How To Get Rid Of Forehead Lines Naturally At Home

how to get rid of forehead lines naturally

Forehead lines and wrinkles may be a sign of skin aging. Not only old people but also young and middle-age people have forehead lines. There are different factors causing your early forehead lines such as your unhealthy lifestyle, hard work or your diet. By solving main causes of your forehead lines, plus your better skin and beauty care, you will be able to lower the development of your forehead lines. In this article on VKool, I would like to show you 16 tips and ways on how to get rid of forehead lines naturally at home.

How To Get Rid Of Forehead Lines Naturally

1. Have A Vigorous Lifestyle

have a vigorous lifestyle

Yes! Among young people, they should take care of their lifestyle as it is linked to their beauty and overall health. By forming a healthy lifestyle today, you can prevent forehead lines and wrinkles significantly.

For instance, you should not drink a lot of alcohol. If you smoke, quit it immediately. Instead, do exercise regularly and improve your health with a healthy diet plan and healthy social activities and relationships.

For more details about tips to have a vigorous lifestyle and how to get rid of forehead lines with healthy lifestyle, search for them below!

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2. Eat More Fruits And Vegetables eat more fruits and vegetables download As most fruits and vegetables human consume are high in antioxidant compounds, so these compounds help fight off damages caused by free radicals. In fact, free radicals increase your aging. Thus, by eating fruits and vegetables often, you can control free radicals, lower the skin aging and protect your skin from wrinkles as well as forehead lines. See: 35 healthiest fruits and vegetables in the world to eat & juice

3. Avoid The Sun avoid the sun Yes! The moderate sun exposure is good for skin but higher levels of the sun exposure absolutely damage your skin and this is the number one cause of your forehead lines. To prevent and lower the risk of forehead lines, you should wear a huge hat that helps protect your forehead from direct sunlight and protect the skin from sunburn. To reduce the side effects of the sun exposure to your skin, you should wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn, skin cancer and wrinkles. Do not forget to apply sunscreen on your forehead regularly when going out each 2 hours because sunscreen can shelter you from the sunlight and protect your forehead from wrinkles and fine lines. Read on: Top 30 positive & side effects of sunlight 4. Sleep On Your Back sleep on your back According to a research from the Academy of Dermatology, USA, sleep position can affect your wrinkles on face. It is recommended that people should sleep on their back and do not sleep on a left or right side of the body. The researchers explain that sleeping on a side can increase more fine lines and wrinkles on their chins and cheeks while face-down sleeping position gives them furrowed brows. Ideally, you should sleep on the back.

5. Stay Hydrated

stay hydrated

Among important ways on how to get rid of forehead lines and wrinkles, pay attention to your water consumption and water choices. Once you are dehydrated inside the body, it will show on your outside with dry skin and visible fine lines. Staying hydrated can help you get rid of forehead lines effectively. It is recommended drinking mineral water, instead of tap water to enhance the effectiveness. In a study at the Leeds University, 2024, the researchers showed that individuals who drank mineral water reduced the appearance of wrinkles on face for 25% more than those who drank tap water.

To focus on your forehead care, keep refreshing and hydrating this skin area by using a spray bottle and spritzing the face through the day.

6. Don’t Smoke don't smoke Some researches are still controversial, yet more studies are showing that cigarette smoke can age skin by releasing a specific enzyme breaking down elastine and collagen – important skin components. Other studies conducted by researchers at the St. Thomas Hospital and Twin Research Unit in London indicated that the brother (or sister) who smoked have skin with more wrinkles and fine lines by 40% thinner than non-smokers. Read more: Top 11 easy ways to stop smoking at home 7. Eat More Fish eat more fish Next to dieting tips on how to get rid of forehead lines, add more fish to your daily meals, especially salmon and cold-water fish. They are good sources of protein and fatty acid Omega-3, Omega-6 that help nourish your skin and keep it youthful, plump and reduce wrinkles effectively. Recommended reading: 24 health & beauty benefits of fish oil

8. Eat More Soy

eat more soy

Like protein in fish, soy is rich in this ingredient so that it helps enhance your skin health and prevent forehead lines as well as wrinkles on face.

Besides, scientific evidence suggests that soy can help heal the photo aging damage from the sun. In a study in human, reported by the European Journal of Nutrition, authors indicated that soy-based supplements and extracts from grape seed, tomato, white tea and a few vitamins helped to improve skin structure and firmness within only 6 months of using.

9. Try Coffee And Cocoa Remedies try coffee and cocoa remedies download According to a study released by the Journal of Nutrition, 2006, cocaine and caffeine are proven to improve circulation of skin cells, make skin smoother, keep skin being hydrated and protect skin from the sun damage. In fact, coffee contains high levels of 2 dietary flavanols including catechin and epicachin so that it is useful for skin health. There are different ways to use coffee and cocoa. Directly, you can drink coffee or cocoa powder with proper amounts daily. With coffee, you can use coffee powder to make a facial scrub. 10. Get Reading Glasses get reading glasses The Academy of Dermatology, USA says that any repetitive facial movement like squinting can overwork facial muscles and form a groove beneath skin’s surface. Eventually, this groove becomes wrinkles. If it is hard for you to read words or you are sight shorted, get reading glasses to read more easily. After 10 minutes, stop reading and relax your eyes by massaging the eye area and the whole face, including the forehead. In addition, wear sunglasses to protect skin around your eyes from the sun damage.
11. Get Adequate Sleep

get adequate sleep

When it comes to ways on how to get rid forehead lines, take care of your sleep quality and time. According to Nicholas Perricone, a dermatologist from the Yale, she says that if you do not get enough adequate sleep, your body will produce excess cortisol, a hormone breaking down skin cells. By getting enough rest, you will produce human growth hormone (HGH) that aids in growing skin thicker, more elastic and less wrinkles.

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12. Do Not Over Wash Your Face And Use Moisturizer do not over wash your face and use moisturizer download According to a group of dermatologists at the Maryland Medical Center, using tap water may strip skin off its natural moisture and oils that protect skin against wrinkles and fine lines. Don’t wash your face too often, if not you will wash away protection. Additionally, limit using soap with strong chemicals. Opt for skin wash with simple ingredients and moisturizers. Next to tips on how to get rid of forehead lines, you can make use of surgical tape that helps tighten your loose skin and remove your forehead wrinkles physically. Apply these small bandages across your forehead at nighttime, hold your skin back in the unwrinkled position. This method helps train your skin muscles to limit and stop sagging. This is also helpful to remove deep forehead lines and wrinkles. 13. Massage Forehead With Olive Oil massage forehead with olive oil download Now, let’s come to another active solution to remove wrinkles from forehead. Pick up olive oil for this skin care. Take some drops of olive oil, apply this on your forehead. Massage this area around your wrinkles gently for 10 minutes. To get better results, add several drops of coconut oil that help increase moisture in skin and hydrate your skin.

14. Try Citrus Fruit Massage

try citrus fruit massage download

Next to another remedy on how to get rid of forehead lines naturally at home, do not miss citrus fruits. This family of fruit is high in vitamin E and vitamin C that are really beneficial for skin. Consume several serves of citrus fruits every day, including the orange fruits, orange juice, lemon juice or combine these fruits with other vegetables in your homemade smoothies or salads.

15. Use Flaxseed Oil

use flaxseed oil

Beside olive oil, you can replace it with flaxseed oil as it is considered the best temporary trick to remove forehead lines and wrinkles. Regularly apply 2 or 3 tbsps of flaxseed oil on your forehead. Alternatively, try out castor oil for getting the same effect to your forehead skin.

16. Apply Aloe Vera And Egg White

apply aloe vera and egg white download

Next to another remedy for forehead lines, try aloe vera and egg white.

This succulent look unattractive; yet it is loaded with great benefits for your fine lines and wrinkles on face and forehead. In fact, both egg white and aloe vera are high in vitamin E that is well-known as the youth and beauty vitamin. Combine aloe vera gel and egg white in a proper ratio. Mix them well to have a paste. Gently apply the paste on the forehead. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash it off with water.

I’ve shown you top 16 tips and ways on how to get rid of forehead lines naturally at home. For any feedback about this article, let me know your idea by showing your comment at the end of the post.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next writings.

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