Benefits Of Breathing Exercises For Stress Relief & Health

Deep breathing is very beneficial for lowering stress. This is because as you breathe deep, it helps send a “message” to the brain for relaxing and calming down. Then, your brain will send this “message” to your body. These things that occur when you are stressed like increased heart rate, high blood pressure, fast breathing will all decrease when you deeply breathe to relax. What do you know more about benefits of breathing exercises for stress relief? Keep reading this article on VKool site and prevent stress with early signs.

15 Benefits Of Breathing Exercises For Stress Relief & Health

benefits of breathing exercises

Don’t wait until your stress comes, then mind your breath and act. Always remember to control your breathing that not only keeps your mind & body functioning at the best, but also helps control your blood pressure, promote the feelings of calm, relaxation and help de-stress.

While effects and benefits of breathing techniques for stress relief haven’t yet been researched at length, many experts recommend using breath techniques like means of enhancing awareness and mindfulness.

I. How To Breathe Properly

benefits of breathing exercises

To breathe properly, learn to inhale deeply into the abdomen, not just the chest. Historically, the ancient Roman and Greek knew great benefits of breathing exercises for stress relief and health. The doctors recommended people performing deep breathing by holding the flow of air in their lungs. This exercise was to clean the impurities of the body system and to give strength. This is good value to people in their work.

Breathing exercises and techniques should be slow, deep and rhythmic through the nose, but not through the mouth. Additionally, keep in mind that the most important factor of deep breathing exercise must be regulating the breaths 3 to four 4seconds in, and 3 to 4 seconds out.

Here are detailed steps and instructions to perform breathing techniques properly:

  • First, breathe in through the nose for expanding the belly, then fill the chest. Do this for about 5 seconds.
  • Next, hold the breath for 3 seconds. Feel all the cells filled with healing and balancing sunlight energy
  • Breathe out fully from parted mouth slightly. Feel all the cells releasing all the waste out of the body and empty all old energy. Do this for about 5 seconds.

Schedule the deep breathing techniques as if you schedule an important business appointment. Set aside a couple of 10-minute segments of time daily although you are able to start with 2 5-minute segments.

Honoring yourself to schedule the time is the first way to master stress. Tend a relationship with yourself and relationships with others and life will be deepened and enriched accordingly. Always remember to share it with your friends and your loved ones and they can reap untold benefits of breathing exercises.

II. Benefits Of Breathing Exercises For Stress Relief & Health Improvement

1. Breathing Exercises Help Detoxify & Release Toxins

benefits of breathing exercises

The human body is designed to remove about 70% of waste and toxins through breathing. Do you think you are breathing properly? If you’re not, you are store toxin in the body. Day by day, when your body and other system work overtime, this condition will eventually lead to your illness, fatigue, stress, depression and your bad moods. As you breathe out, you can release the harmful carbon dioxide, which has passed through from the bloodstream into the lungs. In fact, carbon dioxide is waste of the metabolic process in the body.

2. Breathing Techniques Help Release Tension

benefits of breathing exercises

Next to benefits of breathing exercises, this is their good effects for tension relief. You may get stressed, scared, angry and tense, it’s hard for you to focus on doing something. Instead of suffering from these uncomfortable feelings, think about deep breathing. As when your muscles are tight, your breath will be shallow. If the breathing get shallow, you don’t get enough amount of oxygen you body requires.

Hence, by breathing deeply and properly, you can supply your body cell with enough oxygen for relieving stress and tension.

3. Breathing Helps Relax Your Mind & Body

benefits of breathing exercises

Oxygenation of brain can reduce excessive anxiety. So, play attention to your breathing. Practice deep breathing purposefully for relaxing your mind as well as empower your brain functioning.

If possible, choose the right place for engaging peacefulness and nature, and you will be able to focus on proper breathing for bringing clarity to your mind.

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4. Breathing Exercises Help In Creativity

benefits of breathing exercises

By breathing deeply, you will be relaxed for increasing intuition and creativity. You can practice breathing techniques while meditating. This will help you relax the mind and body totally.

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5. Breathing Aids In Relieving Pain

benefits of breathing exercises

Next to great benefits of breathing exercises, they are very beneficial for pain relief. Do you know that your stress, your anxiety can cause your muscle pain, join pain and headaches? As you practice proper breathing techniques, you can naturally get rid of body pain and aches. Studies show that proper breathing exercises can handle these problems well. Believe or not believe, next time when you have headaches, try doing once and see!

6. Breathing Techniques Help Massage The Body Organs

benefits of breathing exercises

Yes! Deep breathing can do greater than eliminating your pain. Besides, it can help “massage your organs such as pancreas, liver, small intestine and stomach. Also, when breathing, the upper movement of diaphragm massages your heart. And when you breathe in, the diaphragm will descend and the abdomen will expand. Moreover, proper breathing can help strengthen as well as tone abdominal muscles.

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7. Breathing Aids In Increasing Muscle

benefits of breathing exercises

When it comes to benefits of breathing exercises, get clear that all exercises work to certain muscles and breathing exercises can help increase your abs as if you are following a strength workout routine, especially, when you use breathing techniques in yoga and other exercises.

8. Breathing Assists The Immune System

benefits of breathing exercises

By practicing breathing exercise, oxygen will travel through the bloodstream by attaching to the haemoglobin molecule in red blood cells. In turn enriching the body to metabolize vitamins and nutrients for your strengthened immune system.

9. Breathing Helps Improve Posture

benefits of breathing exercises

Do you believe that breathing can affect your posture? In fact, this can occur for encouraging your good posture when you practice proper deep breathing techniques in a sustained period of time. However, bad body posture may result of your incorrect breathing techniques. Hence, it’s an important process to get your posture early if you are aware of the role of breathing in your posture forming.

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10. Breathing Exercises Help Improve The Blood Quality

benefits of breathing exercises

Blood quality can be improved thanks to a proper diet, also breathing can physically affect the quality of blood? How? Scientifically, deep breathing helps remove carbon dioxide, while increasing oxygen in blood, thereby increasing the blood quality.

11. Breathing Exercises Support The Digestive System

benefits of breathing exercises

Next to benefits of breathing exercises, they are also very effective to support the digestion. When you practice deep breathing, your digestive organs like stomach will receive amounts of oxygen, thereby your digestion can operate more effectively. Also, the digestive system is further boosted by the fact that foods are oxygenated more.

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12. Breathing Helps Improve The Nervous System

benefits of breathing exercises

The nerves, brain and spinal cord will receive more oxygen and they will be more nourished when you practice deep breathing techniques. This helps improve the function of the entire body, as the nervous system works to communicate to all the body parts.

13. Breathing Helps Create More Self-Love

benefits of breathing exercises

 It’s true! Deep breathing can relax your body, thereby lowering the feeling of stress. Also, it can help release the happy endorphin hormone that aids in creating an easy sleep, a natural high, self-love and more awareness to a healthier life.

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14. Breathing Makes The Heart Stronger

benefits of breathing exercises

Next to great benefits of breathing exercises, they can help reduce workload on your heart in 2 ways. First, breathing leads to your efficient lungs that mean more oxygen amount is brought to contact with the blood sent to your lungs by your heart. So, your heart avoids working hard to deliver more oxygen to tissues. Second, breathing helps in a better pressure differential in your lungs that is increase blood circulation, thereby resting your heart a little.

15. Breathing Aids In Weight Control

benefits of breathing exercises

Do you believe you can lose weight by simple breathing exercises? If you have excessive weight, extra oxygen in your body can help burn up your excess fat efficiently. Do you believe you can gain weight with proper breathing techniques? Yes! You are able as when you’re underweight, extra oxygen will feed your starving glands and tissues for your healthy weight gain.

Bottom line:

In this article, you’ve discover top 15 benefits of breathing exercises for stress relief and health. Hope that you will be aware of the importance of proper breathing for your stress management and health improvement. Thanks for reading the entire writing and see you in the next posts!

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