Lower Back Pain Treatment: Home Remedies, Exercises & Stretches

lower back pain treatment

Lower back pain is very popular disease for the adults and it is caused by injury, muscle strain or over use. Actually, healing this condition is not difficult as it can be reduced with home remedies. If you are flexible, have proper activities, and have proper positions, your lower back pain will be decreased and you will prevent the risk of this problem. Simply, you can take advantage of the ingredients at home or some easy methods to relieve the pain quickly. Recently, VKool.com made a writing of lower back pain treatment including the top of 23 home remedies, exercises and stretches. This writing is a collection of safe and effective remedies, exercises and stretches for lower back pain from reliable sources. However, it is solely for the informational purpose, it is not intended to give medical advice. If you have other health conditions, please make sure that you will consult with your medical practitioner before following these home remedies, exercises and stretches for lower back pain treatment.

Home Remedies, Exercises & Stretches For Lower Back Pain Treatment

I. Lower Back Pain Treatment – Home Remedies 

lower back pain treatment

Actually, you can relieve the lower back pain with natural herbs and some other home remedies, which include multiple effects for your lower back pain elimination. Many herbalists prescribe their patients with the common herbal formulas to treat lower back pain condition. If you are getting this terrible disease, it will cause depression, insomnia, tension, and spasm. While doctors suggest you using drugs or pills, you should try curing lower back pain with home remedies such as using herbs, using hot or cold water, and other effective treatments that you will not get any side effect from them. Here are several ways to treat lower back pain at home you should try following to see how they work for you.

1. Herbs For Lower Back Pain

lower back pain treatment

Herbs are the most useful remedies for treating lower back pain. To get rid of the condition well without using drugs or medications, trying natural herbs is one of the most helpful ways that you should try to eliminate lower back pain right now.

Hot Pepper

Do you know that folk medicine is formed by cayenne pepper? Red pepper includes capsaichin, which relieves pain very effectively. Capsaichin will suspend the perception of pain and discharge the cramp. You can use red pepper directly on the affected pain or you can mix red pepper with white cold skin cream until it changes to pink color. Another way to use red pepper is to combine alcohol, wait for three weeks and apply it into the affected area. Combining boiling water, alcohol with cayenne pepper for an hour, cool the room and apply to the painful part.

After rubbing hot pepper, you should wash your hands and do not place them into your eyes. Many people may be sensitive to this remedy or allergic with pepper and they should not continue to use this treatment anymore.

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Black Haw And Cramp Bark 

To relieve muscle spasm and menstrual pain, you may try to use back haw and cramp bark. Black haw includes compounds like aspirin so your pain will be reduced dramatically with the herb.  You can find out the scopoletin and esouletin in these plants. You cam mix black haw and cramp bark and  use them in three days, use 1-4 droppers in three hours per day.

Willow Bark

lower back pain treatment

The ancient Greeks usually used willow bark to treat lower back pain for 2,400 years ago. In willow bark, you can find out the salicin, which can relieve your pain very effectively. Willow bark may reduce the inflammation very well.


Ginger is commonly used in India and China to cure series of pain. There are about 12 compounds like aspirin-like to prevent inflammation. You can mix slices of fresh ginger root  into water, boil it, lower temperature for 30 minutes, drink 1 cup or ½ cup of ginger, you can use honey for more tasty. Ginger can be used in relieving cramps, headaches, arthritis, nausea, and soreness of muscles. Additionally, you can use ginger slices to rub into the affected area for 20 minutes every day.

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In order to get rid of lower back pain, you should use mints as a natural treatment if you want to save your health. Menthol, spearmint, and peppermint are the natural cures for your hurt. If you want to save time and money, using mints is a safe lower back pain treatment you may apply every day.


Rosemary tea is an effective lower back pain treatment you should try to follow. It is used in Southwest and Mexico as it contains the necessary substances to prevent inflammation such as ursolic acid, rosmarinic acid, oleanolic acid, and camosol. Put rosemary in boiling water, cover, and stand for 30 minutes. Before going to bed, drink a cup of rosemary tea and a cup before having breakfast.

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lower back pain treatment

Among the natural treatment for lower back pain, angelica is a kind of spice. All species include anodyne and antispasmodic and they are used in medicine production. You should mix the angelica, water, and boil them about two minutes, cool it and use three doses every day to get the best effect.


Turmeric is a beneficial lower back pain treatment as it contains the substances to fight inflammation, prevent cancer, blood clotting, and improve circulation. It was usually used in pain relief and joint inflammation. The precious ingredient curcumin in turmeric contributes to heal the lower back pain effectually. You can add turmeric in your meals every day or use the natural supplements that include the turmeric.

Valerian Root

Valerian root is a lower back pain treatment that was used in many years ago. It is applied for reducing anxiety, stress, irritability, tension, and insomnia. To relieve pain perfectly, you should try to drink a cup of valerian tea daily.


Using eucommia bark to against joint and back pain is one of the most intelligent when you do not get any side effect from it. Besides, eucommia will help you strengthen ligaments, tendons, bones, and reverse injuries.

Artemisia Vulgaris

You use fresh artemisia vulgaris leaves that are hot fried with vinegar and wrapped up in cloth bags, and then you apply it onto the affected area.

Lees Vinegar 

Use lees vinegar 250g, hot fried, wrapped in a cloth bag, and then cover it in sores 1-2 hours before bedtime.

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Green Tea & Sesame Powder

lower back pain treatment

Ingredients you will need:

  • Green tea 1g
  • sesame powder 5g
  • ½ liter of boiling water


Add green tea 1g, and cooked sesame powder 5g into a large bowl, then pour ½ liter of boiling water into this bowl, then stir well, and divide in 3 doses to drink during the day. Drink daily until you feel your pain is reduced.

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Roots Of Shallots & Vinegar

Ingredients you will need:

Roots of shallots100g and vinegar 50ml

Directions: use 100g of roots of shallots, and 50ml of vinegar. Roots of shallots washed, smashed, and then add vinegar and then wrapped in a cloth bag. You cover it in sores and apply it 1 time per day

Reed Root

Ingredients you will need:

  • 30g of reed root
  • 30g of ripe pumpkin peel
  • 15g of liquorice
  • water

Directions: Add reed root 30g, 30g of ripe pumpkin peel, liquorice 15g and a liter of water into a pan. Cook about 45 minutes and divide into 3 times to drink per day

2. Give Up Smoking 

lower back pain treatment - give up smoking

Smoking is a reason of many lung-related diseases, it also make your back hurt. Nicotine in smokes will constrict the blood vessels and reduce the blood transformation to the tissues. If possible, you should quit smokingas soon as possible if you do not want to make your pain worse. I guess this is not easy to give up smoking instantly as you are a heavy smoker, however, this is a valuable advice from the doctors and medical specialists.

3. Consider Your Weight 

lower back pain treatment

Maintaining a healthy weight is a great lower back pain treatment that many people do not concern about. Getting overweight will cause your lower back pain worse because your weight will stress on the lower back. As a result, you should lose weight as soon as possible if you are too fat. Losing weight not only helps you reduce lower back pain, but it can help you improve your health, get more confidence, get a nice shape, and prevent the harmful diseases.

4. Chamomile Tea 

lower back pain treatment

Stress or anxiety is one of the most reasons that causes you feel pain in lower back. In order to get rid of this element, you may apply some relaxation techniques, or follow a proper diet. After a hard working day, you can taste a chamomile tea as the effective way to throw away the stress. Just need a cup of boiling water, 1 tablespoon of chamomile tea, wait for 15 minutes and taste it with ease. But make sure that you are not allergic from this kind of tea. It is suggested that you drink the packaged tea, which is safer than the chamomile flowers.

5. Epsom Salt Baths 

lower back pain treatment

Epsom salt is another lower back pain treatment that is very simple and easy to follow. Epsom salt includes magnesium, which is one of the most crucial minerals to reduce inflammation. Every day, you can add 2 cups of Epsom salts in a bathtub and bath for 30 minutes; you can use warm water to bath for better effect.

6. Calcium Supplement 

lower back pain treatment

Supplying enough calcium is the best and cheapest lower back pain treatment. Calcium is an essential nutrient that can improve your teeth and bones. By the way, you will decrease the back pain without wasting money to heal the problem. Calcium deficiency will cause lots of health problem such as missing other minerals for your body. In the variety of calcium-rich foods, milk is the best perfect, particularly, for women. Add more milk in your daily diet. For older women, milk will help you prevent the bone eroding and osteoporosis development. You will have strong bones from this resourceful food.

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7. Magnesium Supplement

lower back pain treatment

Among vital minerals and vitamins for bone health, magnesium is one of the most important parts that you should consume enough. If you lack of magnesium, your body will get troubles in pulling calcium from the bones. Magnesium deficiency will lead to lots of problems such as tension, muscle spasms, skeletal muscles, and etc. Therefore, you should intake enough magnesium naturally through your daily meals. This is a very kind lower back treatment that you should perform at home.

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8. Vitamin D 

lower back pain treatment

If you want to utilize and absorb magnesium and calcium, consuming vitamin D is the most effective way for you. To get natural vitamin D, you should take advantage of sunlight; in particular, the morning sun is the best choice for you. Be sure that you wear sunscreen to avoid sun exposure.

9. Omega-3 Fatty Acids 

lower back pain treatment

Omega-3 fatty acids are also important for your health, especially, it is very effective in treating lower back pain as it contributes to reduce inflammation through your body. Omega 3 will help you have stronger bones and make your pliable. Also, Omega 3 will enhance cardiovascular health, reduce depression, and so on. Getting enough omega 3 is a compelling way to get rid of lower back pain naturally. You can eat omega-3 rich foods such as meats, salmon, natural oils, and nuts.

10. Feverfew 

lower back pain treatment

Feverfew is also a nice choice for reducing pain naturally including lower back pain, headaches, toothaches, and stomachaches. This herb is worth using as it is not close with side effects for your body. Although this remedy is as perfect lower back treatment for sufferers, but it should not be supplied for the pregnant women.

11. Rest 

lower back pain treatment

If you feel pain, resting is one of the most useful therapies to reduce your terrible problem. If you work all day, move and exercise, you should have a rest after that although you have strong muscles. Giving a proper rest will be the cheapest lower back pain treatment that you cannot imagine its advantages. If you have a prolonged rest in bed, you will have enough time to recover your energy. However, you should not take long bed rest if you do not want the problem get worse.

12. Sleep Properly 

lower back pain treatment

Sleeping properly is one of the simplest and easiest ways to heal lower back pain. Try to use a small pillow between your legs when you sleep. Sleeping a small pillow between your knees will make you more comfortable or you can place your back with a pillow under the knees. Approximately, there are for 2/3 lower back pain sufferers due to sleep disorders. Inefficient sleep will cause your pain worse, as the result; you should sleep enough every day. Difficult sleep and lower back pain are necessary to resolve at the same time. You should not sleep when the room contains heating pad.

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13. Correct Posture 

lower back pain treatment

If possible, you should have a proper posture and get rid of bad posture, which contributes to the lower back pain. If you are always in bad posture, you will cause stress to the back and your lower back will be worse accordingly. To have a good posture, your neck is upright and forward, your spine is inward the lower back and outward the upper back. Your shoulders should be centered and your chest should limit to expand.  Be sure that your shoulders are comfortable and your head is centered and elevated over torso, and your chest is elevated and upright.

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14. Ice Treatment 

lower back pain treatment

Ice is a smart lower back pain treatment that you should to take effectiveness. It will ease your swelling, dull your pain, and astringe the blood vessels. To use ice for relieving lower back pain, you may apply the following ways:

–  use a cool towel into a plastic bag, put the bag in the freezer about 15-30 minutes, take the towel and place it on the lower back to reduce pain.

– use a homemade pack with ice into the plastic bag, put the enough water in it, squeeze the bag, seal it, and place the bag onto the lower back.

– use a bag of frozen vegetables to apply the affected area.

– use frozen alcohol and water in the homemade slush pack and use it for lower back relief.

By using cold therapy, you will prevent the inflammation and reduce the lower back pain very effectively. To lower nerve impulses, which cause pain and spasm, you should try to use cold treatment right now.

15. Heat Therapy 

lower back pain treatment

Heat is also an effective remedy for easing the lower back pain. You can use both cold and heat therapies alternatively. To apply heat treatment, you can have the moist heat in heat packs, steams, or baths about 15-20 minutes on the lower back to get the best effect. Heat therapy is really good to encourage blood flow, especially when you get pain in lower back and send the pain message to your brain.

16. Massage Therapy 

lower back pain treatment

Almost of the providers suggest that massage therapy is a perfect lower back pain treatment for all the patients. They usually advise their sufferers try to use massage treatment first to console their pain. Massage may increase the quality of sleep, get rid of anxiety and depression, and lessen the lower back pain very perfectly. Also, massage your back will improve the blood circulation to recover the muscle soreness. Moreover, massage will boost your emotion; increase the endorphin levels, and help you have a good time to relax. By having a higher endorphin level, you will feel better and manage the pain more effectively.

17. Relaxation Tip

lower back pain treatment

Relaxation is the precious time that you can recover the pain and get rid of stress or anxiety in a day. This is also a practical lower back treatment that is very easy to implement at home. You can meditate, practice taichi, breathe deeply, follow yoga, and so on. They are the perfect ideas for relaxation.

18. Cushion Techniques 

lower back pain treatment

To take advantage of the cushion when seating in trucks and cars is a smart lower back pain treatment. Almost of the cars are not designed to help you have a comfortable seat, so you should buy a small cushion to support healing chronic pain. Remember to standing up and walking around sometimes if you do not want your lower back is sick.

19. Brain Engagement 

lower back pain treatment

You will remove the pain more effectually if the pain signal is sent to the brain properly. You can teach your brain how they ignore the pain message. Besides, you should join in the happy activities replacing with the overwork, finance, and the unhappy relationships. The anxiety or stress will make your pain worse and you may find out the cheapest and the most proper ways to get rid of pain. Instead of thinking about the troubles, you should get the meaningful works such as talking with friends, going out with your partner, walking the dog, enjoying a favorite food, etc.

To start relieving lower back pain, you should try following those simple tips and tricks that will help you stronger, healthier, and more energetic. Even if you get severe pain in lower back, follow those natural lower back pain treatments and you will get satisfaction and relax at home with them. To get more techniques of healing lower back pain, keep reading this article to discover more methods.

II. Lower Back Pain Treatment – Exercises & Stretches

lower back pain treatment

Along with the home remedies such as herbs, massaging and some simple therapies as above, lower back pain treatment exercises are perfect for pain relief that many medical practitioners suggest. Exercise not only helps you reduce lower back pain, but it also helps you reduce the risks from your pain, as well as prevent injuries very effectively. To perform regular exercise, you also improve your endurance, strength, and flexibility. Here are some exercises that can help you ease your lower back quickly

1. Aerobic Exercises

lower back pain treatment

Aerobic exercises will include walking, cycling, and swimming that may recover your speed, improve health, and build lean muscle very effectively. By doing aerobic exercises, your muscles will be healthier and your heart will use oxygen more effectively.  To save your lower back in the exercises, you should try to stabilize the muscles and keep your spine in the proper position. Just need to spend 20-30 minutes per day in the treadmill, you may throw out the chronic pain very quickly.


Walking is one of the most common aerobic exercises that many people are following. This activity may increase your fitness intensity. You can buy a good pair of shoes and walk indoors or outdoors. This exercise is very easy to do every day, after work or in the early morning. Walking is also an easy exercise to decrease joints and pain, as well as get fitness.

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Among the valuable aerobic exercises, cycling is also an intelligent lower back pain treatment that is very cheap for the patients. Just need a bike to practice every day, you will improve the cardiovascular health and limit the pain very quickly. If you are not too fat, cycling is the most effective choice for lightening your lower back pain. When cycling, you will reduce the stress on ankles, knees, hips, and back. You can choose cycle indoor or outdoors, of course, you will check the weather before cycling outside.

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If you want to relax after a hard day with work, in particular, in the summer, swimming is an exquisite aerobic exercise. For the beginner, you should swim for 30-60 minutes in a time. Additionally, if you are getting heart problems along with the lower back pain, you should check with your medical provider before performing this activity. For people who have joint pain, water walking and water aerobics are the useful exercise for them. Being deep in the water may reduce stress and comfort your pain well.

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2. Strengthening Exercises 

lower back pain treatment

Along with the aerobic exercises, strengthening exercises including the improvement of leg muscles, stomach, and back strength are advised. If you want to be stronger, healthier, and more active, strengthening exercises will help you get the target faster.

Exercise With Swiss Ball

lower back pain treatment

During this exercise, your abdominal muscles must be contracted for 60 seconds. If the ball is far from your body, you will get harder to do exercise. Implement the exercise like this:

  • Place your stomach over the ball.
  • Make your hands in front of the ball, which is under your legs, redo the original position
  • Make your hands out and in front of the ball until the ball is under your legs, raise your arms over the head and redo it.
  • Perform push-up exercise when your hands are out.

Lying On The Ball

lower back pain treatment

This exercise also brings the benefits for your lower back. Keep following the exercise as below instructions:

  • Place your stomach over the ball
  • Raise the alternate arms over the head
  • Raise slowly the alternate legs from the floor. You can raise them 2-4 inches to get the best effect.
  • Mix 1 and 2 with the alternate legs and arms.
  • Now bend your knee, lift up your leg, alternate the left and right legs.

Standing Exercise

lower back pain treatment

  • Place the ball between the wall and your lower back.
  • Bend slowly your knees about 45 ° to 90 ° for 5 seconds and then keep your knees straight.
  • While raising both arms over head, bend your knees slowly about 45 ° to 90 °, repeat it after 5 seconds.

Sitting Exercise

lower back pain treatment

  • Now, place your ball on the floor, sit on it with bending your knees and hips for 90°, resting your feet on the floor.
  • Raise slowly your arm over your head, lower it, and alternate the left and right arms after that.
  • Raise and lower slowly your heel, alternate the left and right sides after that.
  • Alternate opposite arm and heel. Raise slowly a heel and an opposite arm over the head, and alternate with the other sides.
  • Raise slowly your foot from the floor about 2 inches, and then alternate the different sides.

Lying On Floor

lower back pain treatment

  • Place your back on the floor, bend your knees, and rest the calves on the ball.
  • Raise slowly your arm over the head, lower it, and alternate the other sides.
  • One knee is straight and relaxed and alternates the left and right sides after each time of performing.
  • One knee is straight slowly, raise another arm over your head, and alternate the different legs and arms.
  • Use the legs and “walk” the ball backward and forward slowly.

3. Stretching Exercises

lower back pain treatment

Stretching is also another lower back pain treatment that many people apply at home. Lower back pain stretches will make you more flexible, prevent injuries, and maintain your muscles. Here are some common stretching exercises that you may try to follow:

Ankle Pumps

lower back pain treatment

  • Lie on the back
  • Move ankles up and down. Repeat 10 times. Move your ankles up and down for 10 times
  • Do it and repeat it 10 times

Heel Slides

lower back pain treatment

  • Lie on your back
  • Bend your knee slowly and straighten it right after that.
  • Do it every day and repeat it 10 times

Abdominal Contraction

lower back pain treatment

  • Lie on the back, bend your knees, and rest your hands below the ribs.
  • Keep your muscles tight and squeeze the ribs to the back.
  • Keep breathing continually
  • Hold for 5 seconds.
  • Take a short break
  • Do it every day and repeat 10 times.

Wall Squats

lower back pain treatment

  • Place your back against the wall.
  • Your feet is in front of your body for 12 inches far
  • Tighten your muscles and bend your knees for 45 degrees.
  • Hold for 5 seconds.
  • Return the original position
  • Do it every day and repeat 10 times

Raising Heels

lower back pain treatment

  • Stand and lift your feet up
  • Raise slowly your heels up and down.
  • Repeat the exercise 10 times

Raising Legs

lower back pain treatment

  • Place your back on the floor, bend one knee and straighten one leg.
  • Keep your abdominal muscles tight and your low back stable.
  • Lift up your leg slowly about 6-12 inches and hold it about 1-5 seconds.
  • Slowly lower your leg
  • And repeat the exercise 10 times

Chest Stress

lower back pain treatment

  • Place your back on the floor and bend your knees
  • Your thigh is behind the knee and one knee is listed up to your chest.
  • Hold it for 20 seconds
  • Take a short rest
  • Repeat it 5 times in each side.

Hamstring Stretch

lower back pain treatment

  • Place the back on the floor and bend your legs.
  • Keep one thigh behind the knee
  • Your knee is straight when you feel stretching on in thigh back.
  • Hold it 20 seconds.
  • Relax shortly
  • And repeat 5 times on different side

Hip Stretch

lower back pain treatment

  • Place your back near the bed edge and hold your knees near to the chest.
  • Lower one leg and bend your knee until you feel stretching on the top of the hip and thigh.
  • Hold the exercise for 20 seconds.
  • Take it easy.
  • And repeat 5 times on the opposite side.

Piriformis Stretch

lower back pain treatment

  • Lie on the back while bending your knees.
  • Cross one leg on the top of the opposite leg.
  • Drag the opposite knee to your chest when you feel stretching in the hip or buttock.
  • Hold it 20 seconds.
  • Relax a second
  • And repeat at least 5 times one each side.

Static Back  

lower back pain treatment

  • Place your back on the floor and bend your both legs on the block or chair.
  • Lay your warms below the shoulder, face the palms, or rest your hands on the belly.
  • Breathe deeply and relax the lower back.
  • How it for 5-10 minutes

Static Extending 

lower back pain treatment

In many reasons of lower back pain, bad posture is a popular cause. If you want to heal lower back pain better, static extending will help you extend your back more properly and you will reduce the pain of lower back more quickly. You can do this exercise as the following:

  • Bow down your hands until they are under the shoulders
  • Take a rest for your head and back
  • Blade your shoulders
  • Straighten your elbows and shift your hips 6-8 inches
  • Hold it for 1-2 minutes

Supine Stretch 

lower back pain treatment

  • Lie on back, rest your leg on a chair, bend your knee at 90 degrees, extend the remaining leg, and rest on the floor.
  • Align your legs with shoulders and hips
  • The foot are upright
  • Hold it for 10 minutes and change the side

Arm And Back Exercise  

lower back pain treatment

If you have to seat long on a chair, get a sweater or towel and roll it between your back seat and lower back. Try to adjust your sitting position every few minutes to keep your lower back get comfortable and reduce the sickness.

Floor Block Exercise 

lower back pain treatment

Here is another kind of exercise you should try to implement. The steps are:

  • Lie on your forehead and stomach on the floor
  • Rest your elbows on blocks or books
  • Place your hands are in position of “do not shoot”
  • Balance your shoulders
  • Breathe deeply and take a rest
  • Make sure that your body is on the floor totally
  • Hold it for 6 minutes

4. Bad Exercises 

lower back pain treatment

With the beneficial and healthy exercises that can help you reduce the lower back pain, the following exercises may make your problem worse. Giving up the bad exercises is also a prominent lower back pain treatment that you should refer to.

  • Stand up and touch your toes. This exercise may make your hamstrings and lower back muscles overstretch and get more painful.
  • Sitting up causes more pressure on your spine and you will not strengthen your abdominal muscles but make your lower back feel more pain.
  • Lifting your legs while you lie on your back on the floor. Instead of performing this exercise, you should straighten one leg and bend the remaining leg.

To see all of our writings about remedies for back pain and other diseases, go to our main Home Health page. After reading my writing of 23 home remedies, exercises and stretches for lower back treatment, I hope that this writing helps you get more choices for healing this back problem. If you have any question, or you know other ways for lower back treatment, please leave them below.

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