17 Best Natural Solutions Of Treatment For Metabolic Syndrome

natural treatment for metabolic syndrome

Have you ever heard about metabolic syndrome? Metabolic syndrome is a complicated condition which is able to take on a lot of different forms although it does not have a detailed definition. It also describes a clustering of various different conditions like high blood pressure, high plasma glucose, high cholesterol, and obesity. In addition, not all of them need presenting for somebody who is diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. However, some combination may be present. And the syndrome is said to be caused by the inappropriate utilization or storage of the energy. That is mostly handled by the “metabolism” of the body. Besides that, this syndrome can be caused by the chronic inflammation, fatty liver, overweight, as well as a sedentary lifestyle. Furthermore, there are some symptoms which can be seen in those people with metabolic syndrome. And this syndrome is usually associated with diabetes and cardiovascular issues. In order to find a treatment for metabolic syndrome, doctors will suggest changing the lifestyle first. Not only changing the lifestyle, natural as well as herbal remedies can also be used to treat this disease. Now let’s find out what are the treatment for metabolic syndrome on our page VKool.com

17 Best Natural Solutions Of Treatment For Metabolic Syndrome

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

treatment for metabolic syndrome - apple cider vinegar

The first and the best treatment for metabolic syndrome is the apple cider vinegar. This remedy has been being used since a lot of people are trying to maintain their hormones, metabolism, and insulin levels; cleanse their body along with dealing with weight issues. Apple cider vinegar is also shown to speed up the process of losing the weight as well as make the metabolism work effectively, especially when it is combined with baking soda, together with exercises. In case, you are at high risk of suffering from metabolic syndrome, it will be a good idea to add apple cider vinegar to the daily diet.

Besides that, you can use apple cider vinegar as the detailed direction below:

  • Firstly, take one or two teaspoons of raw apple cider vinegar
  • Then add to a glass of water
  • Next, mix them well together
  • Finally, drink this solution
  • Follow this remedy every day.

When you get used to drinking this solution of treatment for metabolic syndrome, you can increase the amount of raw apple cider vinegar to 2 teaspoons every day.

2. Spinach

Research has shown that carotenoids are very effective in reducing a lot of symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Just like antioxidants, carotenoids can neutralize free radical, which is able to cause cell mutations as well as speed the development of chronic conditions up, consisting of metabolic disorders, high blood sugar, and excess visceral fat deposits. Furthermore, spinach is said to be one of the richest sources of carotenoids. Therefore, adding spinach to your diet is able to help in keeping your body free of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

3. Kudzu

If you want to find a treatment for metabolic syndrome, the kudzu herb will be one of the best solutions for you although this herb is not a popular thing which can be found in the spice rack. According to the results of some trials, they have found that kudzu can help to decrease the weight gain, optimize the metabolism, drop high blood pressure, as well as lower blood sugar levels. Therefore, you ought to use this herb to treat this disease.

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4. Giving Up Smoking

treatment for metabolic syndrome - giving up smoking

As mentioned above, a treatment which is also suggested is changing the lifestyle. And giving up smoking is one of the important things which you ought to do in order to change your lifestyle because smoking is the most addictive and toxic habits which you may have. That can seriously impact your body. It may make you less physically able, which can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. It also pours carcinogens into the body. Therefore, when you smoke, it may raise the chance of cancer and chronic disease. In addition, it can cause higher blood pressure. So now, if you give up smoking, you will have a lower risk of developing metabolic syndrome

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is said to be a wonderful antioxidant, which makes it become desirable for skin care as well as a good treatment for metabolic syndrome. Coconut oil in the small quantities is also known to improve the insulin resistance of the body; therefore, it can lower the chance of the development of diabetes which is one of the serious cornerstones of metabolic syndrome.

6. Lowering Stress Level

Another treatment for metabolic syndrome is to lower the stress level. As you know, excess stress on your body means the chronic stress hormones. That may create the destruction of your metabolism, energy levels, system, and overall health. So now what you need to do is to try doing yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy or changing your working habits.

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7. Doing Exercises Regularly

Because metabolic syndrome is very close related to obesity, physical fitness, diabetes, as well as visceral fat, doing exercises regularly can be a key component of the treatment for metabolic syndrome. Now what you need to do is do exercises about 4 or 5 times per week. It is very important for the cardiovascular system. Additionally, it will help in burning fat along with reducing adipose fat deposits.

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8. Cayenne Pepper

treatment for metabolic syndrome - cayenne pepper

A different treatment for metabolic syndrome is the cayenne pepper. As you can see, when you have a meal, your body goes through an insulin surge since it starts breaking the simple sugars down and administer the energy. Nevertheless, for those people who are suffering from diabetes, glucose and insulin rise and fall may be pretty dangerous because the uptake of glucose of the body doesn’t happen properly. In that case, cayenne pepper can reduce the amount of insulin which is provided your body with a smooth form of digestion as well as energy storage. That’s why it can prevent the spikes and diabetes drops. Or in other words, it can help to treat metabolic syndrome indirectly.

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9. Sleeping More

Changing lifestyle is a good treatment for metabolic syndrome. And sleeping more is also a good thing in order to get the healthy lifestyle. Additionally, if you suffer from insomnia or you have only a little time to sleep at night, it can seriously promote your chances of getting metabolic syndrome. As you can see, your body needs time to repair itself and rest. That means you ought to get an appropriate amount of sleeping every night. What can happen with your metabolism as well as organ system and how can you expect them to keep up if you don’t spend time for your body on fixing itself?

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10. Grape Seed Extract

As you know, high blood pressure is also considered as one of the main reasons which may cause metabolic syndrome. And there is one natural remedy which can be used to lower high blood pressure. That is grape seed extract although it is not a common name on the list of home remedies. Thanks to the blood pressure – reducing properties found in grape seed extract, it help to put less strain on your heart and let your body have a rest. Therefore, why don’t you add grape seed extract as treatment for metabolic syndrome to your daily diet?

11. Eliminating Sugar

There is no doubt that sugar can be one of the largest problems for metabolic syndrome which can be seen to speed this process of the condition. Plus, sugar can lead to blood pressure issues, diabetes, obesity, together with high cholesterol levels. So now, you ought to cut out as much sugar as you can. It will help you to get treatment for metabolic syndrome. And remember to cut out both sugar substitutes and artificial sugar.

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12. Cinnamon

treatment for metabolic syndrome - cinnamon

If you are looking for a natural treatment for metabolic syndrome, why don’t you try using cinnamon? Just like cayenne pepper, cinnamon is also efficiency when it comes to promoting insulin sensitivity. Cinnamon contains some of the flavonoids which can imitate the insulin effects; therefore, it can help to lower fasting blood glucose levels, together with preventing the serious spikes and drops which diabetics may experience. From all the reasons which are mentioned above, you had better add cinnamon to your diet every day. It is a preventative method as well as a wonderful treatment for metabolic syndrome.

13. Have A Healthy Diet

Having a healthy diet is also a good treatment for metabolic syndrome. You ought to have a diet which is rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. Remember that your diet ought to have low – fat or fat – free dairy products. In addition, you ought to avoid eating processed food which usually consists of incompletely hydrogenated vegetable oils or eating food which is high sugar or salt. You also need to pay attention that you had better begin your day with a healthy breakfast. One more important thing is that you need to stay away from eating fast food or unhealthy junk food.

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14. Vitamin D

One more effective treatment for metabolic syndrome is vitamin D. According to some studies, they have shown that low vitamin D level will lead to fat accumulation. As a result, it can raise the chances to get metabolic syndrome. Besides that, vitamin D can help to boost the intestinal absorption of iron, phosphate, magnesium, zinc, as well as calcium which are very important for your health.

In order to increase the vitamin D level, you can eat more food which contains vitamin D such as eggs, fortified milk or fatty fish. Plus, you can consume vitamin D supplements after you ask the doctor for the advice. Simply, you can expose the body to the early morning from 10 to 15 minutes every day so that it can help your body to produce vitamin D.

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15. Limiting Alcohol Intake

treatment for metabolic syndrome - limiting alcohol intake

Another treatment for metabolic syndrome is to limit alcohol intake. This will also help you to have a good health. If you drink too much alcohol, you can increase the chance to raise the blood pressure level as well as triglyceride level. Moreover, it can add extra calories to your diet, which may make you gain weight. However, we can deny that alcohol can also have some benefits. That’s why it is suggested that men ought to have two drinks including alcohol a day; meanwhile, women ought to have only one drink including alcohol a day. One drink means 5 ounces of wine, 12 ounces of beer and 15 ounces of liquor

16. Ginger

Ginger contains thermogenic qualities. That means when you consume ginger, it can increase your body temperature slightly. As you know, there is a relationship between your weight and your metabolic syndrome. This will help to treat metabolic syndrome as well because you eat less along with burning calories quicker after you consume ginger. Therefore, you ought to add ginger to your diet or drink ginger tea. Do you know how to make ginger tea? Here is the detailed instruction for you to make it:

  • Firstly, take a teaspoon of chopped ginger root
  • Then add it to a cup of boiling water
  • Next, cover it
  • Now leave it on for about 10 or 15 minutes
  • After that, strain this tea and add a little honey if you want
  • Finally, slow sip this tea

You ought to repeat this process of treatment for metabolic syndrome two or three times a day daily. Consuming ginger supplements is also a wonderful idea for you. But remember to consult the doctor’s advice first.

17. Maca Root

If you are looking for a natural treatment for metabolic syndrome, maca root is also mentioned. It is able to increase the glutathione levels in your body. That not only improves the immune system, together with disease resistance but also helps in balancing appropriate levels of cholesterol in your body as well. Besides that, it can significantly improve glucose tolerance by reducing the levels of glucose in your blood, which can promote the heart health and conditions such as metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

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That is all about the article Top 17 best natural treatment for metabolic syndrome. After you read our article, we hope that you can seek the most suitable and the best natural treatment for metabolic syndrome. And if one remedy can’t help you to get rid of this disease, just combine some treatments together. However, this article is only for the informative aim. So before you apply one of the treatment for metabolic syndrome which are mentioned above, you ought to ask the doctor for his or her advice first. If you want to know more information about this condition or the different conditions, can you spend a little time on visiting our main page Health? In addition, if you have any questions or you know more treatments, please let us know by leaving us a message or a comment below. We promise we will response it as soon as we can.

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