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Scald is a burn from steam or hot liquids – could be painful. Curing yourself promptly could also help a lot in relieving the discomfort. In a first-degree burn or scald, your skin is swollen, red, and painful, but you could cure this minor burn right at the comfort of your own home. Nevertheless, we warn that if your scalds cover large portions of your groin, face, feet, hands, or buttocks, or involve the main joint, then you need to seek emergency medical attention. 2nd -degree scald and burn features severe pain, blistering, and swell. Expert notes that if the burns are smaller than 1/2 dollar, then you could cure it right at the comfort of your own home; otherwise, you will need to medical attention immediately. A 3rd degree burn or scald, in which the skin appears creamy, leathery, or charred white in color, would require emergency medical care. Read this article on to discover how you can beat off this skin issue without having to make use of any type of drug, pill, or medication.


  • Antimicrobial ointment with bacitracin or polymyxin B sulfate
  • Commercial aloe lotion or cream (optional)
  • Fresh aloe gel
  • Ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen, or aspirin, available over the counter
  • Sterile gauze bandage
  • Use a sunscreen to cover the infected area whenever you go out, at least for the initial year, to prevent both discolorations from tanning and re-injuries by sunburn. According to experts, letting the scalded skin tan may lead to pigmentation modifications.

treatment for scalds - treatment for scalds

Additional quick tips

  • Avoid tanning or re-injuring your affected area.
  • Protect the burn from friction.
  • Avoid using adhesive dressings on the wounds.
  • If your wound develops blisters then do not break the blisters as it might lead to an increased infection risk.
  • It is considered that applying ice could give us an instant relief but it is often not recommended as it could slow your healing process.
  • Do not apply egg whites, petroleum jelly, butter, or oil to a burn because instead of drawing the heat out, it can trap the heat. Raw egg white might also have bacteria.
  • People can also try applying a regular non-mentholated shaving cream or some white toothpaste on their infected skin area.

These home remedies are just for first-degree and minor burns. For severe burns, people have to see a doctor for the medical cure. The same would be recommended for electrical burns, or if a small burn gets infected or covers large skin areas.


  • Never use natural remedies; for example, vinegar, grease, honey, or butter on scalds. We warn that these substances could lead to infection.
  • Do not use terry cloth, cotton, or any other material as a bandage; these can leave lint on the skin with scald, further lead it to irritation.
  • If you experience oozing, swelling, increased pain, redness, or fever from your scalded skin, we recommend you to seek medical care.

treatment for scalds - warnings

Here are some simple steps people should follow at home as a great treatment for scalds:

– Step 1

Hold your scalded skin under running, cool tap water, and keep it there for fifteen minutes at least till your pain subsides. If this is not possible or practical, immerse your scalded skin area in cool water, or you can also make use of a cold compress. We note that this cure can help to prevent the further heat conduction and help a lot in relieving pain. According to William P. Burdick, M.D., associate professor at the Medical College of Pennsylvania of emergency medicine, the initial and most crucial thing is to stop the burning process. Do not use ice-cold water or ice as they could harm your skin.

– Step 2

Use a sterile gauze bandage to cover your burn. Loosely wrap the gauze to prevent pressing on your scalded skin area, and allow the bandage to stay within about 1 day.

– Step 3

Use an over-the-counter pain reliever if you do not have any disease that precludes its use. You should take naproxen, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or aspirin, but you should not give aspirin to teenagers or to children. If you have any doubt about taking medications, meet a doctor for advice.

– Step 4

Gently wash your scalded skin area with water and soap every day after the first 24 hours have passed. Keep it dry and covered between washings.

– Step 5

Break off 1 piece of an aloe vera leaf 2 – 3 days after the scalds, and gently wipe the gel over your injured skin area. People can also use commercial cream of aloe vera. According to the experts, aloe could help a lot in soothing pain, as well as moisturizing the area.

– Step 6

To promote healing and discourage infection, dab on an over-the-counter antimicrobial cream which contains bacitracin or polymyxin B sulfate.

II. Home Remedies For Minor Scalds

A minor burn is which damages just the top layers of our skin, making that area painful and red. They are usually referred to as superficial burns or first-degree burns. They could be triggered by sun exposure, steam, and contact with hot objects or hot fluids.

Minor burn could develop painful blisters if you do not treat it on time. Several home remedies could minimize pain and promote healing. Minor burn tends to heal itself within just 2 – 3 days or even up to 3 weeks. Here are some ideal home remedies that can work effectively as the treatment for scalds that everyone should make use!

1. Black Tea Bags

treatment for scalds - black tea bags

The tannic acid contained in black tea could help a lot in drawing heat out of a burn, and thereby, relieve pain. There are 2 ways people can try at home to cure scalds without making medications thanks to black tea bags:

  • Try directly putting wet, cold tea bags on the scalds.
  • Steep 3 tea bags in 1 pitcher filled with warm water for 2 – 3 minutes. Let the liquid cool and then soak 1 clean cloth in it and put it on your infected skin region. Apply this method as often as necessary.

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2. Honey

treatment for scalds - honey

Honey could disinfect wounds effectively and can also help in healing burns, thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It can also help a lot in reducing the risks of having hypertrophic scars. Here are steps you should apply with honey at home as a useful treatment for scalds:

  • On a gauze bandage, spread honey and place it directly on your burns.
  • Change the bandage 3 – 4 times per day.

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3. Coconut Oil And Lemon Juice

treatment for scalds - coconut oil and lemon juice

Both coconut oil and lemon juice can help in treating a minor burn when it has dried & cooled. Coconut oil is very abundant in Vitamin E and fatty acids, including caprylic acid, lauric acid, and myristic acid that offer powerful anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and anti-fungal properties. Lemon juice contains acidic properties that can help naturally in lightening your scars.

Prepare coconut oil and add some lemon juice to it. Mix the combination properly and use it to apply directly onto your infected skin area to boost the healing process.

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4. Aloe Vera

treatment for scalds - aloe vera

Aloe vera contains tissue-healing and astringent properties that can aid a lot in treating burns. There are two simple ways you can make use at home with ease by using aloe vera as a useful treatment for scalds:

  • You can also mix 1 tsp. each of turmeric and aloe vera gel and then apply.
  • You can also try cutting a small piece of the aloe vera leaf and use the fresh gel to apply directly onto the burns.

If you have this natural ingredient available on your hands, then you could apply a cream that contains aloe vera as a great ingredient.

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5. Raw Potato

treatment for scalds - raw potato

Raw potato could cure minor skin burns thanks to its powerful soothing and anti-irritating properties. It can also help to relieve the pain and reduce your risks of developing blisters. There are also 2 simple methods with the help of raw potato you can make use at home to cure scalds without having to use any type of medications:

  • The first choice is to prepare a grated raw potato and use it to apply onto your infected area within about fifteen minutes.
  • You can also try cutting a slice of raw potato and use it to rub directly onto your burn, ensuring that the potato juice would be releasing over the area.

To get the most amazing results, use both of these remedies soon after the burns occur.

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6. Cold Water

treatment for scalds - cold water

Stop burns from spreading by running cold water over your burned skin region for a certain time period within almost right after being burned.

You could also place a cold compress over your infected skin area. Reapply this home remedy every 2 – 3 hours to reduce the discomfort. Do not use ice because it could restrict blood flow, which could eventually lead to tissues damage.

7. Onion Juice

treatment for scalds - onion juice

Onion juice has components, including quercetin and sulfur compounds that could reduce pain, reduce the risks of blistering, and help heal the burns. Here are 2 simple steps you should follow with the help of onion juice if you want to have a treatment for scalds:

  • Cut 1 fresh onion and use the juice to apply directly onto the burns. Just use freshly cut onions, as after about 5 minutes, the onion would lose their medicinal properties.
  • Repeat the method many times per day.

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8. Plantain Leaves

treatment for scalds - plantain leaves

Plantain leaf is a common remedy for curing burns. Plantain leaf is very abundant in antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. There are 3 simple steps

  • Make a paste by crushing some plantain leaves.
  • Spread it on your infected skin area and use a cotton cloth to cover.
  • Apply a poultice (fresh) again as the paste dries out.

9. Lavender Essential Oil

treatment for scalds - lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil provides both powerful painkilling and antiseptic properties. The oil would also lower your risks of scarring. You can choose one out of these methods to apply at home as a useful treatment for scalds:

  • First, you just need to try mixing 2 – 3 drops of lavender essential oil in 2 tbsps. of honey and use it to apply onto your infected skin area 2 – 3 times per day.
  • Add 5 drops of lavender oil into 2 cups of water. Soak a clean cloth in the liquid and use it as a compress to apply many times. You could also try applying lavender oil directly but do not dilute essential oils as it would not be useful anymore.

10. Vinegar

treatment for scalds - vinegar

The powerful antiseptic and astringent properties in vinegar could be very useful in curing minor burns as well as preventing infections. Follow these steps to use vinegar as a treatment for scalds right at the comfort of your own home:

  • Use an equal amount of water to dilute apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. Rinse your burned skin region with this liquid.
  • Later, soak a clean cloth in diluted vinegar and use it to cover the infected area. Use a new clean cloth to replace the old one every 2 – 3 hours.

After reading this entire article – a list of treatment for scalds that we provide readers, all of you should spend a little bit more time reading another article that is recommended as an amazing combination of 21 Home Remedies For Burns. This is actually a great thing to do as this recommended article can help anyone who is suffering from burns deal with and beat off this skin issue. All of the tips, tricks, and home remedies revealed in this article are proven by science and many people who successfully used them to clear burns on skin. Together with the article today, this recommended article will help people a lot in beating off this skin concern. Try and feel how they can help you!

This is a gathering of the best methods to cure scalds at home that are perfect for those looking for natural treatment for scalds to apply at home without having to make use of any other type of medications. If you are people who are looking for home treatment for scalds, just feel secure and make use of the tips, tricks, and cures we suggest in this article as everything is natural and you will not need to face any harmful side effect at all. All of the things you will learn from this article would be useful for mild cases of scalds almost right away, so try them right from now!

After reading this list of treatment for scalds, if you really love the remedies revealed inside and think that they are also useful for other people you know out there who are also suffering from the scalding issue, please do not hesitate, just share this list with them and encourage them to make use of the home remedies introduced inside together to get the best results. One more thing, if you want to ask something about this writing or anything else related to scald issue, feel free to leave your comments and feedbacks on the section below and we will answer you as soon as possible!

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