Kidney

benefits of dandelion tea - clear the kidney

Dandelion tea, also known as a superfood, is a diuretic that clears out salt, excess water, and waste from the kidney by increasing the production of urine. The good properties in the tea also prevent the growth of microbial in the urinary system. Plus, benefits of dandelion tea replace some potassium lost in this process.

4. Treat Urinary Disorders

benefits of dandelion tea - treat urinary disorders

Dandelion is highly diuretic in nature thereby it helps in eliminating the position of toxic substances in the urinary tract as well as in the kidneys. Its disinfectant properties also inhibit the growth of microbial in the urinary system.

When paired benefits of dandelion tea with another herb, like uva ursi, dandelion may prevent urinary tract infections more effectively with its roots and leaves. The combination works well because there is an excellent mix of the increased urination involved in dandelion and anti-bacterial compounds of uva ursi.

It is noticeable that dandelion tea is actually easy to find and make. You should use the plant that has not been used with any other chemicals before being harvested. Remember to harvest them when they are young, and then clean, and pour the hot water into to get a fresh and healthy tea.

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5. Treat Diabetes

benefits of dandelion tea - treat diabetes

Treating diabetes is another of benefits of dandelion tea. Dandelion tea can stimulate the insulin production, which keeps the level of blood sugar low. Therefore, this tea is very beneficial for diabetic patients. And because dandelion is diuretic in nature, it increases urination in diabetic patients so that the excess sugar can be removed from their body. Diabetics are involved in renal problems thereby the diuretic properties of the plant can help remove the excess sugar in the kidneys by increasing urination.

Additionally, dandelion tea is quite bitter tasted, which contributes to lowering the sugar in the blood like other bitter substances do. Consistently low blood sugar and a more regulated proper insulin release protect diabetic patients from dangerous spikes as well as plunges. In conclusion, dandelion tea is a perfect solution for diabetes.

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6. Prevent The Risk Of Cancer

benefits of dandelion tea - prevent the risk of cancer

Preventing people from developing cancer is an important one of benefits of dandelion tea. As mentioned, dandelion is very rich in antioxidants like vitamin C and Luteolin that reduce the free radicals, known as the major agents causing cancer, so it also reduces the risk of cancer. In fact, the root extract of dandelion can induce death cells in melanoma cells without impacting on the cells left, and it also does the same impact on pancreatic cancer cells. Plus, its leaves that are really rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients help combat cancers.

In addition, dandelion tea can detoxify the human body, which contributes to inhibiting the growth of tumors or various cancers. Its luteolin property is able to poison certain components of cancer cells whenever binding to them. The property then renders them ineffective and impossible to reproduce.

The ability to prevent the risk of cancer of dandelion tea has been notably demonstrated with prostate cancer. Furthermore, it expresses a promise in many other studies on cancer. Dandelion tea is beneficial in slowing the development of cancer and preventing it from spreading.

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7. Soothe The Digestive Ailments

benefits of dandelion tea - soothe the digestive ailments

According to the studies before, there are many good natural benefits of dandelion tea on the digestive system. Therefore, this tea has been used to stimulate appetite, relieve minor digestive ailments, or treat constipation.

Dandelion tea can promote the digestion when acting as a mild laxative. Besides, it balances the natural and essential bacteria in the intestines. The tea can also relieve the stomach acids which is helpful for the digesting process.

8. Treat Constipation

benefits of dandelion tea - treat constipation

Another of benefits of dandelion tea is treating constipation. This ability comes from some components represented in dandelion with a high level of dietary fiber. These components make it beneficial in aiding the digestive and intestinal health. Plus, the dietary fiber can encourage healthy bowel movements when adding bulk to the stool while also reducing the chance of constipation. Dandelion tea regulates the bowel movements by which more serious gastrointestinal issues can be prevented.

In fact, while constipation is common on children, dandelion tea relatively helps them soothe the stomach. Moreover, it is used to encourage the appetite, especially following surgery and trauma.

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9. Improve The Immune System

benefits of dandelion tea - improve the immune system

Improving the immune system is the next one of benefits of dandelion tea. The studies have shown that it can boost the function of immune while fighting against microbes and fungi.

Flowers, leaves, and roots of dandelion are all edible. They may taste slightly bitter, which can be reduced if it is harvested in the fall or spring. In fact, the young leaves are less bitter and a good addition to raw salads. Taking the bitter dandelion tea is very safe and beneficial for your health.

Although dandelion tea is commonly safe in food and medicine for almost of people, there are some cases in which people have allergic reactions to it. These allergic reactions can be expressed like the allergy to ragweed, marigold, chrysanthemum, yarrow, chamomile, and daisy. In these cases, people should avoid consuming dandelion as well as dandelion tea. And it is advised to ask a health care professional for the best prescription.

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10. Treat Anemia

benefits of dandelion tea - treat anemia

Dandelion contains a large amount of good vitamins, iron, and protein content. While vitamin like vitamin B and protein content are necessary for the formation of red blood cells as well as other certain blood cells, iron is also an integral part of blood hemoglobin. Because of this, dandelion is beneficial in treating anemia, a quite serious condition in the human body.

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11. Regulate The Blood Pressure

benefits of dandelion tea - regulate the blood pressure

Regulating the blood pressure is known as the next of the benefits of dandelion tea. When wanting to control the blood pressure, people often use fast medicines that act basely on the effectiveness of urination phenomenon. Meanwhile, dandelion tea that is diuretic in nature can increase urination with both of quantity and frequency. Thus, this tea helps in lowering high blood pressure.

Furthermore, the fiber presented in dandelion is beneficial in decreasing cholesterol level in the blood, the main factor leading to blood pressure thereby helps lower blood pressure. There is also a high potassium content in dandelions, which is able to lower blood pressure effectively by replacing sodium.

In conclusion, dandelion increases urination, as a diuretic, and lowers the blood pressure. Its fiber and potassium content actually help in regulating blood pressure.

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12. Treat Jaundice

benefits of dandelion tea - treat jaundice

Jaundice is known as a disorder of the liver when this organ starts to overproduce bile, which finally brings the bloodstream and wreaks havoc to the metabolism of the body. And the excess bile is possibly reflected through the yellow color of the skin that is also called jaundice. There are 3 steps in the treatment of this disease. The first one is curbing the production of bile. Afterward, the second is removing the excess bile out of the body, and the third is fighting the underlying viral infection.

In fact, dandelion is very useful in all of 3 steps above. The plant, or in a form of tea as well, promotes the liver health while regulating the bile production. As mentioned, it promotes urination in which the excess bile is able to be removed. Besides, with the presence of vitamin-C and Luteolin, it fights viral infections as an antioxidant and disinfectant as well.

Alternatively taking advantage of benefits of dandelion tea, you can combine the plant with sugarcane juice. The mixture can replace the sugar in your body lowered because of the effects of excess bile. While the lack of certain sugar causes extreme weakness and fatigue, when dandelions help in boosting the energy levels after infection, consume dandelion beverage properly!

13. Treat Acne  

benefits of dandelion tea - treat acne

Treating acne is one of the benefits of dandelion tea that receives lots of concern. Dandelion tea is a good diuretic, detoxifier, stimulant and antioxidant, which makes it helpful to treat acne. As you know, acne normally appears at the time of the teenage, when the body experiences many hormonal and physiological changes. And it is necessary to have a proper diet with new hormones because if it isn’t remained at a healthy ratio, there will be somewhat toxic substances in your body. The toxins then come out with sweat through the sebaceous glands and sweat glands on the skin.

In the process of these hormonal changes, these glands generate more oils that are then mixed with dead skin in order to block the pores and obstruct the secretion of toxins. Thus, the toxic substances can’t escape, which results in acne at the final. Meanwhile, dandelion tea that is a diuretic, stimulant, and detoxifier can help in regulating the secretion of hormones, increasing sweating and widening the pores. By this way, the removal of toxins can be facilitated through sweat and urine.

In combination with dandelion tea, people with acne and apply dandelion sap to the acne areas because it can prevent microbial infection and decrease the signs of acne. Plus, this sap will heal the damaged skin effectively due to its vitamin C content. Therefore, the scars and red inflammation resulted from acne treatment will be faded and less noticeable.

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14. Aid In Losing Weight

benefits of dandelion tea - aid in losing weight

Losing weight is the final one of benefits of dandelion tea. As you know, your urine consists of 4% fat that means the more you urinate, the more fats and water are eliminated from your body. Meanwhile, dandelions, a diuretic in nature, can promote urination and help lose the water weight without any side effects. In addition, dandelion tea is low in calories, which restrict the increase of weight or maintain a proper volume. Dandelion is sometimes used as a sweetener since it just contains unhealthy sugars.

Keep consuming dandelion tea in an adequate amount to lose or maintain your weight because it also acts as other weight loss drug but without other side effects.

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If you want to know more about benefits of other ingredients, please go to our main Health page. After reading the article of top 14 natural health benefits of dandelion tea, hope that you can find out the best benefits of this diuretic tea. However, the article is only for the informational purpose; therefore, you should see your doctor in order to get the advice. If you have any question, please leave the comments below, I will respond you as soon as possible.  And if you know other health benefits of dandelion tea, please leave them below.

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