How To Find Your Fashion Style – Top 11 Cute Tips Revealed!

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Nowadays, the Internet has brought fashion to all of people’s finger tips without having to leave their desks. You can watch runway shows of designer collection online each season which could be inspirational in cultivating your own fashion style. Also, fashion bloggers could be a fantastic source for inspiration in instructing you to your personal fashion style. This article is one of and even more than them. We will give you the most useful advice to find your fashion style effortlessly. Check out here!

Find Your Fashion Style – Top Tips You Must Know

1.      Know Your Body Shape

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This is the first and most important tip to find your fashion style. Dressing for your own body type is simply an awareness of what proportions as well as silhouettes will work best for you. Knowing your body shape and its guidelines on choosing the kinds of clothes you will look best in can help you find out your personal style effectively. Today, as the choice of clothes is various; thus, you are always able to find out the clothing that complements your body shape.

2.       Know Who You Are

When it comes to knowing who you are, you should think about:

  • Your age: when choosing clothes, you should choose something which is age-appropriate. If you had grandchildren, and you still dress like them, then there is a problem. Though it is great if you look youthful, it is necessary for you to wear outfits suiting your stage of life.
  • Your job: would you wear jeans and a cut-off T-shirt to work at a law firm? Of course, no. And, you also would not wear super-high heels plus with super high heels and a short skirt to teach kindergarteners as well. Thus, it is essential for you to use your occupation as the guide of when shopping. Once you have an appropriate ensemble for your own professional, just jazz it up with a few accessories to add your own personal flair.

Keep in mind that it you do not necessarily buy designer dugs to show off your personal style. In fact, even T-shirts and jeans could be so stylish if you combine properly and feel comfortable in them.

3.      Current Fashion

In fact, style is the essence of timeless design. That is the reason why a look can endure for many decades. However, you should still keep your style current and have your own signature. You can pick and opt for trendy items, yet use them sparingly in order to make use of them to complement your favorite classics. By this way, you will not create the look you want to have without overwhelming it or making it look loud and cheap. Try to dress properly for the occasion. Both under dressed or over dressed are not good.

4.      Identify Your Colors

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In order to determine your own colors, you had better assess your skin, hair, and eye color plus with the colors you feel you may look the best in. Though it is great to wear your favorite colors as they will make you feel good, remember that when you change your hair color, then this might impact the colors you could wear as a whole. Actually, there is a variety of shades, tints, as well as tones in each color; thus, you should make sure that your own look does not let you down as you used the wrong color. Determining your color will introduce you to a total new palette of colors. You should use colors as a guide while shopping so that you could select the clothes which will look best on you.

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5.      Look For Inspiration

The inspiration of fashion could come from various sources, from magazines to the style of your friends. If possible, find a few models or celebrities who may best capture the style you want to emulate. You can make use of leading fashion or entertainment magazines to find out the pictures of your icons in terms of style. Then, cut the pictures before pasting them into a binder or hanging them up around your room for inspire you. Remember that you should not be a copycat. Instead, you had better take advantage of some main elements learned from that celebrity’s style and use them as a springboard to create your own style.

6.      Determine What You Want To Accomplish

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In the way to find your fashion style, you need to define the goals in life and in fashion. Start to brainstorm about which design elements and accessories could help you accomplish those goals. In case you want to get better job, then think about suit collection. In case you are headed to back to school, go for some casual knits and jeans. If you have the complete list in hand, then you can take it with you when shopping. With this, you can choose the best clothes which will increase your wardrobe and assist you in completing your goals.

7.      Learn Style Lesson

In order to create your own fashion style, it is not necessary for you to get a degree in fashion to understand all about clothing and trends. You just need to get aware when shopping. Learn different fabrics. The use of the right fabric for your body shape as well as scale is crucial. Also you need to look for the right drape, texture, and weight so it will fall smoothly over the curves of the body rather than taking on shape of its own. You should also see how silk feel compared to polyester. Then, learn the different between an outfit’s stitching and cut.

Go for cotton for casual clothes, silk ones for dressing up, and wool for the winter, or linen for summer or spring. Besides, you need to learn how to take care of each type of fabric.

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8.      Pattern And Proportion

This is similar to the rule of choosing the right color and fabric. Just be careful where and when your wear them, in which size, color, and directions. Also, the size of the pattern has to match your size and scale. Obviously, you might not want to draw the attention to the body parts that you do not want to show off. In other words, proportion is also important when it comes to style. Dressing in good proportion will be a balancing act. That is all about creating harmony in your own look. Therefore, when you are short legs, you will want to create such an illusion that the legs as well as the waist are in perfection relation to the other parts of your body.

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9.      Keep It Simple

It is difficult to not feel unadventurous and fashionably inadequate when fashion magazines or styles websites are constantly reminding people that they need to change and update their wardrobes.

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However, it is critical to remember that being style does not mean that you have to constantly change your wardrobe and some of the most stylish people keep their wardrobes so simple.

10.      Make Some Changes

You do not need to reinvent your entire wardrobe, as mention above. That will cost you a significant fortune. Just update it appropriately. Begin by introducing some of up-to-date pieces which reflect your personal style or the style you want to create – a new pair of shoes, earrings, or a scarf.

You should not be afraid of experiment new things, just take step-by-step. Make some changes by go shopping in the new places that you would not normally go, such as an antique clothing store or a high-end designer boutique. Perhaps, you may find that you like taking some risks with your wardrobes.

For saving your money, try to update what you already have. For instance, if you have an old pair of jeans, try cropping or rolling them up into shorts or Capri pants. Though change is good, it is critical for you to maintain a core wardrobe composed of some constructed and well-designed pieces. Keep some classic clothes in the closet which you could mix and match, then you can give yourself more bangs for your fashion buck.

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11.      Wear What You Feel Comfortable In

It is important that people should wear something that makes them feel comfortable. If you are not sure what makes you feel comfortable in, initially, you can look to your closet for inspiration. Then, you classify what your favorites are and why you love them. Do their fabrics feel good on your own skin? Do you like the way love the way those clothes make you look? Once again, use your favorite clothes as your springboard when shopping for new looks. Do not rush in and out of tons of stores, but take time to try one clothes. Consider the ease of putting them on your body, how great you will look on it, and how fit they are with your needs and wardrobe.

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Creating your own fashion style is not easy things. You may try out many styles before choosing the best one for you. To find your fashion style, make use of all of the above tips properly. Then, who knows, in someday, you will become a fashionista.

Leave your comments at the end of this post of tips on finding your fashion style to let us know what you think. We will answer all soon!

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