Natural & Quick Hair Straightening Tips At Home Are Revealed

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When it comes to beauty, there are several things more covetable than sleek, long, shiny, straight hair. Many women would love to have smooth, straight hair, yet a lot of them who try to gain that on their own ended up making their hair look worse! Check out top hair straightening mistakes and natural, quick hair straightening tips at home collected by to get straight hair without heat damage. Chủ đề tip để làm thẳng tóc tại nhà

I. Hair Straightening Tips – 9 Common Hair Straightening Mistakes

1. You Are Not Beginning In The Shower 

you are not beginning in the shower download

It is necessary to get one thing clear here: no conditioner or shampoo can give you straight hair. However, those hair care items labeled “Smoothing” might help prepare your strands for the process of straightening by supplying main moisture. Therefore, you should take a paddle brush to comb the conditioner through. After that, rinse the hair with water gently. When you are out of the shower, avoid toweling like crazy as it might increase natural curl. Rather than, you should pat the hair downwards gently.

2. The Blow-Dryer Is In Wrong Direction

the blow-dryer is in wrong direction download

Did you know that blow-dryers are considered as one of the most damaging things to the hair? Thus, if you use a dryer out of the shower, it is suggested that you should dry till it is about 80% finished. The next 20% depends on you: you could apply your product (commercial or natural) then let it air dry, or, blow it out smooth to get the best result. That way, it will give your hair more shape and direction.

3. Sizzle Is Your Enemy

sizzle is your enemy

If you hear the sizzle or your see the steam, then you need to stop and evaluate the condition. The hair should be bone dry upon straightening. Once you are sure that your hair is dry, it might be that product build-up is the cause of that condition. In such case, the product you use before you flatiron should be selected carefully. Avoid applying anything to your dry hair, which is what makes straightening different than curling or any other kinds of hair styling. As the iron will clamp down on your hair, so the product will go nowhere except for your own hair. You are boiling the hair care product into your follicle, which is not a good idea, particularly when it includes alcohol.

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4. Fail To Use Heat Protection Spray

fail to use heat protection spray download

Whether it is forgetting to purchase it or skipping using it as “it will not matter just the once”, you are all guilty. Using flat irons without it protection spray could be really damaging to your own hair due to the amount of heat they generate. Therefore, you should make sure that you resort a good quality spray and apply a few minutes before using straighteners in order to prepare your hair the best possible.

5. Use The Lowest Heat Setting As It Is Better For The Hairuse the lowest heat setting as it is better for the hair downloadIf you think that the lowest setting of heat will reduce the damage caused to your hair while straightening, then you might be wrong. In fact, it enhances the amount of time that it takes to straightening the hair, thereby creating more damage to your hair. Nevertheless, using too much eat will result in irreparable damage. Generally, if your hair is good, it is better on a lower setting, about below 300 degrees. Yet, if your hair is curly or thick, you could use a higher temperature from 350 to 400 degrees.

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6. Use Straighteners On Wet Or Damp Hair 

use straighteners on wet or damp hair download

You had better never use the flat iron on the hair which is wet or damp because it might damage the strands and the hair will appear frizzy. Make sure that you let your hair dry first, and then let it dry for about 5 minutes before straightening the hair.

7. You Are Over-Straightening 

you are over-straightening download

Many people are failing to the “10-times over” straightening technique. While you might think that you are securing the hair into such a permanent stake of “sleek”, what you really do is breaking down your strands’ structure and causing frizzy. The tip here is to take the tool down the hair once, yet slowly. By this way, you will ensure the least-damaging, most effective result.

8. You Do Not Add Volume

you do not add volume download

Oftentimes, straightening hair could leave it looking limp and flat. Actually, the reason behind this is that you are pulling your straightening tool on the vertical angle, throughout from root to tip, and your hair hangs accordingly. In this case, the best tip for rocking your straight hair and not compromising on volume is straightening the hair on one angle right from the root. Begin with the root of your hair and pull the strands forwards, over the shoulder and then release. By changing the direction, you can give the hair natural movement, whilst still looking sleek.

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9. You Are Not Dividing The Hair 

you are not dividing the hair download

It might sound contrary to reason, yet the more you take time to divide the hair into parts when straightening it, the faster you will be done. Why? When deciding that the easiest path for hair straightening is one large chunk at a time, you might forget that your tool of flat iron might not be up for it. Actually, the heat could not be evenly distributed throughout large chunks of hair and as a result, you might be tempted to pass the tool through them for a few times. This will damage the hair and it will not contribute to you achieving a nice result. Though it can take from your some additional seconds to divide the hair in many sections, the whole hair straightening process will be shortened and a lot more satisfactory.

II. Hair Straightening Tips – 7 Natural And Quick Ways To Straighten Hair At Home

1. Coconut Milk And Lemon Juice 

coconut milk and lemon juice download

The combination of coconut milk and lemon juice are really a good idea to straighten hair at home. This can work as a cream conditioner and help in straightening the hair. What you need to do is to mix lemon juice and coconut milk with the same amount each one. Then, apply the cream onto your hair, which is washed with tepid water previously. Repeat this method twice per week to get good results.

2. Honey And Milk

honey and milk

Honey and milk also work as a natural straightener. Just simply take one cup of milk, then add 2 tablespoons of honey to that cup. Also, add some freshly mashed strawberries into the mixture. Now, put it onto your hair, wait for 2 hours or so before rinsing it thoroughly with the mild shampoo.

3. Olive Oil And Eggs

olive oil and eggs download

Use 2 eggs and then add olive oil. Mix them well together. Then, massage scalp with the solution and wait for 1 hour before rinsing it off. This will not only straighten the hair, but also soften and condition your hair in such all-natural ways.

4. Castor Oil

Castor oil

When it comes to natural hair straightening tips at home, castor oil could not be overlooked. What you need to do is to take castor oil and then heat it. Whilst the oil is still warm, you apply it onto your scalp, start massaging gently. Now, wrap the hair with a towel which is soaked in the warm water. After about 30 minutes, you wash the hair off. By this way, you can straighten the hair naturally.

5. Egg Mask And Rice Flour 

egg mask and rice flour download

Combine an egg white with 5 tablespoons of rice flour, plus with 1 cup of fuller’s earth. After mixing them well, you apply the mixture to the hair. Now, comb the hair and wait for about 1 hour before rinsing it off thoroughly with your favorite shampoo. Do this routine once per week, for several months to get good effects.

6. Banana Hair Mask

banana hair mask download

In order to make use of banana to straighten your hair, just simply take about 2 overripe bananas to mash them up using a fork. Then, put 2 tablespoons each of natural yogurt, honey, and olive oil in the mashed bananas. After that, you mix them till you get a fine paste. Now, apply that paste onto the hair and wrap the head with a shower cap. After about 30 minutes, you wash it off with cold water. The ingredients in this hair mask will make your hair shiny, healthy, and straight.

7. Milk Hair Mask 

milk hair mask

This is one of the most common hair straightening tips that you can make use of right instantly. Fill a proper amount of milk into a spray bottle. Gently comb your hair after shampooing. After that, you spray the milk onto your hair. Wait for about 30 minutes before rinsing it off. Spray your perfume on the comb to comb your wet hair with it. As a result, your hair will not have the smell of milk. Nevertheless, you should not use too much perfume because it includes alcohol which dries the strands.

8. Vinegar


Using vinegar can also help you get straight hair naturally. To make use of this benefit, you wash the hair first, and then add several drops of vinegar into a water-filled mug. Rinse the strands with this. After that, you rinse the hair off with clean water. Thanks to the effect of vinegar, your strands will be straight and get additional sleeky shine.

Whether your desired hair style is straight or curl, you might want to protect your hair, right? If so, do not skip these useful tips to get the hair style your want while still keeping it healthy.

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