6 Natural Home Remedies For Chikungunya Not Many People Know

natural home remedies for chikungunya not many people know

Have you ever suffered from Chikungunya pain? Have you ever heard about it? Actually, Chikungunya is a type of virus that is transmitted to human by an infected mosquito. If you know dengue as well as yellow fever, you can also understand that the nature of Chikungunya is the same as them. The infected mosquito can bring three of the above virus, then bites human to transmit them into your body. Like dengue or yellow fever, Chikungunya pain is not a very dangerous disease, but in reality, there are a pretty large number of people who suffered from this pain passed away. As a result, it is necessary to prevent and treat Chikungunya pain effectively.

This article, which is posted on VKool, provides you some of the best natural home remedies for Chikungunya that you should know in order to treat this pain at home. Actually, you can use other types of medicine to tackle the problem. However, natural ingredients are also effective and safe; thus, you are supposed to make use of them.

Before going detail to each of home remedies for Chikungunya, you should pay your attention to its signs as well as symptoms to make sure that you realize how Chikungunya pain is. A patient will have the following symptoms, including arthritis, rashes, fever caused by Chikungunya virus.

6 Natural Home Remedies For Chikungunya Not Many People Know

1. Carrots

home remedies for chikungunya - carrots

Starting with a type of vegetables that is very beneficial for your health, carrots are among the most advantageous home remedies for Chikungunya pain. As you can see, carrots contain various vitamins and nutrients that are essential for your body, especially for Chikungunya treatment. It is easy to understand that the red vegetables always are great sources of vitamin A. Carrot is not an exception at all. In fact, doctors said that the amount of vitamin A contained in carrots were very high. That is the reason why this food is one of the useful natural home remedies for Chikungunya. Carrots have the ability to boost your immune, in turn; they support the recovery from Chikungunya pain. It means thanks to the high concentration of vitamin A in carrots, the process of recovery from this disease could be accelerated.

It is up to you to choose how to use carrots as home remedies for Chikungunya. All the things you need to do is add them to your regular diet. For example, you can eat raw or fresh carrots, salad carrots, blend them to get their juice, and prepare some cooked dishes with them.

In general, you are supposed to take full advantage of carrots to treat Chikungunya pain.

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2. Turmeric

I am sure that many people will not be surprised by the health benefit of turmeric because it is well known for that. All of you know that turmeric is one of the most common and useful kitchen staples, which contributes to curing many health problems. Actually, it also acts as a type of home remedies for Chikungunya problem. In India, people there appreciate the positive effects of turmeric on Chikungunya. It is always available in their kitchen and they think about turmeric first whenever Chikungunya virus attacks them.

Why is turmeric helpful to treat this health condition? This question will be solved after you read this piece of news. In fact, many studies have shown that turmeric has the powerful antioxidant property, which can mainly contribute to combating against Chikungunya. It is thanks to the high concentration of curcumin contained in turmeric. Have you ever heard the term “curcumin”? In nature, curcumin is a form of solid antioxidant that has a strong anti-inflammatory function. It can fight against the adverse impacts of this health condition. As a good result, it can reduce the risk of getting the condition that is more dangerous when you are attacked by Chikungunya virus.

Well, remember to add turmeric to your healthy diet. Trust me! It is totally necessary.

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3. Ginger

If you do not like turmeric, you can think about another type of natural home remedies for Chikungunya, which is ginger. It is also worth to making use of this kitchen staple. In nature, ginger and turmeric have the same benefit because both of them act as an efficient natural anti-inflammatory agent, which is demonstrated by a lot of studies.

In the case of getting Chikungunya virus, people will suffer from some pains as well as health problems such as fever, arthritis, and so on. Thanks to the powerful anti-inflammatory function of ginger, it can reduce the inflammation caused by the viral infection to the lowest level. Therefore, Chikungunya patient can use ginger to deal with his health condition.

In my opinion, instead of adding ginger to your diet, you can take a cup of hot ginger tea to combat against the virus and recover from it well. In comparison with turmeric, I appreciate ginger more. It would be one of the most useful natural home remedies for Chikungunya pain.

It is useful to use ginger to treat Chikungunya pain.

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4. Citrus Fruits

Now is the time for you to move on a type of fruits that are categorized as home remedies for Chikungunya as well. Do you know citrus fruits are a good supporter for many diseases? Have you applied them to any treatment? It would be a big pity if you ignore their health benefits.

Actually, citrus fruits are the extremely high sources of vitamin E and C that have the ability to minimize the pain resulting from the Chikungunya viral infection. It also contributes to minimizing the chance of inflammation. Moreover, citrus fruits contain the strong anti-oxidant property, which is able to neutralize the activity of free radical. As a result, citrus fruits help to lower the risk of cell damage when the temperature inside your body is high due to Chikungunya virus.

In that case, taking in more citrus fruits will be a good solution for Chikungunya pain. Is it such easy? Remember to think about citrus fruits such as grapefruits, lemons, and so on whenever you have a problem with Chikungunya.

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5. Apples

home remedies for chikungunya - apples

Besides citrus fruits, apples should be another suggestion for you when being attacked by Chikungunya virus. Wow, it is so great to take an apple when you feel down because of Chikungunya pain. It is not only a type of fruit but also a type of home remedies for Chikungunya disease. As you know, apples contain various required vitamins and minerals. They have a big amount of quercetin, a necessary compound for your body. As a result, eating an apple per day can help you strengthen your immunity system. Especially, if you are getting the Chikungunya pain, you may not be interested in any type of food but you can consider an apple. It will not be a bad solution at all.

Moreover, apples are high sources of fibers and low in cholesterol, thus, they can improve your digestive functions during the disease time. Besides, apples are very advantageous for your Skin Care as well. Overall, we highly recommend you adding an apple to your daily diet in order to support for other Chikungunya treatments.

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6. Coconut Water

home remedies for chikungunya - coconut water

Do you like coconut? If yes, it will be one of your favorite home remedies for Chikungunya. Coconut water is categorized as a great ingredient for those who suffer from Chikungunya disease to recover fast and effectively. In fact, many doctors and scientists encourage us to drink a high amount of coconut water during the time you are facing with Chikungunya pain. Would you like to know how coconut water can help you to overcome Chikungunya? We are glad to explain further. Actually, regarding the health benefits of this remedy, it is well known for the liver detoxification and it acts as a body temperature controller. The Chikungunya virus always develops in the patient’s liver. However, if you drink more coconut water, its presence will suppress the virus. In reality, many Chikungunya patients are very satisfied with the great effects of coconut water. It is the easiest method to treat this health problem and has the best result among other home remedies for Chikungunya as well.

Besides, coconut water contains a high concentration of potassium and minerals, which contributes to combating against some other diseases. In conclusion, you are encouraged to drink coconut water on the regular basis if possible because it is very beneficial for your health. It is not only one of the best home remedies for Chikungunya pain but also a healthy beverage should be added to your diet.

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Do you think this article is very useful for you? Actually, there are many other natural home remedies for Chikungunya but due to the limitation; we cannot list out all of them in this thread. It is a big pity for that. However, if you want to refer to others, you can leave your comments below and we can discuss further. We always appreciate all of your polite ideas on our main site. You can consider visiting our page about Home Remedies to get more information.

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