Best Natural Ways To Thicken Hair – 6 Useful Tips

natural ways to thicken hair

Women always want to have nice, thick, healthy and shiny hair, but there are many physical, climate factors which cause hair loss and thin hair, making it no longer thick and silky. To help women get thicker and stronger hair, I have studied the physical and other factors which affect the hair so I can help you take suitable measures to get nice, thick, healthy and shiny hair within a very short time period.
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With the following hair care methods from the inside out, you will have smooth, shiny hair within the fastest time.

Natural Ways To Thicken Hair – Best Ways Ever:

If your hair grows slowly, and you want to get your hair growing faster to change your own hairstyle, you should refer to some formulas which can help your hair grow faster without the need to spend much money and time as you can make some natural hair care products yourself at home. It will not be very difficult to find materials that are safe and effective to use at all.

Let’s see how the hair grows faster with the natural tips I am releasing below to help you regain the smooth and seductive beauty of your hair, giving you the confidence you always want.

1. Egg, Yogurt, Mayonnaise: 

ways to thicken hair

This is the first of the best ways to thicken hair that I would like to show my readers through this article.

How To Make:

Whip 1 egg, continue to pour in 1/4 carton of yogurt and 1/4 small cup of mayonnaise and mix them well. Use this mixture to apply evenly onto your hair and gently massage the hair. Cover your hair with a plastic cap to avoid dripping in about 1 hour. Rinse it off with cold water and shampoo.

How To Apply: 

Apply this tip 1 time a week so that your hair  will be supplied with fat, and it will grow faster.

2. Onion Juice With Honey: 

ways to thicken hair

How To Make:

(This will make you a little bit uncomfortable)

You will need to take about 2 small cups of onion juice. Mix 2 teaspoons of honey together with the onion juice. You can apply this mixture onto your hair or the thin hair areas. Keep the mixture on your hair overnight with a towel or a plastic cap covering it, and wash it next morning with cold water and shampoo. You can also add 1-2 drops of aromatic essential oil if you want to give your hair a greater fragrance.

In fact, this is also one of the best ways to thicken hair that people should not look down and miss. In contrast, if you have time, you should apply this tip in a regular basis.
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How To Apply:

Apply this tip 1 – 3 times a week so that your hair will grow faster and your hair will be thicker fast.

3. Use Hair Growth Capsules: 

ways to thicken hair

If your hair grows quite slowly, it is partly due to not being sufficiently supplied with essential nutrients to stimulate the hair follicles, which help the hair grow faster. Combining some hair care methods using natural ingredients with consuming hair growth capsules will help you quickly reduce the amount of hair loss and stimulate hair growth quickly. Hair growth capsules with the supply of energy to the hair follicles will help to nourish your hair from deep inside, stimulating hair grow really fast.
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Using this product on a regular basis, you will feel the great results on your improved hair growth.

4. Coconut Oil, Lemon Juice – Easy To Apply:

ways to thicken hair

How To Make:

Mix lemon juice and coconut oil in the ratio 1: 2. Use this mixture to massage the scalp and leave it stay overnight. Rinse it off with clean water to finish.

How To Apply:

You should apply this method once a week to bring about bright hair color and also effectively deal with dandruff.

5. Vitamin E, Essential Oil: 

ways to thicken hair

How To Make:

Mix 1 small cup of vitamin E (you can buy vitamin E capsules and get the liquid inside), 1/4 cup of jojoba oil, 15 drops of peppermint oil, and 5 drops of rosemary oil. Put all these ingredients in a small bottle, close the lid, and shake it well to use for many times. Use this mixture to apply onto your scalp, gently rub and massage your hair before bedtime.
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Leave the mixture overnight and wash your hair with shampoo next morning.

How To Apply:

You should apply this method 2 to 3 times a week to increase essences and improve hair breakage.

6. Regularly Use Shampoo For Hair Loss:

ways to thicken hair

The last but not least out of the best ways to thicken hair I would like to show you in this article is very simple. The reason for your hair’s slow growth and thinning look is due to hair loss, so what you need to do to deal with this situation is using a hair loss shampoo

One of the most popular methods which are widely used to improve the hair loss condition is the frequent use of shampoo for hair loss to help your hair grow faster and thicker simply and effectively.

Shampoo for hair loss will promptly take a deep impact on the root of your hair and scalp, helping the scalp stay clean with healthy roots, thereby overcoming the hair loss condition.

For good, you should use shampoo for hair loss regularly, and your hair will be thicker and longer noticeably!

This is the list of 6 best ways to thicken hair naturally for people at all ages so that every reader of can learn and apply these tips to keep their hair always looks healthy, strong, shiny, and wonderful.

If you think that the list of natural ways to thicken hair I mentioned above is exactly what you are looking for, and if you think that this list is also good for other people you know who want to thicken their thin hair, feel free to share this list with them and show me what your think about this article.

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