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Glucerna Shake is a premade drink designed to power you through the day. This product is specifically designed for people with diabetes—both Type 1 and Type 2. The shakes are low in sugar and calories and come with a high protein content.

According to Abbott Labs, who make this product, Glucerna Shakes may be used as part of a weight and blood sugar management program. The main ingredients are diabetes friendly, but beyond that, is Glucerna a good option as compared to other weight loss shakes? Keep reading to see what we’ve learned about this product.

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Glucerna Shake Overview

Glucerna Shake isn’t exactly designed as a weight loss tool. The shake may be used as a meal replacement option, a snack, or as part of a diabetes management plan.

For example, the Glucerna website mentions that Glucerna Shakes may be used as a way to make up for a skipped meal or as a convenient alternative to the unhealthy choices we often make when we’re in a hurry. Shakes have also been used to replace a meal to support a weight loss plan.

According to the official website, Glucerna Shake has a low glycemic index, 27 grams of protein per serving, and works to enable fast weight loss. One thing we noticed right away is, the makers of Glucerna Shake reference a number of scientific data points, but talk about them in vague terms. For example, there’s a lot of “science say this,” but they don’t bother to explain how their product is backed by science to the person visiting the website.

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Glucerna Shake Claims

Glucerna Shake claims to help diabetics receive the nutrients they need in a convenient manner. For example, the shake offers protein and amino acids, without all the sugar you’ll typically find in competing products.

The shakes contain 180 calories, 15 grams of protein, and 138mg of choline. Additionally, the shakes feature a patented ingredient known as CARBSTEADY, which is a blend of slow-release carbs which help avoid blood sugar spikes.

The hunger management shakes (they make several different diabetes management shakes) were designed to replace one meal per day and market this as a replacement for your usual convenient fast food breakfast. Unfortunately, it’s hard to evaluate the claims made by this company, as they don’t clearly list the ingredients for consumers to view before making a purchase.

When you have a health condition like diabetes, looking at ingredient labels is critical. While Abbott Laboratories is a major pharmaceutical company, we do wish they were a bit more transparent in what they are offering to consumers with dietary restrictions.

That said, this product is a convenient meal replacement option for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes—and it’s well-reviewed and relatively affordable.

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Glucerna Shake Ingredients

The official website goes really heavy on claims, but doesn’t clearly list an ingredient label where potential buyers can look at the ingredients and make their own judgements on whether this product even makes sense as a weight loss tool. Below, we’ve included a list of items rattled off on the website, but we can’t be sure there are not additional elements included in this formula.

After a bit of digging, we found a label (it should not be that hard!) and Glucerna products contain a lot of processed ingredients. You’ll find that these items do contain a lot of vitamins and protein, but they use milk protein concentrate instead of whey, and include a variety of filler ingredients, corn products, and artificial colors and flavors. It would be nice if we could collectively move away from unnecessary dyes in the future—as they add no nutritional value to the mix.

We like that this product contains slow-release carbohydrates and that the product is low-glycemic.

But beyond that, there’s no reason for there to be corn oil or Red 3 in the mix. And, the drink still contains six grams of sugar per serving—which, frankly, seems a bit high—low-glycemic or not.

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The Science Behind Glucerna Shake

One thing we did really like about this formula is that it is a well-researched drink, made for use by medical professionals. What we don’t like is, the product is made from a whole host of “unnatural” ingredients including artificial colors, flavors, and filler ingredients.

Glucerna brings up the issue of fortified products versus those that are made from “real food” ingredients. This product has undergone studies and really does seem to have a positive effect on blood sugar levels in diabetes patients.

Abbott Laboratories has had this product tested in outside scenarios.

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Word on the Street about Glucerna Shake

Glucerna Shake is a widely sold dietary aid. This product is available on sites like Amazon, Walmart, and more, as well as directly from the manufacturer. Because of the high visibility, there are several reviews outlining how this product works, as well as how it tastes.

According to one customer, “I have diabetes and usually have no appetite in the morning. This product has allowed me to start my day with some nutrients without feeling nauseated.

The product has decent reviews in terms of flavor. The chocolate could use some improvement, according to several consumers on Amazon, but in general, most of the users liked the taste of the strawberry and vanilla.

That said, we didn’t really see any mentions of whether or not this is a good tool for helping people lose weight. It seems that the shake is a convenient breakfast item for diabetics and most users purchased for on-the-go ease of use.

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Is Glucerna Shake Worth a Try?

Glucerna Shake may be marketed as a viable option for people with diabetes, but we’re not totally sold on its virtues. Yes, it’s low-glycemic, and the CARBSTEADY patented slow-release carbs are a welcome addition, but this product seems heavily processed.

There are a ton of filler ingredients and we’re not sure that the quality of protein is as good as whey or non-GMO plant proteins.

If you are diabetic and your doctor has recommended Glucerna, then by all means, make the purchase. However, if you’re looking for an effective weight loss shake, this one is not the highest quality option nor the lowest calorie shake. It’s a convenience product aimed at making life easier for diabetics who might not have the time to consider everything they put into their bodies.

Glucerna has enough calories to replace your usual breakfast or lunch. And of course, you don’t have to have diabetes to give this product a try. It’s available at Walmart, Amazon, and from the Abbott Laboratories’ site itself.

In the end, we’d advise seeking out a product that contains an appetite suppressing fiber, as well as a high quality protein and minimal sugar. Glucerna might help you cut calories and get some vitamins and protein in the process, but the formula leaves much to be desired. It would be nice to see a similar product with a more natural ingredient profile, but diabetic users seem to appreciate the convenience.

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Glucerna Shake FAQs

  1. Do Glucerna Shakes work for weight loss?
    Glucerna does not contain any ingredients that are directly associated with weight-loss. There’s a chance it may help reduce appetite, due to the protein content, but that’s not the focus of the formula.
    That said, any shake, bar, or packaged food item provides a calorie count, which makes it easier to help users keep track of what they are consuming. So, with that in mind, Glucerna Shakes may well help some people manage their weight.
  2. Where can I buy Glucerna Shake?
    Glucerna Shake is available from the manufacturer’s official store, Abbott Store. You can buy the product in 24-packs at $45.99 a piece. Additionally, this product is available both online and in stores from retailers like Amazon, Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Target, and more.

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