How To Develop Emotional Intelligence – 11 Tips To Act Now!

develop emotional intelligence

In recent days, emotional intelligence – also referred to as EQ is extremely critical that it accounts for about 60 percent of performance in all types of jobs. The workplace need no longer linger in darkness regarding the factors leading to great performance. The more attention you pay to your own emotional intelligence skills, the greater success you will get in your career and life. Developing EI will take time, yet will lead to sustainable behavior changes. By this way, you can improve the way of managing yourself and the way of working with others. This article will focus on some critical aspects of emotional intelligence, not all. The tips contained in this writing are aimed mostly at improving the following set of talents. Here they are:

How To Develop Emotional Intelligence – Top 11 Tips You Must Know

1.Understand The Role Of Emotional Intelligence (EI)

First and foremost, to improve your emotional intelligence, you need to know its role in daily life. Once you can do that, then try to realize how strongly helpful and wonderful it would be to control and evaluate feelings, and to master the possibility to perceive. Controlling well the emotions and feelings will be not only helpful for your career but also for your life and your relationships. No matter you were not born with a high emotional intelligence coefficient, you can still practice with a bit of hard work. After that, you will be more pleased with the results!

how to develop emotional intelligence in children

2. Self-Awareness 

You need to know how your thoughts impact your emotions, and how your emotions affect your actions. So, you had better start from self-awareness. This is the key to start to shift your energy and develop EI. When you do anything, just pay attention to how you react to situations surrounding and what thoughts are going through the head when you do it. If there is someone cutting off you on the road, your thought is “what an idiot”, and then you tend to become anger. Instead, you can think that “wow, she or he must be very hurry to get someone”. As you do this, you emotion would most likely positive and totally different. Once you become self-awareness, you can address what triggers your feelings.

3. Self-Regulation And Self-Evaluation 

This is the ability to control emotions as well as impulses. Those people who can self-regulate do not allow themselves to become too jealous and angry. Also, they do not make careless and impulsive decisions. So, you need to think carefully before taking action in order to establish the characteristics of thoughtfulness, comfort with change, integrity, and the ability to say no.

how to develop emotional intelligence skillsBesides, you need to identify your own weaknesses, examine how you react to stressful situation, how your actions impact others and take responsibilities for your actions. Some people usually think that they are excellent at everything and other often under-estimate their strengths. This is because they are guided by their emotional knowledge that they might not be aware of.

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4. Empathy

This is considered as the critical tip on how to develop emotional intelligence. Empathy is the ability to recognize and understand the demands, wants, and viewpoints of those people who are living around you. If you want to become a person who is good at empathy, you need to put yourself in the shoes of others. Everyone sees the world in different and various ways, and everything that person does and says can make sense from their viewpoint, but it makes non sense to you. To be an empathetic person, it is necessary for you to identify the emotions and feelings of others, even with the feelings that seem to be vague. Once you control this ability, you will become an empathetic person and be able to manage relationships in their career and life. Practice empathy on friends and peers. All above, you should not stereotype and judge others too rapidly.

5. Use Your Verbal Intelligence To Express Your Thoughts And Feelings 

This factor gets involved in writing, reading, speaking, and conversing. So, how you can exercise and develop this aspect? By learning a certain new language, reading interesting books, listening to recordings, using a computer, playing word games, or joining in discussions and conversation online, you can enhance your verbal intelligence. Take an example to see how one of these activities can help you boost your EI. Learning a new language means that you can see the world with a new way. There are some expressions and conceptions that just appear in a certain language while do not appear in others.

Knowing how to express your feelings can assist you in managing your emotions. Of course, you can. If you bottle everything up and hire your thoughts and feeling with others, you will make a very lonely life. So, just open your mind and start sharing your beliefs, and feeling with people around.

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how to develop emotional intelligence pdf

6. Logical Intelligence

One of common ways on how to develop emotional intelligence that most experts recommend people to consolidate is logical intelligence. This involves recognizing patterns and relationships, computing and numbering skills timelines and order, and the ability to deal with various types of problems relating to logic. You could exercise it by sequencing and classifying activities, playing logic and number games, or solving different kinds of puzzles. For instance, you can do Sudoku a little each day to improve your logical intelligence.

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7.  Be Socially Responsible

how to develop emotional intelligence in kids

This is one of the highest levels of emotional experience. It illustrates that you actually care about others, especially those less fortunate. There are some layers of social responsibility that depend on the contribution you give to others. You can serve on a board, be a volunteer worker, or participate in any of a number of ways. By this way, you are increasing your social responsibility effectively.

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8.  Be Open-Minded And Curious

This is one of the simplest and easiest tips on how to develop emotional intelligence

That you can apply to boost your EI. Always being open-minded and curious will help you get closer to others. Be open with new ideas instead of maintaining a narrow mind which is associated with a low emotional intelligence. Try to feed your intellectual curiosity with the suitable “food”. You are going to see positive changes in no time.

9. Be Optimistic 

If you are a pessimistic, you always see everything with sadness and boringness. In contrary, if you are an optimistic person who always sees the beauty in everything, you will feel happier. This is the result of an open-mind. Therefore, try to eliminate all of the negative thoughts out of your mind and start working on optimism level from now. Everyone all wants to be around people with optimism rather than those with pessimistic. Obviously, you will not be an exception. Just identify your qualities, and appreciate them with a proud attitude. Here are some ways that help you practice your EI: 

  • Try to appreciate your good features
  • Identify the good in others
  • Make the best out of hard situation
  • Make use of hardships as a fuel of to development
  • Develop the sense of humor and learn to see the benefits and lighter side of difficulties.

how to develop emotional intelligence in the workplace

10. Just Be More Rational

When it comes to EI, people usually think of feelings and sometimes, they over-do everything. Analyze your emotions and feelings, acknowledge them and understand their causes and their triggers. However do not over-analyze them because you may have to spend a lot of time, effort and energy on it.  Always try to balance between emotional and rational thoughts for controlling your life efficiently.  

11. Change Your Mood And Do Something Different 

The majority of people usually see that moods are likely a storm; all they can do is waiting until they pass. Nevertheless, unlike climatic storms that we hardly change anything, with the mood storm, we can influence, even change the moods without consuming any unhealthy means like alcohol or drugs. One way to alter your mood is to immediately do something else. If you feel cross, consciously concentrate on things in your life for which you can feel grateful. The important thing is just to think or do something different in a different way. The best and most rapid way to do this may be simply imagine not in feeling the way you are feeling. This will, at the very least, balance the bad mood and might even put you in a good mood. Just give it a try and you will see incredible result in little time.

So, these were some tips on how to develop emotional intelligence. Hope you have learned something new! Well, learning how to develop emotional intelligence requires much effort and patience, and keeping it simple and innocent is the key to make it successful.
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If you are looking for a quick guide that shows you how to develop your emotional intelligence and start applying it, you should read the Emotional Intelligence book

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