Lemon Water Benefits – Top 33 Health & Nutritional Advantages

nutritional lemon water benefits

Lemon Water Benefits – Reasons, Nutritional Value, And Some Tips

We usually hear health professionals recommend drinking one glass of warm lemon water in the early morning on a daily basis is healthy. Here is the reason why:

  • Lemon contains high levels of several nutrients like potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, and vitamins A as well as carbohydrates, proteins, and pectin fiber. The powerful citric acid content of lemon and its strong and immune-boosting, antiviral, and antibacterial properties can also help to keep people healthy all the time.
  • Water is super healthy because it is actually the perfect way for keeping the body hydrated, and it can also support the body a lot in flushing out harmful toxic substances.

For reaping the advantages easily, people just need to squeeze and take the juice of 1/2 a lemon into one glass of lukewarm, purified water. You can also try adding some honey if you want as well. Consume this water on an empty stomach thing in the morning on an empty stomach before eating anything else, and wait half an hour before having the very first meal of the day.

Lemon Water Benefits – Why Lemons?

why lemons

Like a clown car, lemon is very rich in nutrients, such as fiber iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, B-complex vitamins, and vitamin C. Actually, lemon is even higher in potassium than grapes or apples).

Because of how hard lemon juices could affect your teeth’s enamel, it is crucial to dilute lemon water with water (lukewarm water would be the best). Drink it in the early morning before consuming breakfast, and wait for about fifteen to thirty minutes to start consuming your breakfast. This would help people fully receive the advantages that this natural ingredient brings to human health. Here are some of the best nutritional values of lemon.

Lemon Water Benefits – Nutritional Value Of Lemon

One glass of lemon juice just contains 25 calories or less. It is an excellent source of nutrients, including pectin, fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and calcium. It also has antibacterial properties and medicinal values. Lemon juice also has traces of vitamin A and iron.
Lemon is also well-known for the powerful therapeutic properties, helping people to keep the immunity healthy, and thereby protecting us from the clutches of many infection types. It can act well as a blood purifier as well. The lime-water juice can work well and bring about many wonders for those living with heart issues, owing to its high amount of potassium, and lemon is a fabulous antiseptic. Thus, people should drink one glass of warm lemon water every day in the early morning to achieve every health advantage it brings about.

Some Tips On How To Use Lemon Water To Enjoy Its Benefits

  • People should consume lemon water fifteen to thirty minutes in the early morning before eating any food as it would be better for your body’s ability to absorb nutrients when the stomach is empty.
  • Avoid consuming every kind of concentrated/bottled lemon juice because these contain artificial sweeteners that we do not want and are already pasteurized. Do not forget to add sugar to the citrus fruit as it can help to raise the pH level inside your body. It would be best for you to use fresh lemon.
  • Some experts recommended drinking lemon water even before teeth brushing time, and you should also give it a try!
  • We recommended people to use 1/2 lemon if weigh less than 150 pounds and 1 lemon for the weights of over 150 pounds.
  • You could use a straw to consume this as the acids content of lemon could consume away at the protective enamel coating on the teeth
  • You can try following up with a glass of water for cleaning out the acids contained in lemon.

Lemon Water Benefits – List Of The Best Advantages Of Drinking Lemon Water

Here are some of the most amazing lemon water benefits that everyone should not skip, so keep reading this article to discover more about this!

1. Cleans The Urinary Tract

lemon water benefits - cleans the urinary tract

This is actually one of the best lemon water benefits for health that we would like to introduce in the entire article today and want readers to learn and make use for good!

Warm lemon water can act effectively as a diuretic and thereby it can help a lot in encouraging the urine production and cleansing the urinary tract. In addition, this healthy drink could help to modify the urinary tract’s pH level, in turn discouraging the unhealthy bacteria’s proliferation.

The citric acid content of lemon can also help to detoxify the body – an important task that is essential to protect our urinary tract from the attacks of any infection. For those females suffering from regular urinary tract infections (UTIs), lemon water would be a great support to deal with and beat off the recurrence of infections.

For summing up, consuming one glass of fresh lemon water on an empty stomach in the early morning could immensely help a lot in improving human health. For better energy and health, you should make this a routine every day.

Lemon water can help to clean the urinary tract so people should make use of it for good!

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2. Controls High Blood Pressure

People who suffer from high blood pressure could immensely make use of this healthy drink and it is actually very good for health. It can help a lot in cleansing the lymphatic system and keeping the whole body hydrated.

The rich amount of potassium contained in lemons can also help people improve sleep quality, enhance mental functioning, and reduces stress; thereby could help to normalize your levels of blood pressure. In fact, this is actually a great one out on the list of the best lemon water benefits that you should not skip!

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3. Lemon Water Benefits – Cures Throat Infections

Lemon contains powerful antibacterial properties so that it can help to fight again issues related to throat infections, tonsillitis, and sore throat.

Actually, those drinking one glass of warm lemon water every morning would be able to get the lower chance to develop throat infection. Lemon water can even help a lot in preventing respiratory issues, such as asthma.

This mixture can work well together in curing sore throat. Lemon can even help to dissolve mucus and can act effectively as a lubricant that may coat the throat’s backside, offering quick relief.

If you are suffering from the sore throat issue, use this water to gargle on a regular basis or consume it as a healthy drink to get relief and treated on time quickly.

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4. Increases Energy

Lemon juice offers the body essential energy as it can enter the digestive tract; and it can also help in reducing depression and anxiety (especially, lemon’s scent provides a calming effect on our nervous system).

The nourishing elements, such as carbohydrates, proteins, phosphorous, vitamin C, and vitamin B contained in lemon can help to provide energy to the body. It can oxygenate and hydrate the body to keep people feeling refreshed, energized, and revitalized.

In addition, lemon has more negative-charged ions so that it offers instant energy as it can enter the digestive tract. In addition, lemon’s scent contains energizing and mood-enhancing properties. This is also one out on the list of the best lemon water benefits that we would like to introduce in the article today. Keep reading the article and learn more about other wonderful advantages that lemon water brings about.

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5. Lemon Water Benefits – Balances Ph Levels

balances ph levels

Lemon is among the best alkalizing food items for the body because it has both ascorbic and citric acids, helping to maintain the body’s pH levels. A high pH level is very important because the excess acidity in the body could lead to inflammation.

Consuming lemon water in the morning regularly on an empty stomach can help a lot in removing the body’s overall acidity, such as joints’ uric acid – one of the main factors that can lead to inflammation and pain.

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6. Treats Bad Breath

This is also among the most wonderful lemon water benefits that we would like to introduce in the entire article today and want readers to learn and make use of lemon water right from today for good!

The acidic basis of lemon, mixed with the medicinal properties of water and honey, could aid a lot in eliminating and reducing bad breath. It can help to clean out the mouth and activate the saliva production that can kill the harmful bacteria leading to the odor issue.

Lemon water can also help a lot in getting rid of the white film on over the tongue that may often develop while we sleep. This white film consists of bacteria and decaying food that contribute to forming bad breath.

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7. Lemon Water Benefits – Supports Immune System

Warm lemon water can also help to boost the immunity. Being very abundant in vitamin C, lemon can help a lot in boosting the immune system and support the body in fighting flu and colds.

In addition, lemon can help to enhance the ability to absorb iron of the body while the iron is an essential nutrient for healthy immunity. Lemon also provides saponins, which contain antimicrobial properties, helping to reduce and prevent keep infections effectively.

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8. Lemon Water Benefits – Clears Skin

The daily intake of warm lemon water could make a noticeable difference in the skin appearance. It can also help to purify your blood and encourage the development of new blood cells.

In addition, the rich content of vitamin C, as well as some other antioxidants in this fruit, can help a lot in keeping our skin free from blemishes and wrinkles and can support the body in combating free-radical damage.

The honey and water can add collagen-boosting, antibacterial, and restorative properties to improve and maintain good skin health.

9. Aids Weight Loss

Another important one out on the list of the best lemon water benefits that we want to introduce in the article today is that it can help to lose weight fast and effectively.

Lemon contains pectin fiber, which can help to fight cravings and hunger.

If people are trying to burn fat, then they should drink one glass of warm lemon water with some honey add to achieve the goal faster and more effectively. Lemons are very abundant in pectin fiber, which can help a lot in fighting hunger cravings and keeping people full for long.

In addition, the mixture of lemon, honey, and warm water can help to create a more alkaline atmosphere in the tummy, aiding a lot in the weight loss process within a much shorter time than normal.

10. Lemon Water Benefits – Increases Metabolism

increases metabolism

It is a pretty new fact that consuming eight 8-ounce glasses of water every single day can actually help to boost the metabolism or speed up the calorie burning process by 30%. This has the basis depending on a research conducted in the Franz Volhard Research Center by Michael Boschmann. Lemon can help to add more taste to water which would aid people a lot in drinking more plus it contains pectin which can help to suppress appetite.

11. Improves Digestion

This is actually one of the most amazing lemon water benefits that people who are suffering from a weak digestive system or some related issues should know and start making use of thte lemon water right from today for good!

Lemon juice can not only encourage healthy digestive system by eliminating toxins inside the digestive tract, but also can help to reduce signs and symptoms of indigestion, including bloating, burping, and heartburn.

Many components contained in lemons can help to boost liver health and make it produce more bile necessary for the healthy digestive system. In addition, lemon can help a lot in assisting the digestive system in flushing toxic substances and unwanted materials out of our body.

Drinking one glass of warm lemon water every day can help a lot in relieving signs and symptoms of indigestion, like bloating, burping, and heartburn, as mentioned above.

It can also prevent diarrhea and constipation by stimulating and enhancing smooth bowel functioning. The American Cancer Society recommended warm lemon water to patients suffering from cancers to boost the bowel movements.

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12. Fight Viral Infections

Warm lemon water is the best method that can help to reduce and beat off viral infections and the subsequent sore throats of them. In addition, together with lemon juices that can also boost and enhance the immunity, people would be able to fight against and beat off the infection simultaneously and completely. In fact, this is also one of the most amazing lemon water benefits that people should know before deciding to make use of lemon water or not.

13. Lemon Water Benefits – Helps To Cut Out Caffeine

Many people did not believe this until they tried it, but if you try replacing your morning coffee with just one cup of hot lemon water, you will be able to see real wonder! You would feel refreshed, and can say goodbye to pesky afternoon crash. In addition, your nerves would benefit from this as well.

In fact, lemons are a natural energy enhancer, and it can be even stronger to be used with honey.

14. Reduces Inflammation

If you consume lemon water regularly or daily, it would help a lot in decreasing the acidity inside the whole body, which is where condition states happen. It can help to remove uric acid inside your joints, which is among the major factors that can help to reduce and beat off inflammation.

15. Lemon Water Benefits – Keeps Your Skin Blemish-Free

keeps your skin blemish-free

Lemon contains high antioxidant levels so that it can aid a lot in not only decreasing blemishes, but also reducing wrinkles effectively! It could also be applied to age spots and scars to reduce their appearance, and as it can detoxify the blood, it would help to keep the radiance of the skin.

16. Cleanses Your System

It can help a lot in flushing out the toxic substances inside the body by boosting enzyme functions, enhancing your liver as well. Lemon is also very rich in Vitamin C – an essential agent that the body needs to produce glutathione – necessary for live detoxification. In addition, the antiseptic properties of lemon can also help in stimulating the liver in flushing out impurities, including uric acid.

17. Lemon Water Benefits – Treat Coughs

This is a good home remedy that people should make use when suffering from a cough. You can mix with honey and ½ a lemon in a mug of hot water to make use, and then you will get relief afterward. According to some experts, honey has dextromethorphan which can be also found in some over-the-counter medicines for cough that can work effectively as a natural treatment to suppress sore throats and coughs.

18. UTI Prevention

There is a member in my family suffering from UTI with a weak body and unable to work, and after making use of lemon water benefits, the situation was better.

Researchers have revealed that lemons have antiseptic properties that can help a lot in preventing sepsis – an ailment when left uncured might cause septic shock.

If you are suffering from UTI, then you should consume a plenty of water to facilitate the healing process and flush out toxins. The juice of lemons is actually a natural antibiotic that can help to kill the bacteria inside the urethra and bladder. Thus, do not hesitate to add this to water as it can help to reduce the UTI pain.

19. Lemon Water Benefits – Treats And Prevent Kidney Stones

In this article, Dr. Hoffman said that the citrate content of lemon can aid a lot in inhibiting the forming of oxalate crystals, one of the leading triggers of kidney stones. He recommended mixing four ounces of lemon juices to 2 liters of water for increasing the levels of urinary citrate. Thus, do not add any honey or sugar for the best advantage.

20. Lowers Stress Levels

lemon water benefits - lowers stress levels

This is also one of the best lemon water benefits that people should not skip!

One thing that can work well when you are stressed is vitamin C so that if you are suffering from stress, feeling that the level is increased, then take a break and consume 1 cup of lemon water to regain that lost vitamin C.

21. Lemon Water Benefits – Kills Worms

Parasites, including worms, thrive in an acidic environment so that people can flush them out of the body just by drinking bitter items, such as lemon mixed with water.

22. Lemon Water Benefits – Kills Free Radicals

For every 100g of lemon juice, you will get 77% of your vitamin C daily intake which is famous for neutralizing free radicals inside the body.

23. Keeps Our Body Hydrated

If consuming pure water is a task for you, then remember to add some lemon slices in there to increase the sharpness and the taste to it. It would help a lot in hydrating the body and replenishing lost minerals and vitamins that you lose as you feel stressed. Keep reading this article to discover some of the best lemon water benefits and how to make use of it for certain purposes.

24. Lemon Water Benefits – Improves Eyesight

Being abundant in vitamin C, lemon also contains a good property and positively affects your eyesight because this would help a lot in preventing eye-related diseases, such as cataract and macular degeneration.

Lemon also has a little amount of vitamin A (1% per 244g), another important nutrient for healthy eyesight.

25. Helps Treat Scurvy

lemon water benefits - helps treat scurvy

Scurvy, for people who do not know, is a condition that is triggered by the deficiency of vitamin C. Sailors are most vulnerable to this condition due to their extended mission trips on the sea that usually outlast their product supply. Lemon water is a good choice to treat this condition as it is very abundant in vitamin C. Water is very good as it can act as a mask for sharp flavor, allowing people to consume this concoction with large amounts.

26. Lemon Water Benefits – Helps Treat Constipation

Another one out of the list of lemon water benefits that people should learn is that lemon can help to cure constipation!

This combo is very great as a natural treatment for constipation. Water can help a lot in softening stool and lubricating the digestive system. Citric acid contained in lemons can help to induce the bowel movements that would flush out undigested waste from your colon.

27. Helps Hydrate Our Lymphatic System

According to some experts, the largest circulatory system inside the body that is twice as large as the arterial system – the lymph system, has the responsibility for flushing out toxic substances and waste out of our system. Keeping it hydrated is crucial to the human health.

In fact, water alone is sufficient for hydrating the lymph system but you should add lemon juice here as it can help to alkalize thus also balance the acidity levels.

28. Heart Food

Potassium contained in lemon is essential for heart functioning, it does not cure any disease yet it can help to prevent heart-related condition, such as irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

29. Lemon Water Benefits – Fights Cancer Cells

Bioflavonoids can help to turn out that this can also work effectively like any antioxidant that can fight against free radical damage and cell oxidation which are the major triggers that lead to cancers. The author of the book “The Lemon Juice Diet” went as far as saying that it could aid a lot in preventing cancers. It can also contain pectin that according to Vijaya Kumar have been famous for protecting the intestines from cancers.

30. Dissolves Phlegm

lemon water benefits - dissolves phlegm

This is actually also one of the best lemon water benefits that everyone should not skip yet learn carefully about and try making use of lemon water right from today. The citric acid contained in lemons would dissolve phlegm. Besides, the abundant content of antioxidants, such as vitamin K and Vitamin C that can aid in fighting off colds and coughs.

The traditional concoction involves mixing honey, warm water, and lemon. Warm water in a way can help to sooth irritation (is also a decongestant at the same time) triggered by coughs. Experts said that honey is efficient at dissolving phlegm, more useful than syrups for coughs.

31. Lemon Water Benefits – Asthma Cure

This is also one of the best lemon water benefits that we would like to introduce in the article today and people should not ignore yet learn for good!

Lemon has been listed in the list of countless home remedies like one of the most wonderful cures for asthma that is thanks to the abundant amount of vitamin C, an antioxidant that can help to fight against free radicals which lead to smooth airway constriction and muscle contraction, both signs of asthma. It can also help a lot in clearing out mucus from the air vessels.

32. Alkalizes The Body

Experts said that lemon contains a wonderful alkalizing impact on the body as “minerals of lemons can help in disassociating to make it alkaline” because it can get absorbed by your body.

Although lemons have the acidic nature as it would enter the bloodstream, “the alkalizing salts override the appearance of acids” during the metabolic process that occurs as it can enter your bloodstream.

33. A Post-Workout Drink

This is the last one out on the list of the best lemon water benefits for health that people should learn from this article.

If you do not want to spend a fortune on Gatorade anymore, this recipe that may include sea salt, water, lime, lemon, and natural sugar/honey could be a healthy and more affordable alternative.

Another thing that people do not know as they workout is that their body could become very acidic after working out harshly. Lemon is a wonderful neutralizer of the high acidity in the body.

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This is the list of 33 nutritional and health benefits of lemon water that everyone who loves their own health and body should learn about. In fact, lemon water has been already proven good for health and also an easy-to-drink item. Besides, it is very quick and cheap to prepare so that everyone can make and consume it right at the comfort of their own home. The wonderful health advantages of lemon water are actually proven by experts and scientists, so you should feel secure when consuming it on a daily or regular basis.

After reading this list of health lemon water benefits and know how you can make use of it do deal with and beat off some health issues, or simply just to improve your health, if you feel that you really need our advice and want to make use of lemon water benefits to deal with your condition or for any certain purpose, then you should let us know by leaving your comments and feedbacks on the section below. One more thing, share this article with other people around you who also want to improve health or want to look for a good drink that they can consume for health purposes as soon as possible.

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