How to revamp your wardrobe on a budget: 18 bargain ways

how to revamp your wardrobe

Have you ever experienced that depressing moment when you open your closet and could not find anything you really want to wear? Yes. This is the most common answer from both guys and girls. And, what is worse? You are too broke to afford anything new. So, check out top useful tips on how to revamp your wardrobe on a budget without making your own credit card cry – collect by

How To Revamp Your Wardrobe On A Budget – 18 Useful Tips 

1. Rethink Your Current Strategy 

how to revamp your wardrobe

Take stock. What do you like about your current closet and what should be changed? How well do your own clothes reflect your current style? How versatile are they? You need to rethink your current strategy and write down the goals for the revamping plan and some basic guidelines.

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2. Detox Your Wardrobe 

how to revamp your wardrobe

Once you have analyzed your closet’s current state, it is the right time for you to do a thorough detox. Reserve at least a full afternoon to go through your wardrobe piece by piece and remove things that do not make your feel inspired or confident when wearing.

3. Find Inspiration

how to revamp your wardrobe

It is easy for you to fill up your closet with super bright and bold outfits which might speak to you on an abstract level, yet that you might not actually wear in your daily life. Though inspiration is necessary, you should look for those clothes which help you shape your wardrobe in your own style, not tons of pretty high-fashion ones.

The best way to determine your own style is to expose yourself to different aesthetics. Be creative, collect those inspiration images from magazines, blogs, and Pinterest, save them and consider. Which materials, colors, specific pieces, silhouettes, and overall themes do you appreciate the most?

4. Write Fit Guidelines For Your Personal Body 

how to revamp your wardrobe

No matter how well-made an item is, or how perfectly it matches your vision of style, if it does not suit your body kind, it does not deserve a specific in your closet. However, rather than depending on the frequent body shape guides, including apple, pear shape, you should go ahead and create your personal rules. That way, you should try on various fits from the wardrobe or borrow several clothes from your friends, take photos, and test them honestly before writing a complete list of do’s and don’ts for your personal demands.

5. Imagine As If You Are A Cartoon Character 

how to revamp your wardrobe

This sounds crazy but as a cartoon character, you just get a single outfit, yet that one perfectly represents yourself and your own style. Actually, in that version of your life, you will figure out how exactly you would look from head to toe. Think of hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, jewellery, etc.

6. Figure Out Your Mood Board 

how to revamp your wardrobe

In order to grow a coherent, refined view of style, you should train your own eyes and take time to imagining visual elements you want that style to be relied on. With no less than 50 photos inspiring you in some ways, that mood board will help you get better ideas of which elements are necessary for your style and which are not. Besides, remove the pictures which speak to you the least.

7. Create Your Style Concept 

how to revamp your wardrobe

Next, after getting inspired, you should go back over all things you have collected to define themes and combine them into your personal style. Though visual inspiration is very useful for becoming aware of your aesthetic ideals, noting down a full list of which preferences you go for to spell out the specifics, instead of lingering on a whole, general idea.

You had better make a long list of 50 elements that you love to be in your closet. Then, narrow the list to 30 ones. Pick 3 that might be not represented in your daily closet and imagine a way to incorporate them as soon as possible.

8. Create Your Signature Style 

how to revamp your wardrobe

Deciding on your signature style requires you to build the essence of your own style into a specific combination of clothes that come into different variations. Fact is, a lot of the biggest style icons have a clearly defined signature style. Think about Emmanuelle Alt, Audrey Hepburn, or Marlene Dittrich. In order to determine which uniform is for you, you should pick a proper combination of items (for instance slim-fitting jeans, ankle boots, a loose-cut blazer, and a simple tank top), that you have at least 3 versions with different fabrics or colors. Try out various combination and then play with accessories to change up your own look.

9. Accessories Challenge 

how to revamp your wardrobe

This is about getting creative with accessories. Just simply pick one simple outfit, such as a white T-shirt plus with a dark-wash jean, then challenge yourself to build up 5 different looks using just accessories, makeup and hair.

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10. Streamline The Underwear Drawer 

how to revamp your wardrobe

When it comes to learning how to revamp your wardrobe, you should not overlook your undies. Go through each of items in the underwear drawer and remove anything which is worn out or broken. Besides, do not collect your underwear. It is not necessary for you to collect more than 10 bras along with 20 panties.

11. Mini Detox 

how to revamp your wardrobe

Ideally, your wardrobe would just include items which you love and wear frequently. Rather than waiting for such a perfect day to “detox” your wardrobe thoroughly, you should start with small steps, yet instantly now. Go through your closet for about 5 minutes to choose one piece to throw out, one to give to your friend, one to replace, and one to charity.

12. Think Rich 

how to revamp your wardrobe

If you just have an unlimited budget, which top five pieces would you choose to buy? Even if it is only a thought experiment, the assumption of no monetary restrictions may sparkle your own creativity and help you figure out your ideal closet contents.

13. Write A Style Evolution 

how to revamp your wardrobe

In reality, people’s aesthetic preferences usually form during their childhood. Write a quick style evolution from childhood years till now. In the past, what were your favorite clothes and combinations and why? And, how did your style change over years?

14. Estimate Prices Per Outfit 

how to revamp your wardrobe

Among us, some prefer to buy a number of bargains while others would like to go for a single high-quality piece. What about you? Calculate the price per outfit for things could emphasize that in the long term it is usually cheaper to opt for pricier and durable items. In order to check if your own shopping habits are working for you or against you, you should list the last 5 purchases and how much you paid for them. After that, estimate how many times you have worn each piece till now and split their price by that number.

15. Think About Your Lifestyle 

how to revamp your wardrobe

A good wardrobe should not just show off your vision of style but also represent your lifestyle. So, how to do so? Think of your average week and note down how many times you require an outfit for the main activities. For example, daytime, work, parties, gym, special occasions, lounging, and so on. After that, decide the time you will not wear the same exact outfit twice (for instance, 3 weeks). Now, multiply that number with the quantity of your outfits you require to create your closet. That case, is your closet versatile enough? Are some certain outfit categories over- or underrepresented?

16. Make A List Of Necessary Replacements 

how to revamp your wardrobe

Is your wardrobe looking pretty bare? This is the exact time to make a list of replacements. Just make sure that you replace all of your classics with pieces of exceptional quality. There are only some items which are good staples for any woman’s wardrobe including:

  • black dress
  • black pants
  • black skirt
  • black turtleneck
  • black pumps
  • pant suit
  • white shirt
  • sweater set
  • nice feminine blouse
  • fitted jacket

17. Lend And Borrow 

how to revamp your wardrobe

If you live with people who share the same shoe size, waist line, or leg length as you do, then try borrowing (with permission, of course) their outfits. It is really a great and cheap way to add to your wardrobe without having to spend. In return, lend some of your own and the two of you get a win-win situation.

18. Build Fabric Preferences 

how to revamp your wardrobe

Apart from durability and a well-crafted design, when it comes to learning how to revamp your wardrobe, another factor to consider is to judge the quality of an item’s fabric. Though the majority of people would opt for natural fibres over synthetic clothes, you may prefer a little more stretch in the clothes or lightly thicker materials over those lightweight ones. Thus, you should write down the fabric composition of your and most comfortable and favourite items, for both cold and hot weather.

And, the last thing to revamp your wardrobe is to go shopping. Get the help of personal shoppers to assist you while shopping.

Do you have any special tips on how to revamp your wardrobe? Share your thoughts with us below this post and we will respond all soon.

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