10 Alternative Treatments For Anorexia Nervosa Disorder

alternative treatments for anorexia nervosa

Simply known as anorexia, anorexia nervosa is a disorder related to eating which can cause weight loss. This disorder has some common characteristics such as an abnormally low weight of the body, an inaccurate perception about the body weight, and an intense fear when the body has a weight gain.

Anorexia mostly occurs in adolescent women. Nevertheless, it also happens in children at the age of 7 and adults at the age of 80.

You have to find the exact causes to have treatments for anorexia nervosa. However, until now, experts have not found out the exact causing anorexia nervosa yet, but people believe that this disorder is caused by a combination of psychological, emotional, physical, and social triggers.

In addition, hormones and genetics can contribute to developing its condition. Besides, people suffering from OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) can also face with anorexia.

To maintain a low weight or lose weight, people suffering from anorexia often do exercise excessively, follow abnormal eating patterns, and eat very few calories. Many people also use diuretics, induce vomiting or laxatives to remove foods they’ve consumed.

People experiencing from anorexia may suffer from several symptoms such as fatigue, low body weight, pale skin, insomnia, hair loss, brittle nails, constipation, skin dryness, irregular menstrual cycles, depression, withdrawal from social activities, and low blood pressure.

If you cannot treat this disorder timely, it can cause a plenty of complications, such as arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms), an electrolyte imbalance in your body, kidney problems, bone loss, anemia and more.

People having anorexia may even not realize that they have a problem, making it difficult to treat. Therefore, the treatment has to include the psychological therapy as well as aims to stimulate the appetite to help in establishing the good eating habits and restoring a healthy weight.

You need the support of professionals to treat anorexia. Besides, you may try changing your lifestyles and applying some natural home remedies to aid in the treatment. Today, VKool page will introduce to you a new writing about top 10 alternative treatments for anorexia nervosa disorder without leaving any negative effects. I collected all these treatments from reliable sources. However, you had better see your doctor to get the exact diagnosis with your condition before applying any treatment below. Keep reading this writing to find out the best treatment which is useful for you!

Top 10 Alternative Treatments For Anorexia Nervosa Disorder

1. Ginger, Salt, Lemon, Black Pepper Powder, And Asafetida

ginger, salt, lemon, black pepper powder, and asafetida

Ginger is the first of top 10 effective treatments for anorexia nervosa. In fact, ginger has the ability to stimulate appetite in order that you will not skip the meals. In addition, it can be also effective for calming your nerves as well as reducing anxiety and stress.

Remedy 1:

  • All you need to prepare is half a teaspoon of chopped ginger and 1 pinch of salt.
  • Now, you just mix them well and consume 30 minutes before you have your meals daily within 2 weeks.

Remedy 2:

  • With this remedy, you mix the ginger paste (½ teaspoon) with 1 pinch of asafetida, 1 pinch of black pepper powder and some drops of lemon juice.
  • You stir them well and then consume the mixture once per day when you have an empty stomach within several weeks.
  • Besides, you may also consume some cups of ginger tea on a daily basis.

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2. Mint

Mint is known as a natural appetizer; hence, you may apply it to aid in treating anorexia nervosa. This herb also has a distinct and strong taste as well as an attractive aroma, which helps you to promote appetite. Additionally, it can aid in relieving heightened emotional stress.

  • You simply eat 2 teaspoons of mint juice (freshly extracted) daily when you wake up in the morning.
  • Or you can make homemade mint tea every day by adding the dry mint leaves (2 teaspoons) in 1 cup of boiled water and then wait for 10 to 12 minutes.
  • Next, you strain out the water and drink some cups of this mint tea daily.

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3. Yoga

Yoga is beneficial in fighting against the emotional reasons causing anorexia nervosa. A 2024 study indicated that yoga therapy can work as an adjunctive therapy to take care of patients suffering from anorexia and various eating disorders.

Here are the yoga poses that can assist in curing anorexia nervosa: Pigeon Pose (Kapotasana), the Crab Pose (Catuspadapitham), Locust Pose (Salabhasana), Squat Pose (Malasana), and Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana), and Mountain Pose (Tadasana).

You should learn these yoga poses by the help of an expert to ensure that you do them properly.

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4. Herbal Tea

There are many herbal teas that can stimulate appetite and also make you have an interest in eating. Plus, drinking a cup of herbal tea such as chamomile, green, thyme or sage tea may also combat stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Additionally, it also has the ability to promote mental focus and help you to stay hydrated and energized.

Therefore, you’d better try to drink one or two cups of your best-loved herbal tea daily to increase the intake of fluids and potentially stimulate appetite.

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5. Meditation


This is another of top 10 effective treatments for anorexia nervosa I want to introduce to you in this article. Meditation can aid you in facing with emotional struggles and thereby relaxing your soul and mind. Thanks to meditation, you may start to have positive thoughts and get rid of negative thoughts.

You may do meditation in various ways such as standing, lying down or sitting and only paying attention to the breath or repeating a mantra or phrase.

While you do meditation, you should try to remove all the stressful conflicts arising in your body and mind without condemning them.

Or you can participate in a club or group if you cannot practice meditation by yourself.

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6. Acupressure and Acupuncture Treatments for Anorexia Nervosa

Both acupressure and acupuncture can help people experiencing eating disorders including anorexia by promoting relaxation and also increasing a sense of happiness.

A 2024 study concluded that acupressure and acupuncture might promote the subjective sense of happiness among people suffering from anorexia nervosa.

The acupressure and acupuncture points to cure eating disorders are Zusanli (ST36),  Hegu (LI4), Yanglingquan (GB34), Taichong (LR3), and Neiguan (PC6).

You should see a trained practitioner to help in doing acupuncture for you.

7. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is another among natural treatments for anorexia nervosa. Lemon balm can act as a nerve tonic and mild relaxant. It can be beneficial in improving appetite, reducing anxiety, easing stress and promoting sleep.

  • First of all, you mix the dried lemon balm (1 teaspoon) with hot water (a cup).
  • You cover the mixture and let it steep for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Now, you drink 1 cup of this lemon balm tea 2 times on a daily basis for two weeks.

Note: Avoid using lemon balm too much because it can make you more anxious.

8. Massage

A 2001 study found that applying massage therapy 2 times per week can be able of reducing the anorexia’s symptoms. In addition, it can assist in lowering the levels of anxiety and stress. Moreover, massage therapy also has the ability to increase the level of norepinephrine and as well as the level of dopamine, which, in turn, creates a much more healthy and positive body image.

Remedial massage is considered as the best option in the massage therapy. Remedial massage is a therapeutic massage involving the systematic manipulation of soft tissues in your body.

You should see a massage therapist to get the massage therapy at least thrice per week.

Besides, you may also massage the body, particularly your back, shoulders, neck as well as the feet’s bottoms with coconut oil or olive oil before the bedtime. This will be beneficial in relaxing your body and relieving anxiety.

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9. Oranges


Oranges may effectively cure anorexia by promoting appetite. Oranges have the ability to promote the digestive heath.  Cleansing your digestive system is very important to help you feel hungry. Additionally, oranges have an uplifting smell and the peels of oranges also aid in calming your nerves and fighting against anxiety and depression.

You simply consume some oranges or drink fresh orange juice several times a day to boost appetite.

In order to increase the favor of orange juice, you can add rock salt, a bit of black pepper, and lemon juice.

To make your mood better, you can inhale the scent of orange peels.

10. Garlic

You can also use garlic to aid in treating anorexia nervosa. Garlic works as a natural and powerful appetite stimulant. Besides, it assists your body in the secretion of the juices cleansing your digestive system.

  • At first, you put 3 or 4 chopped garlic cloves in a cup of plain water.
  • Then you boil the water for a few minutes and strain the garlic water.
  • Next, you add the lemon juice (about 2 tablespoons) and rock salt (a pinch) to this garlic water.
  • You stir them well and drink this twice per for several weeks.

Treatments For Anorexia Nervosa – Additional Tips

  • You should remember to regularly attend group therapy.
  • Try the best not to skip your meals even if you feel uncomfortable when eating.
  • You’d better make a habit of having a breakfast every day because it is very important for your health. Then, let have several small meals during your day.
  • Vegetable soups are good appetizers for you; hence, remember to start your meal with them. Or you can consume a vegetable or fruit salad before your meals instead of vegetable soups.
  • Do not forget to eat spicy foods to aid in creating a strong appetite.
  • You can have an intake of nutritional supplements to assist your body in restoring a normal weight as well as establishing healthy eating habits after consulting your doctor’s advice.
  • Let consume a handful of almonds and walnuts every day because they will be beneficial in improving emotional health.
  • You have to be sure to drink an adequate amount of water throughout your day but avoid filling up on only water.
  • Family encouragement and support are very necessary for the recovery of the patient.
  • Parents should guide the children how to have active and healthy lifestyles.
  • Besides, parents should also stimulate positive thoughts of their children by having compliments to encourage them and giving constructive criticism.

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I have introduced to you with a list of top 10 alternative treatments for anorexia nervosa disorder. However, you should firstly see your doctor to get properly diagnosed and have treatments for this condition. You just apply these treatments for anorexia nervosa at home as adjunct treatments. If you have any question about this disorder or need more information about other health diseases and problems, go to visit our main Health page. Also, if you know other treatments for anorexia nervosa disorder, let share them with us.

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