How to stop dizziness when lying down or during pregnancy

Feeling dizzy is easily among the most disruptive symptoms of anxiety. You find yourself feeling woozy, almost as though you need to sit down instantly, and in some cases, even lying or sitting down do not get rid of that feeling. In fact, for some individuals, the dizziness might even be accompanied by other signs and symptoms which make you feel as though they are going to die. Dizziness is something that most of us have experienced at least one point in our lives. It creeps in as we do not eat on time or feel unwell or feverish. People suffer from dizziness because of some reasons. Low blood pressure is considered as one of the cause of dizzy spells when the brain does not get adequate blood. Occasionally, dehydration resulted by cold, diarrhea fever, and allergies could also cause dizziness. Before reaching for medical drugs, you can try out some home treatments when it comes to learning how to stop dizziness when lying down or during pregnancy. Nevertheless, if your symptoms still persist, you may need to consult your doctor because various reasons that could be harmful could lead to dizziness. Take a look from ! chủ đề cách chữa chóng mặt

How To Stop Dizziness When Lying Down Or During Pregnancy – 18 Best Ways

1. Ginger

how to stop dizziness-ginger

Being a wonderful herb which contains a lot of medicinal properties, ginger is helpful in treating dizzy spells. Just simply chew on fresh ginger roots or make a cup of fresh ginger tea or take ginger tablets – whichever is easily available when you notice a hit of dizzy spell. You should consume ginger root twice per day to stop your dizziness.

2. Peppermint Oil

how to stop dizziness-peppermint oil

Using peppermint oil could instantly cool down your overall system, and stop the dizziness naturally. Oftentimes, people begin feeling hot and sweaty when they feel dizzy. This is the reason why using peppermint oil could help eliminate dizziness as an instant.

3. Gingko Biloba

how to stop dizziness-gingko biloba

Gingko biloba is well-known for its fainting spell cure. It can help improve the circulation of blood to your brain and prevent it from malfunctioning. Dizziness could be resulted when there is damage within the inner ear.

You had better take in total of 120 mg of Gingko Biloba extract for twice per day to effectively prevent dizziness.

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4. Grainy Drink

how to stop dizziness-grainy drink

A combination of many things could always exert greater power to treat diseases than a single remedy. For a combination treatment, you could take 2 tablespoons of the wheat grain, 1 teaspoon of poppy seeds, 8 almonds and 6 watermelon seeds to soak into the water. Leave it overnight. That way, in the next morning, you then can make a smooth paste. Next, fry a clove in the ghee before adding into that paste. You could consume this paste along with drink. It is recommended to do this routine for about 2 weeks until you get a relief from frequent dizzy spells.

5. Pepper, Salt, And Lemon

how to stop dizziness-pepper, salt, and lemon

In regard to tips on how to stop dizziness, you could make a solution made from pepper, salt and water. Then, add 1 tablespoon of the lemon juice to that solution. You should do this for 2 weeks to get a permanent relief from dizziness. You could use lemon for smelling to relieve dizziness. Thanks to the pungent and fresh smell of a lemon, you will instantly feel well.

6. Water

how to stop dizziness-water

As mentioned earlier in this article of “How To Stop Dizziness”, sometimes, dehydration could be the cause of dizzy spells. In this hustle and bustle life today, many times we do not drink enough water. Now, if you know that your dizziness is due to dehydration, you should drink some glasses of water to put an end to this issue.

7. Deep Breathing

how to stop dizziness-deep breathing

This sounds rather strange when it comes to treating dizziness, but it works. Inhaling deeply will help boost blood rushing to the areas of your brain which have been starving because of lack of blood flow. Lie or sit comfortably and then take deep breaths a few times till your dizziness disappear. Among tips on how to stop dizziness, this is the simplest one.

8. Ice Pack

how to stop dizziness-ice pack

Another option for you to treat your dizziness is to use ice packs. Do this when lying down. That way, you could instantly cool down your body and supply a relief from the hot flashes as well as dizziness. Just simply lie on your stomach and then apply the ice pack on the back of your neck. Wait for 10 minutes or so before removing it. That way, your dizziness will be vanished naturally.

9. Follow A Healthy Diet Plan

how to stop dizziness-follow a healthy diet plan

Of course, this is always important for a healthy body. If your dizziness is originated from not having enough nutrients and water, a healthy diet plus with a few glasses of plain water could help you so much. Avoid remaining hungry as well as thirsty if you are easily prone to dizzy spells. Store a few bags of snack in your own bag to eat whenever you feel a hit of dizziness.
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A full guide for great tips of a healthy diet plan – 4 Cycle Solution – you could check out right now!

10. Take Rest

how to stop dizziness-take rest

When you feel any dizzy spell, you should take rest right away. The feeling of fainting could be overwhelming, making you want to lie down instantly. Nevertheless, some postural changes could instantly make you feel better. For lying down, you should warrant that your legs are up in order to blood circulation to your brain. For a sitting position, you should make sure that your head is right between the knees, thereby facilitating the blood flow to your brain and removing dizziness.

11. Saline Solution To Clear Nasal Blocks

how to stop dizziness-saline solution to cear nasal blocks

Did you know that a blocked nose because of allergies or cold could also be the reason for dizziness? In such cases, you should take advantage of a saline solution to remove the mucous which is trapped within your nose because of a sinus infection. Take a nasal dropper or a misting bottle to apply saline solution. This can help you relieve dizziness instantly (if your dizziness is stemmed from a blocked nose).

12. Acknowledge Your Own Pressure Pints

how to stop dizziness-acknowledge your own rressure pints

Actually, there are some specific pressure points which could help in removing the symptoms of dizziness. Whilst you feel dizzy, you should sit down instantly in order to prevent you from falling down. Bend the knees and press on the shin bones which are situated approximately 2 inches down from your knee cap. Begin applying such a slight pressure first and then enhance it steadily. Keep pressing for about 2 minutes. That way, you will feel an instant relief.

13. Feast Frequently

how to stop dizziness-feast frequently

This might be a good tip on how to stop dizziness during pregnancy. Chow down on some small meals throughout the day so you could prevent dips in your blood sugar. Also, carry some healthy pregnancy snacks with you to get a quick blood-sugar boost. The good options include a box of raisins, a couple of whole-wheat crackers and a piece of your favorite but still pregnancy- healthy fruit.

Read more nutrition tips for pregnant women here to have a healthy pregnancy period.

14. Dress Smart

how to stop dizziness-dress smart

You should wear those easy-to-shed layers whenever you feel overheated. Also, avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing, hats or scarves.

15. Avoid Lying On Your Back

how to stop dizziness-avoid lying on your back

For pregnant women, in their second and third trimesters, it is recommended to avoid sleeping on their back because their growing fetus might press on the vena cava – the major vein that carries blood back to the human heart from the lower body areas – thereby interfering with good circulation and leading to dizzy spells.

16. Get Fresh Air

how to stop dizziness-get fesh air

Being in an overheated, stuffy indoor space such as a crammed office, bus, or store, too long could result in dizziness. Thus, as long as you feel a hit of dizziness, you should take a 5-minute walk outdoor every hour. That can also help you relieve many other uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms like edema and constipation.

17. Close Your Eyes

how to stop dizziness-close your eyes

If possible, you should safely close your eyes. Keeping them in closed for a while will help you relieve dizziness which is sometimes actually a vision problem.
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When you re dizzy, you feel like as though the room keeps spinning. By closing your eyes, you will experience less nausea related to dizziness.

18. Focus On A Spot

how to stop dizziness-focus on a spot

A lot of ballet dancers suffer from dizziness because constantly spinning, so a solution for their problem is to focus on a spot from a certain distance. By staring at a spot, you will help your mind and eyes as well get back under your control.

There, you have discovered top 18 most effective ways on how to stop dizziness. These tips have helped a large number of people control their dizziness, so do you.

If you have any comment about this How To post, feel free to share your thoughts with us. We will feedback soon.

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