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We all love travelling as well as seeing new places. Nevertheless, if you love travel but you hate flying, then you are not alone. There are a large number of people all over the world suffer from some forms of flight anxiety. People with a fear of flying usually fear the build up to taking a flight. Even though you have heard that flying is considered as the safest form of transport, you still fill up with dread at the thought of flying.  No matter why you are afraid of flying, there are still some certain tips you can take to lessen your fear. This article is designed to help “fearful fliers” calm the fear of flying, even get rid of their problem once and for all. Here are some tips on fear of flying treatment I bet that will be helpful for your flying fear:

13 Tips On Fear Of Flying Treatment – Flying Without Fear

1. Learn That Flying Is Safe

If your conscious mind starts worrying about stepping on the plane, then you need to do some researches for quelling your fear. Sometimes, there is news about plane crashes; however, the reason behind that news is that the media focus on plane accidents because so many people got involved in. Nevertheless, they ignore some auto accidents that might regularly hurt more people than flying does.

Once you are pleased and comfortable to drive or use electrical power, bicycling, etc, so you should rationalize your mind to admit that flying is much safer.

In other words, if possible, you can learn the basics of how an airplanes works in order to help you feel less care about the aircraft malfunctioning.

fear of flying treatment programs

2. Decide To Cope With Your Fears

This is one of the most important tips of fear of flying treatment you need to know. When facing with the decision of whether you should fly or not, just consider both the costs and the possible payoffs involved in the fearful avoidance of flying. It is essential for you to decide whether you are actually serious about coping with your fears. Then, you need to be clear about what you fear or what your fears are.

If you or someone you love also suffers from the fear of driving, then you can refer the guide of tips to get over the fear of driving.

3. Be Willing To Change Your Thoughts

Do you have remarkably vivid recall for the crash stories or the emotions of panic? Normally, people usually repeat such thoughts thousands of times. However, in order to get over your fear of flying, it is important for you to be willing to try shifting your thinking toward more realistic and hopeful content. For instance, you imagine some images or talk to yourself about coping and safety. Of course, it is hard to believe it instantly, but strive to do so anyway in order to stop compounding the fear of flying. So, in order to change your thoughts, you need to learn how to control your mind effectively. By this way, the fear of flying will not bother your life anymore.

4. Notice And Accept Your Anxiety

This seems so strange but in fact, you need to do so. As long as your thoughts give your own body the reason to think that you are in danger, then your body will react as if the danger is actually happening to you. Do not handle with your fear by ignoring them, trying to take control of them, desperately distracting yourself, or by closing the eyes. Just accept the anxieties for what they are. Your duty is to stimulate and encourage the mind not to continue supplying your body danger signals. Then, you will respond the fear in a different way than you often do to it.

There is a fact that the more willing you are to invite, and embrace the panic, the less likely you get panic.

Another way to accept and take control of anxiety is to know that flying is routine.  When in an airport, you can watch the planes taking off and landing at that airport, or look at the boards of arrival and departure in the airport, you will understand that how many flights generated safely everyday.

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5. Learn Useful Breathing Skills 

Did you know that when you are in stress or anxiety, your breath is likely rapid and high in your chest?

Once you are not active, in terms of physicality, then you will suffer from the hyperventilation. Through learning to modify the breathing, you will reverse the upward spiral of anxiety. Just try breathing from low in the diaphragm, then you will see some benefits such as: increasing in focus, reducing the impact of passively overwhelmed situation, and decreasing the intensity of symptoms of the fear, and turning your body into equilibrium.

This breathing technique also requires the practice from learners.

You can try to practice the skill while walking, driving, or conversing with someone else. Be aware of your body’s movements, your heartbeat, and your breathing. Once you do this breathing exercise well, the acceptance will come more easily and your panicky emotions will quickly pass. You should repeat the exercise for 10-15 times until you feel the panic start to subside.

Want to learn some breathing techniques? Then you can read the book of easy meditation tips

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6. Make Use Of Your Imagination

Just imagine some themes that you feel comfortable or relaxed with. Not things that you are afraid of going to happen due to the obsession of your fear. For example, you can use your mind and your thoughts to turn the flight into a theme of park ride. Whatever you are going to build the flight on, just fill it with a sense of adventure and safety. This is self-help method that can help you stay calm fast when dealing with the fear.

7. Choose An Aisle Seat

Most airlines and booking engines can allow their customers to request or require a seat assignment when booking flight ticket. If you are prone to claustrophobia, you should request an aisle seat. This will help you feel less hemmed in by people around, flexibly to move to the cabin.
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Also, if you are afraid of sky-high view, then this seat can help you avoid looking the airplane’s window. Furthermore, an aisle seat is highly recommended because it can give you the feeling of extra space.

8. Monitor The Media Intake

Well, this seems to be like no-brainer or ridiculous, right? Yet, it is worth mentioning if you are a fearful flier. Avoid disaster movies or something else related to air crashes, and other scary images. Just keep in mind that the majority of flights are arrive secured and safely. Do not let your thought skew the impressions of flying.

9. Do Not Drink Alcohol; Avoid Caffeine

Many fearful fliers turn to drink alcohol to calm their nerves. Remember that alcohol should not be combined with anti-anxiety medications. Alcohol could lead to dehydration, especially in the environment of a certain plane. Therefore, instead of consuming wine or beer, you had better take a cocktail or plenty of water to follow it up.

The stimulants in caffeine may make you jitterier. So, the recommendation for fear of flying treatment is that you should not get over your fear by increase your caffeine intake.

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10. Fake It Until You Make It

Regardless of how you feel, you can act correctly. The advice in this case is that you can act as if you are confident. When you do, your confidence will grow. For instance, you can smile at the seatmate. Or, thank the pilot before the flight starts, and allow yourself to display the positive attitude. If possible, act as if you are entirely at home on the plane (properly). Try this and see if it changes how you feel.

To improve your confidence, check the book of confidence enhancement techniques and unique tips to boost self-confidence out.

11. Mute The Engine Noise

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This does not mean you request the captain or pilot turn one of the engines off during the flight. That is such a “humorous” thought. But you can do something to avoid hearing it any more. The majority of fearful fliers tend to become hyper listeners in a certain flight. This is because their brain is programmed to think of some life-threatening problem; and they try to prove it by listening the sounds around.

The best solution for this problem is to listen your favorite songs loaded on the MP player or your cell phone.

12. Find Manners To Make The Trips Seems Shorter

When being on a flight, if you just sit and worry, obviously, every minute seems to be like an hour. In that case, think of your favourite time-killing game, a portable video game, or an interesting magazine; or a relaxing book, then, go and get it help.

Though, do not force you to enjoy the hobby when the aircraft is hitting air bumps. This just makes you feel more nervous and stressed. This step is most helpful during smooth flying as a greatway to pass the time over.

13. Fly Often

It is recommended that if you want to get over the fear of doing something, the hardest but most effective way to get it is to do the thing you fear as many times as possible until your fear turn to disappear. If you can afford, just catch a flight when you have the time. I know it is very hard to do at first; yet, the more you do it, the faster your fears will go away. Additionally, you also can get to see new territories and places, and enjoy your life. Well, what a deal!

To get rid of stress in order to fly without fear, people can refer some helpful tips on managing stress in the e-book primal stress, and tips to conquer stress with the re-awakening guide.

So, these are some natural tips on fear of flying treatment that are used successfully by people at all ages all over the world.
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Hope that you have learned something new! Well, learning the tips on fear of flying treatment in this article might require much effort and patience, and keeping it simple and innocent is the key to help you get a healthy body.
If you care about the article, we are open to welcome any discussion about the topic. Leave your comments at the end of this post to let us know what you think. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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