6 Common signs and symptoms of myopia

People who are suffering from myopia will look the distant things less clearly and if they want to see clearly, they often need to squint their eyes. Many signs and symptoms of myopia in children and adult will be named in this article

Before introducing about some signs and symptoms of myopia, you should also need to know what is myopia and what can it do with our eyes.

I. What Is Myopia?

Myopia is the condition when a person can see things clearly in the near distance (reading or working on the computer) but difficult to see distant objects (traffic signs or bus number). Myopia occurs when the eye cannot focus light rays exactly on the retina of the eye. We can also define Myopia is a false state function of the Visual apparatus, when people can only see clearly those things in the near distant. If we consider the eye as a camera and the lens and the cornea as a glass: the light passes through and makes a redirect to the light rays converge on the retina. And the retina can be compared with the film to take pictures. On the retina contains many sensitive light cells and convert light signals into nerve impulses that travel through the optic nerve to the brain. The image will be good if the cornea and lens can be adjusted exactly parallel light rays to converge on the retina. Therefore, healthy people can see clearly distant objects. When suffering from myopia, the light rays converge in front of the retina and as a result, the image of the object is not clearly visible. This phenomenon can occur due to two reasons:

Shaft eyeball is longer than normal patients to retinal pushed back beyond the focus. Normally, the long axis of the eyeball is about 23 mm.
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In people with myopia, this measurement may be 30 mm or more. Once the eyeball axis is longer than each millimeter, it will make the number myopia increase by 3 diopters.

  • Cornea and lens refract light too strong
  • Shaft eyeball is longer than normal patients to retinal pushed back beyond the focus. Normally, the long axis of the eyeball is about 23 mm. In people with myopia, this measurement can be 30 mm or more. Once the eyeball axis is longer than each millimeter will make the level of myopia increased by 3 diopter

Myopia reduces vision of human beings, making us have difficulties in our daily life. The pupils from the age of 7 to 16 years are very easy to suffer that degree myopia progresses faster due to the level of work looking at nearby many eyes it is a dangerous thing because myopia appears as soon as the level of increase of the glasses as quickly.

II. Why Do People Suffer From Myopia?

symptoms of myopia - why do people suffer from myopia

There are many causes of myopia. The main causes can be:

  • Read books or work must use the eyes intently long time in close proximity, in poor light conditions.
  • Genetic factors, due to some structural characteristics the eyeball or differences in metabolism of the body.
  • Because the eyelid is less developed, it cannot afford the regulators to make the eyes adapt to a different range of looking.

If your weak eyelid has to be exertion for a long time, it will increase the risk of myopia.

III. When Would Myopia Appear And Develop?

The refraction usually happens at the age of 8 to 10. The level of diopter will increase gradually and stops when you reach 16 or 18 year olds. Each year it will rise from 0.5 to 1 degree on average. The sooner myopia appears as soon the faster its level up.

There are also some cases of refraction appears while you are still being very small, often related to genetic factors. Some cases occurred in adults when there are events on health such as after pregnancy, an accident or sickness, they may appear new refraction or make the level of diopter worse

If you can detect myopia in time, wear glasses in the right degrees and monitor periodically the refraction will stabilize, after 40 years it will decrease because of presbyopia neutral status. In some cases (myopia or astigmatism), there are a number of complications such as the phenomenon of flies, a Flash of light, and most heavily is the retinal, can lead to blind.

IV. The Signs And Symptoms Of Myopia In Children

Normally, myopia happens when children are small and easy to detect in the age of going to school. Some signs and symptoms of myopia in children is that the child looks the distant things less clearly. When watching television, children have to come closer so that they can watch clearer.

80% of the things kids learn in school are received by the eyes. What this means is that refractive error (myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia), if not adjusted, can severely impact to learning outcomes and the development of the child. Parents should give children eye exams if they have these signs and symptoms of myopia

1. Often Sit Near A TV Or Bent Over When Reading

symptoms of myopia - often sit near a tv or bent over when reading

The habit of sitting close to the TV may be the expression of the vision. If the child cannot clearly see the image on the screen or have to bend over when reading, the baby can have myopia.

Pay attention to the habits when watching TV or reading as it can show a clear sign of myopia!

2. Rubbing Eyes Frequently

symptoms of myopia - rubbing eyes frequently

Children often rub the eye when they are tired or upset. If the baby rubs the eyes when they are trying to look at something or when they are playing, it is very likely that they are having myopia problem.

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3. Misreading Or You Have To Use Your Finger To Guide The Eye

symptoms of myopia - misreading or you have to use your finger to guide the eye

When children are learning to read and trying to read out loud the words, children are often used initially to point his finger under the words to be read. Normally, after a while getting used to, they can concentrate and not get lost from place to read. If after reading for a while, children still tracing letters with their fingers, ask the child to try to read out loud without pointing. If children do not get this done, take them to have an eyesight test. In fact, this is also one of the most common signs and symptoms of myopia that people will have if they are suffering from this eye health problem. Do not look it down but be careful of it as it can lead to several negative impacts to your daily life routine.

4. Sensitivity To Light Or Watery More Than Usual

symptoms of myopia - sensitivity to light or watery more than usual

Have your children been overly sensitive to indoor light, sunlight or flashlight? If your children are afraid of light or too sensitive to light, they can have headache very often or feel nausea. Sensitivity to light may be one of the signs and symptoms of myopia

5. Close One Eye While Reading Or Watching TV

symptoms of myopia - close one eye while reading or watching tv

Often having an eye closed can be one of the most common signs and symptoms of myopia. It affects the ability to coordinate the two eyes in sync. Closing an eye when reading or looking at the screen can be also among the signs and symptoms of myopia.

6. Decreasing In Academic Results

symptoms of myopia - decreasing in academic results

Children usually do not share with their parents that they cannot see clearly the words on the board. If you find out the results in school of your children was decreased for unknown reasons, you should take their vision checked. In many cases, after wearing glasses adjusted, their results are improving.

7. Sore Eye When Using Computers

symptoms of myopia - sore eye when using computers

Children regularly use computers or other electronic devices can often suffer from eyestrain. Let’s remind your children regularly take a break for every 20 minutes to look at the something in at least 60 meters away within 20 seconds. If she still complained of eyestrain should take her to a doctor. This is very likely one of the signs and symptoms of myopia.

8. Squinting Or Tilting Their Head To Look Better

symptoms of myopia - squinting or tilting their head to look better

The teacher should note the early detection of children who have to squint or tilt their head when looking up to the board. If the teacher cannot deploy eyesight test, they should consider turning the child over to sit in the position near the board.

V. The Signs And Symptoms Of Myopia In Adult

symptoms of myopia - the signs and symptoms of myopia in adult

If the ones who are suffering from myopia want to see clearly, they often squint their eyes. In addition to the reducing in vision, people with myopia also look less effectively at nightfall, so in the evening they walk on the street or drive the cars worse. These are some signs and symptoms of myopia in adult that you to concern

– Need to squint to see clearly

– Have a headache because of eyestrain

To look better, people with myopia should wear glasses or contact lens. They sometimes have to change lenses. Need to know that the glasses do not help stop myopia progression that only adjusts the number of glasses. If your vision still decreases, you often need to change glass higher than number due to the increase of the diopter.

After you have known many signs and symptoms of myopia, Vkool will provide you some ways to prevent myopia.

VI. How To Prevent Myopia

symptoms of myopia - how to prevent myopia

  • Logical learning mode, depends on the age level at which learn to program accordingly. Combine learning modes, play, and rest to give your eye a break.
  • Continuing education for children to have a sense of hygiene in learning.
  • Improvement of health through proper nutrition, drink some good effects for the eye such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, especially during the exam.
  • When were they must wear glasses correct myopia number on which the specified physician to avoid increasing the number.
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  • Improve the learning conditions for your children by the following measures: strengthening the natural lighting in classrooms, select the direction for the child to sit where natural light source shining on, limited to the maximum extent the plant prevents natural light source shining on the seats of learning (such as roof coatings Green,…)
  • The structure of tables and chairs for your baby to correct hygiene standards, height Chair table match the height of the child.

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The article today is a gathering of the most common signs and symptoms of myopia that are proven by science. Actually, everyone who is at high risks of myopia should read this article to determine whether or not they are suffering from this eye health issue. If you think that this article is useful, share it widely to help other people you know. If you want to ask me anything about the content of this article, leave your comments and feedbacks below!

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