How To Train A Dog To Poop Outside The House

how to train a dog to poop outside

Dogs are considered as the friendliest and the most loyal creatures. Besides being a good companion, they also bring about many health benefits to the owners. Almost every family owns a dog or even more. However, whoever has a dog knows that one of the most frustrating aspects of dog ownership is when you have to wait for your dog to finish his business, even when it is in the middle of a rain. Moreover, owning a dog is a huge responsibility. This is the reason why dog owners always want to teach them the command “go poop”. This may sound unbelievable to you but you can actually train your furry friend to respond to the command and go poop. So, how to train a dog to poop outside the house? Thisarticle is going to show you ways to potty train your adorable friend quickly.

How To Train A Dog To Poop Outside The House – Train Your Furry Friend Now

     train a dog to poop review

1. Know The Signs

Before getting started for the potty training, it is necessary to notice the signs that show that your dog needs to poop. In order to make the training much easier, you should read these clues that indicate their needs:

– Circling and squatting around a specific area.

– Pacing a particular area fervently.

– Constantly smelling over one particular area.

2. Pick A Command

pick a command review

A command is a must when it comes to dog training. When you are free, you should take your dog outside and wait until he starts to run around and sniff the surroundings in order to look for a good place. Before he poops, he may show the signs which were mentioned above. Then choose one specific sentence that you want to use in order to give the command to your dog. You could use either the classic command “go potty” or “abracadabra!” Actually, it does not really matter what the command is as long as you say it to your dog persistently. Then when he starts to relieve himself, give the command that you have chosen softly yet firmly. Try to say it to him several times. By doing so, he will start to associate the command to the action.

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3. Create A Predictable Schedule

create a predictable schedule review

It is the best that you take your pet outside every hour if you are free. Try not to distract him while you are standing with him. If he starts to poop outside, you should make a big fuss of him, tell him how good he is while he is actually relieving himself. Let him know that you are very pleased because he poops outside the house by praising him, patting him on his head or playing around with him.

It is a fact that normally, dogs need to relieve themselves right after meals and after awakening from a sleep. Therefore, when your puppy awakens from a sleep or has just finished his meal, try to take him outside to poop as soon as possible. It is ideal to take him out to go potty within 10 minutes after eating or drinking. You should also control his eating time as well. Your puppy does not usually need a full bowl of dog food available all the time. Check with your vet or breeder to find out what kind of dog food, how much food and how often your puppy needs to eat. Moreover, when you want to feed your dog with human food, remember to choose carefully.

Moreover, you should always keep your eyes on him since he may need to poop plenty other times. Puppies may even need to relieve themselves while they are playing. If you are playing a game with your puppy and he suddenly runs away, remember to always suspect that he is finding a place to pee and go after himself to take him outside.

4. Crate Training

crate training review

You should consider crate training your little furry friend if you do not have enough time to pay attention to him for extended periods. It may appear like you are imprisoning him, but the truth is puppies who are crate trained usually show that they appreciate the safety and security that they are receiving from their crates. The crates appear to them as the dens that they their ancestors used to live in.

It is necessary to choose a crate that has enough space for the puppy to stand and turn around in. However, remember that you should never use the crate to punish your pets or treat it like a “time out” corner. A crate should be a place that makes your puppy feel comfortable and safe. However, before putting your friend in his crate, always remember to take him outside to poop. He can be in there for 3 to 4 hours without causing any messes. Puppies do not usually poop in the crates since they can learn to hold it while he is in the crate. Let him outside to poop right after taking him out of the crate.

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5. Focus On Consistency And Praise

focus on consistency and praise review

In order to teach your puppy how to let you know that he needs to poop, you should focus on repetition and consistency as they are the two most important factors. Remember to take your pet through the same normal or doggie door and to the same potty spot that you have chosen or designated every time you take him outside to go potty. By doing this, he will know that when he wants to eliminate, what he needs to do is to go through that door.

Moreover, you should put potty training pads on the list as well. These lined pads are extremely helpful because there is a scent on them that puppies are usually attracted to. By doing so, your pet will just go potty on them. If you want your furry friend to alert you every time he wants to eliminate, just put a clean potty training pad near the door.

It is crucial to give your pet a lot of praise when he poops in the exact area that you want him to. Even if he does not want to poop and starts to go back inside, just carry him out and let him finish. In the meantime, try to praise him for his good potty training session. What dogs want is to please their owners so that they will be encouraged to finish the action.

6. Choose A Potty Spot

choose a potty spot review

When your friend needs to relieve himself, leash him up and take him to a potty spot that you have chosen or designated. This could be anywhere you want, either a small tree in your back yard, a corner down the street, or the curb. However, if you are afraid that your puppy might not be able to get to the curb before he starts to eliminate, just pick him up and carry him there.

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7. Use The Cue Word

use the cue word review

When he is outside and starting to relieve himself, you should not give him any attention while pacing quietly back and forth by the potty spot. Wait for him to finish as he is squatting of lifting his leg up. When he has finished his business happily, say out loud your cue word “Go potty!” then give him a marker by saying “Yes” when he is done. After that, lavish your little friend with praise and something delicious.

8. Play With Him

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After about 1 or 2 weeks of using the cue word, this time you need to say it before the pee happens. However, you still have to wait until he has finished his job to say “Yes” or else your marker will distract him from relieving himself.

While you are teaching your dog this behavior, remember not to take him back into the house right away after he has finished his business because he will see it as a punishment for pooping outside. Instead, you need to give him a lot of praise, toss the ball once or twice or walk him down the street and back to let him sniff his potty spot for about a minute. Then start to extend the range of rewards once he has mastered the behavior. You can give him a reward only if he has just had the quickest pees of all times or if he still squats and squeezes out a few drops as you want him to even when he is having an empty bladder. You should praise him every time he poops outside, but only play with him or give him a special treat when he has the best potties.

In addition, it is necessary to have two different cues for two separate actions, such as “go pee” and “go poo”. When your pet has successfully learned to relieve himself on the first command, start working on the other one.

That is the end of the article ofHow to train a dog to poop outside the house. Hopefully after reading these tips on how to train a dog to poop outside the house, you will find out ways to train your dog to potty outside. If you find this “How to train a dog to poop outside the house”article useful, please let us know what you think by leaving a comment down the section below. If you have any questions related to this article, please do not hesitate to contact us. There are also many other lifestyle related articles from the site vkool, please take sometimes to pay them a visit. We will make sure that you will learn something useful to apply into your daily life.

If you are looking for other easy tips to train your dog for good, How to Raise the Perfect Dog is the best guide you should read.

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