NuraDyne Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The major problem that creates doubt is the lack of an official website. We don’t know if this is still being produced in a fresh and likely safe way.

The reviews for it also varied and quite a few users said it caused side effects.

Our explanation of the highest rated nootropics can make it easy to find a brand that works best for cognition.


NuraDyne Overview

NuraDyne is a nootropic supplement that intends to support energy, learning, and overall cognition using a natural blend of ingredients. The company no longer keeps nonofficial website and all the claims about this brand come second hand.

Because its’ hard to tell for certain what this is meant to do, all we can examine are customer reviews and the ingredients. Both were poor as they use stimulants which caused side effects in far too many. The fact that man said it was not worth taking is a major testament to its potential worth. Without solid facts about the making of this brand, it’s impossible to trust.

In our explanation of the top 10 nootropics we showcase what the best brands have to offer for cognition.

NuraDyne Claims

Only a few words can be found to suggest what this is made for. Most of the information is on websites which use marketing images, and therefore we can’t say for certain if any of this is still updated.

The general claims include that it can affect energy, reduce fatigue, improve learning, aid overall cognition, and provide significant improvements.

They often use the word significant to describe how strong it can be, though they do not provide many details. Because we can’t get this information from an official source, it’s impossible to verify any of this.

We judged many kinds of nootropics and in our top 10 list we highlighted the very best out right now.

NuraDyne Ingredients

  • Bacopa
  • Coffee Bean
  • Guarana
  • Cola Seed
  • Green Tea Leaf
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Inositol
  • Gluconolactone
  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Cayenne
  • Marshmallow
  • Slippery Elm
  • Melon
  • Jujube

Coffee Bean offers a source of caffeine which is sued for its possible benefits towards metabolism, focus, and energy. The claim is that this specific version offers a better version of caffeine as it’s not as processed.

Guarana is a seed that is rich in stimulants. This is most often added for its energy enhancing possible benefits.

Cola Seed or kola is an extract from an African tea which contains caffeine. It’s used for general focus and energy enhancing benefits.

Cinnamon Bark is a rich herb that can be used to help control blood sugar and improve metabolism.

Slippery Elm is a type of bark extract that is mostly used for healthy digestion, and to help combat indigestion. It’s not exactly clear why this is added t other formula.

Jujube is a fruit that is native to China and which is rich in antioxidants. This is most likely used to help reduce the breakdown of healthy brain function.

This top 10 list of the best nootropics offers a clear explanation as to what brands work best.

The Science Behind NuraDyne

All that can be read about this brand are general claims made about its use, no actual science is ever provided. With there being only claims, it than leaves the customer to do a review of the dosage strength and overall ingredients.

A major focus of this supplement is to use a high amount of stimulants which can affect mental processing. The problem with using caffeine and other stimulants for an extended period is that eventually it results in a tolerance building effect, which then may require cycling. This means that the supplement would only be useful for a short period, and that there would have to be a break so that it continues to offer support.

Another major problem is that there is no explanation as to how much total caffeine is added per serving. Hopefully the package mentions this when it’s ordered, but we can’t say for certain if this will ever be revealed. It’s not at all recommended to make a purchase of a brand with unknown amounts of caffeine, especially when it’s not supported by the company anymore.

Here’s an overview of the current highest rated nootropic supplements which are free of unwanted stimulants.

Word on the Street About NuraDyne

The consensus for this brand was often negative and some either didn’t find it useful, or they felt that it was much too strong. Stimulant side effects were experienced and at times it caused an all-day fog which made it impossible to remain focused.

Because it had the opposite intended effect, users felt that it was far too heavy to continue taking. Some did enjoy the increase of energy, but often that was the only experienced positive effect. Rarely did anyone mention if it enhanced their focus, mood, or overall sense of well-being.

There was also concern about the addition of lead, as a customer said that the label mentions there is lead added to it. This is likely a California Proposition 65 warning, which is enforced as a label if there are heavy metals in a certain amount. We don’t know if this is added in any considerable amounts, but it is a major caution that customers did not know about before they ordered it.

A helpful top 10 list of the highest ranked nootropic can be read in full by clicking this link.

Is NuraDyne Worth a Try?

There’s not a single good reason why this should be tried over other more proven brands. The company no longer maintains the official website so already you won’t be able to get clear information, or a money back guarantee. All that can be observed are short sentences which make it appear to be a good brand, but they fail to back it up with proof.

Because you don’t know if this would be still fresh or not expired, there are also questions about its safety. The heavy use of stimulant ingredients in unknown amounts further raises questions about its use. There is no reason to trust that this would be safe to take. The reviews for it often mentioned that they experienced unwanted side effects that caused them to stop use. Far too many criticized it for either a lack of benefits, or dangerous side effects.

The fact that the company website still lists this brand but they point to a no longer functioning website is a major red flag. This likely means that they are no longer producing it, which means only 3rd party sellers, can offer it. For customers it prevents having a safety net and a possible person to contact to learn more about this product. There has to be more support for this to ensure that it won’t cause problems.

Alternative nootropics which made our top 10 list are all defined and explained within this link.

NuraDyne FAQ

  1. Are there any NuraDyne side effects to worry about?
    This does contain stimulants which may cause symptoms in some, and a few users did mention that it caused side effects. Nausea jitters, and a long standing sense of anxiety was seen in some.
  1. What are the full NuraDyne ingredients?
    It contains the active ingredients jujube, melon, slippery elm, marshmallow, cayenne, cinnamon bark, gluconolactone, inositol, rhodiola rosea, green tea leaf, cola seed, guarana, coffee bean, and Bacopa leaf.

So What Really Works?

The brand that had the best reviews, a high dosage strength blend and which met our criteria most was Memotenz. The major marks were all hit as the brand was rated favorably by many users who felt it delivered on all the claims. The official website makes it clear to see what’s included inside and how it works. There were positive remarks from customers who felt a major spark of cognition which enhanced their mood and output.

A major change was seen in user’s ability to retain information and have enhanced overall focus. This was seen in users looking for an athletic boost to remain sharp, as well as people who engaged in all kinds of work or academics. The ingredients also make sense, it’s clear to see the possible benefits from the stimulant free, all-natural blend of studied ingredients. There’s more to learn about Memotenz and you can read all about what made it the current best nootropic by clicking here.

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