Noxitril Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Bold claims and flashy advertising make this product look pretty good – at first. When we looked closer, we learned that not only does this company have very low ratings for customer service and quality, but the few customers who have admitted they’ve tried the supplement say that it doesn’t work and that it was a waste of time. Whoops! If you want to know more, read our review below:

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Noxitril Overview

Noxitril is a supplement for men who want an extra boost to their sex life. For men who have seen a drop in their sexual activity as they’ve aged, this product promises to make them more lusty, more confident, and have better sex overall. It’s a “natural” product, as opposed to “invasive” alternatives (by which they likely mean drugs like Viagra and Cialis).

This is one of many sex drive supplements intended for aging men but the real question is this: does it work? We’ve investigated Noxitril and its claims, and we learned that you should beware of the promises this company makes, because not all of them are true.

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Noxitril Claims

This supplement is based entirely on natural ingredients, with the promise that this fact makes it “safer” and “healthier” than drug-based alternatives. The formula in each pill is supposed to naturally help a man’s body by stimulating and supporting its natural processes, increasing blood flow to the genitalia for bigger erections, inducing a desire for sex by promoting the production of testosterone, and helping support the body’s endurance levels during sex. The result is a pill that promises to help men get back the virility they once had, for a satisfying and exciting sex life.

These are pretty big claims, and if true, these pills could help a lot of men who have seen a lack of sex drive and weakened erections due to aging. And since they’re not prescription, they’d provide a simple, easy, over-the-counter way to deal with their sexual dysfunction.

But who is making these claims? Noxitril is owned by a company called Innovative Distributors, LLC, a company which has no website of their own and no real information about them available, except for the fact that they’re located in California. Not a great start for a company that we’re supposed to be trusting for our health.

Wait, did we say California? That’s what some business pages say, but a look at the product’s website says they’re located in South Portland, Maine. Which is it? Did they move? A company that doesn’t keep its contact information current and up-to-date looks amateurish and clumsy, qualities you definitely don’t want in a nutrition company.

We went a little deeper and tracked the company down at the Better Business Bureau, and do you know what we learned? As “Noxitril,” this company has a “D” rating – which is terrible – and they have many official customer complaints. Some people said that the company doesn’t honor their money-back guarantee, meaning they were out of luck. Some also complained about the automatic charges being put on their card.

Businesses should always put the customer first, and from the way this company has dealt with its customers, we don’t think it looks like that’s the case here.

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Noxitril Ingredients

The list of ingredients for Noxitril contains many herbs and plant extracts that we’ve seen in several other supplements. Here’s a list of some of them:

  • Tongkat Ali
  • Maca
  • L-Arginine
  • Ginseng
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Muira Puama

Tongkat ali is an aphrodisiac from Southeast Asia that’s been prescribed to men and women alike for its ability to stir the sex drive and drive more blood to the genitalia.

Maca is a plant from Peru, which has been used for centuries as a natural way to restore balance to the body’s hormone production, partly why it’s prescribed to women for menstrual issues and to men for energy and sex drive.

L-Arginine is a common ingredient in sex supplements. It’s a natural amino acid that can improve blood circulation, in case that’s part of the problem when it comes to arousal. Some men have some trouble getting enough blood to their genitalia, and that’s where arginine goes to work: it gets converted nitric oxide, which widens the blood vessels, letting more blood flow to those parts needing it.

Ginseng (specifically, Asian ginseng) is a common remedy in traditional Chinese medicine for helping the body adapt to stress (making it an “adaptogen”) and to help people have more energy in general. It’s also supposed to have relaxing, soothing effects.
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Tribulus Terrestris is a plant from the Mediterranean that’s not only supposed to improve the sex drive, but also blood circulation as well. Lots of products use this as one of their main supplements.

Muira Puama is another aphrodisiac, this one coming from Brazil, where it’s used as a way to treat erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual appetite in men.

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The Science Behind Noxitril

As we’ve said, this product contains ingredients which are fairly common in many other herbal sex drive supplements.

L-arginine has been tested in clinical trials on men who have erectile dysfunction, and there’s some evidence that it can really help men with their erections when it’s administered in the right doses (Stanislavov, R, J Sex Marital Ther, 2003). In cases where the cause for erectile dysfunction isn’t a psychological one, it could be of some help.

Tongkat ali is also one that we’ve seen a lot in other supplements, and it too has some trials that have demonstrated an effect on an improvement in erectile function in test subjects who took it, versus those who took the placebo (Kotirum, S et al, “Efficacy of Tongkat Ali,” 2024).

Since a large part of this product is a “proprietary blend,” we’re not allowed to know exactly what doses of some of these ingredients are, so we can’t tell from the outset whether the dosages are likely to make this product effective or not.

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Word on the Street about Noxitril

There aren’t many customer reviews of Noxitril in general. That’s not a good thing, because one thing customers really need these days is evidence that something works. Promises aren’t enough, and there are far too many products on the market these days for people to take anything on blind faith, so people need customer reviews to get an idea of whether or not something really works. For that, we turned to the only other place that sells Noxitril, Amazon, and found the following responses:

“My boyfriend tried this and it just doesn’t work. He even took it as directed, but saw no benefits at all. Don’t waste your time.”

“It’s no wonder they don’t advertise this product – they’d have to believe that it works.”

“Nope, doesn’t work. Basically just a placebo.”

“Just because this stuff is natural doesn’t mean it works. I mean, technically some poisons are ‘natural.’”

“This works so far, so I’m pleased.”

“I took this for months and saw NO improvement whatsoever! I feel like I’ve been ripped off.”

Welp, there you have it. Nearly all of the people who tried it don’t think it works at all. Like it or not, it always comes down to this. If you want to stand out in this industry, you’ve got to have great customer reviews, and Noxitril just doesn’t cut it.

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Is Noxitril Worth a Try?

There’s a couple reasons why we wouldn’t suggest anyone try this product. For one, the company itself looks pretty sketchy to us: not only do they have no real information about them out there to read, or any history to speak of, but they also have a terrible rating from the Better Business Bureau (a “D”) and several customer complaints alleging that the company doesn’t honor their promised money-back guarantee. That’s just inexcusable, as in such a competitive industry, the bare minimum that people should expect is that you treat them with respect.

The second main part is, of course, the fact that almost no one thinks it works. Based on the handful of customer reviews we could find (we wonder there are so few in the first place), it looks like the product is a complete scam and there’s no physical or mental benefit at all, despite what Noxitril promises. This is a disappointment, especially considering that many people have bought this product in the past and found it wanting, leaving them out of money and with a bottle of worthless pills in the trash.

And that’s about it. Regardless of what your ingredients are like or how colorful and impressive your website is, your product has to work, and based on what we’ve seen through our investigation, the evidence says that it does not work. Therefore, we couldn’t in good faith recommend it to anyone. If you’re looking to enhance your sex drive, you would do best to keep searching.

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Noxitril vs Viagra

These products are very different, despite being intended for similar purposes. Viagra is only intended to help men get and maintain erections, while Noxitril is supposed to help men’s libido and endurance as well. The other main difference comes with the way they’re made. Noxitril is a natural herbal supplement, with a formula meant to support the body’s natural processes. On the other hand, Viagra is a pharmaceutical drug meant to have a direct effect on the body.
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Viagra also requires a prescription from a doctor, while Noxitril does not. They also differ greatly in price: Noxitril can cost about $80 a bottle, while Viagra can cost about $40 for just one individual pill.

Noxitril FAQ

  1. Can I get Noxitril for free?
    No, right now there are no offers for free Noxitril, even as a trial. You have to buy the pills outright.
  2. Do you know where to buy Noxitril?
    Right now, the two main places to buy this product are the Noxitril website and Amazon, but that’s about it.
  3. Is Noxitril available at GNC?
    No, as of now this product isn’t available at GNC.
  4. How much does Noxitril cost?
    At the main website, Noxitril costs $59.95 for a one-month supply, but you can also offer better “value” options for if you buy two months’ worth (get the third free) or three months’ worth (get three more months free).
  5. Is there a coupon for Noxitril?
    We haven’t seen any coupons available for Noxitril. It looks like you’re limited to the one option of just buying it outright for full-price, unless you want to buy the multi-month packages.
  6. What’s the phone number for Noxitril?
    Their phone number is listed on the main website as 866-223-2864.
  7. Is there a free offer for Noxitril?

    No, right now there are no “free trials” for Noxitril. It’s possible that they may have done this in the past, but right now there are no signs that they’re offering such a deal.
  8. Is there a Wiki for Noxitril?
    No, right now it looks like the only source of information about Noxitril comes from the main product website or the Amazon vendor page.
  9. Is Noxitril approved by the FDA?
    Since Noxitril is a “nutritional supplement” and not a drug, the FDA has not officially approved it or statements made about it. However, this is true of virtually every nutritional supplement and vitamin out there.
  10. Are there any side effects to Noxitril?
    After looking through customer reviews and the claims made on the product’s main website, there don’t appear to be any significant side effects associated with this product. However, as always, you should speak to a doctor before trying any nutritional supplement, because just because side effects haven’t happened to others doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you.

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So What Really Works?

So much for Noxitril. Like many other products, it falls far from wher eit wants to be, and that’s the fault of the company that made it.

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