8 Health Benefits Of Raw Food Diet Everyone Should Know!

Raw food was scientifically proven very good for human health! People should try adding more raw foods to their daily diet whenever they can because of their health benefits. You will probably notice less thirst throughout the day long with a greater satiety because raw foods contain great levels of water so that they can help to prevent dehydration. You might be able to lose some extra pounds, or you might not, but at least, you will have chance to learn to love delicious, nutritious food. There is completely no one argues with this!

I. Health Benefits Of Raw Food Diet – Overview Of Raw Food And Raw Food Diet

health benefits of raw food diet

While following and making use of raw food diets is not a very new trend, it is still a very controversial and popular trend due to many health benefits of raw food diet. Many people testify that raw food diet brings about a renewed sense of energy, zest, focus, along with weight loss and clarity. Therefore, no matter if your diet is semi-raw or exclusively raw; you just need to add more raw foods to your daily meals to take wonderful effects of these foods on your overall health. The thrust of the raw food diet is the consumption of whole ideally organic, plant-based, and unprocessed foods. A minimum of three-quarters of people’s diet should contain a proper amount of uncooked food. Some people who are following and making use of raw food diets – believe that the higher consumption raw foods people eat every day, the healthier they will be.

A huge ration of raw foodists are also vegetarians – containing no foods from animal origin. Some raw foodists also eat raw animal products and raw meat.

1. There Are 4 Broad Branches Of Raw Foodism:

benefits of raw food

  • Raw carnivores – meat products are eaten only raw
  • Raw omnivores – both animal based a plant-based foods are mainly consumed raw
  • Raw vegans – most foods consumed are raw; no animal products consumed at all
  • Raw vegetarians – most foods consumed are raw; just animal products consumed are dairy and eggs

2. Foods Included In A Raw Food Diet:

benefits of raw food

  • Sun-dried fruits
  • Seeds
  • Seaweeds
  • Purified water (not tap)
  • Other organic or natural foods which have not been processed
  • Nuts
  • Milk from a young coconut
  • Legumes
  • Grains
  • Freshly made fruit and vegetable juices
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Dried fruits
  • Beans

3. Depending on the lifestyle, these foods might also be included:

benefits of raw food

  • Milk and dairy products (non-homogenized/non-pasteurized)
  • Meat
  • Fish (sushi, sashimi)
  • Eggs

Green plants and vegetables are the best food for providing all the essential minerals we need for superior nutrition and beauty, while simultaneously giving us the amino acids and vitamins which are necessary for building protein inside our body.

II. Benefits Of Raw Food – The Best Advantages Of Eating Raw Food:

Here are the 8 most important benefits of raw food diet that people should know.

1. Raw Food Is Usually Guilt-Free

benefits of raw food

While you do not want to sit down and eat a large amount of raw cashews every day and call yourself healthy, there is no one can deny that most raw foods are jam-packed with nutrients, fiber, and water, making them totally guilt free. This is the first of the health benefits of raw food diet I would like to introduce today in this article. You should always keep denser sources of raw foods, such as seeds and nuts in moderation (proper amount). In general, seeds and nuts should always be eaten raw because that will let the nutrients contained in these food stay intact, but even when done so, portion size is also very crucial. You should enjoy the guilt-free food choices that are raw in the produce section and always try changing the meal with different kinds of raw food every week. You should avoid eating some foods raw such as potatoes because they are very hard to be digested, and beans which need to be cooked or sprouted.

2. Raw Food Is High In Enzymes

benefits of raw food

Actually, raw food contains high amounts of enzymes and not many people know this. Many people who are following or used to follow a raw food diet testified that enzymes are higher in raw foods than in cooked foods due to the fact that the natural enzymes that raw foods contain have not been altered through the cooking process, making them easier to be digested and friendly with the human body. Human body contains natural enzymes to digest foods, and there are also high levels of different enzymes contained in raw foods which can support the digestive system.

While some people believe that the human body can use its own enzymes efficiently to digest foods without needing the help of enzymes from foods, raw food is still more nutritious and contains greater amount of natural enzymes which can strengthen their nutrient uptake. Sprouted food is also very common and contains excellent amounts of nutrients and enzymes. Find the raw foods you love and fun ways to add these food to your daily meals. In fact, you will be able to take so many health benefits of raw food diet!

3. Raw Food Is Naturally Delicious

benefits of raw food

Learning to love the taste of raw food is also an enjoyable experience. It cannot be denied that cooked foods are very tasty, but when you enjoy the juicy and crispy flesh of an apple or bite into a large bowl of semi–sweet and crunchy raw romaine lettuce with a few chunks of buttery avocado on top or (and) a large, chopped tomato on top, you will believe that good food does not always need to be cooked. Raw foods are not just tasty because they are fresh, but many of them have the natural delicious taste because they have not been altered at all. If it is hard at first, try sweet vegetables and fruits like red pineapples, bell peppers, carrots, strawberries, mangoes, pears, bananas, apples, and sweet lettuces like spinach greens, butter, and romaine.

4. Reduce Toxin Exposure

benefits of raw food

Raw food is not exposed to high temperatures and heat of cooking – the process which has been proven to cause a loss of important minerals and vitamins in food materials, along with producing a toxin named “carcinogen” that has caused cancer in many studies. Therefore, this is also one of the best health benefits of raw food diet which people should know. Adding raw food to your daily meal is one effective way to reduce the risk of cancers.

5. Reduce C02 Emissions

benefits of raw food

Vegetables and fruits which are not cooked and come straight from their source provide very low levels of CO2 emissions, making them more friendly with human living environment  Even if you are not considered with the environment, do not forget that over time, the price for this will directly influence your “budget” due to the demand and supply services. Purchasing seasonal and local product will help to save even more money because there will be less transport time to bring them to the stores and make everything ready to be sold. Your health and your wallet will thank you by opting for raw foods which are naturally environmentally–friendly.

6. Raw Food Is Cheap

benefits of raw food

Most people argue that eating healthy must take much money from our budget, and while it can be, it does not have to be at all! Buy vegetables and fruits in season and from your local market or supermarket if it is easy for you. Prices are extremely low when you remember to follow 2 important rules. Fruits, nuts and seeds, and vegetables cost less per serving than dairy products and meat. You will even see it is amazing that you will be able to buy so many vegetables and fruits for the cost per serving than purchasing canned ones, which expose them to toxic metals and void them of nutrition. Save your money for real and fresh foods for good and take the health benefits of raw food diet.

7. Less Preparing Time

benefits of raw food

You do not have to spend much time to process raw food, because it will be eaten just as it is. It is true! Might be you want to use it in a raw recipes, such as smoothie, salad, or even a raw dip or sauce, but for the most part, raw vegetables and fruits will take less time to prepare and serve (and also clean) than cooked food dishes. They are actually excellent food sources to eat on the go like part of your meals, snacks, or to keep at your office whenever you get cravings.

8. Less Sugar Cravings

benefits of raw food

Perhaps this is the most important benefits of eating raw foods overall. Sugar cravings have been found to almost disappear when people consume more raw vegetables and fruits, along with raw seeds and nuts. Nutrients in raw food are preserved better than when they are cooked, excepting tomatoes. The more nutrients your body receives from clean foods, the less you will have terrible cravings of alternate sources of energy, such as caffeine and sugar.

This is the list of 8 benefits of raw food that you and other readers of VKool.com should always remember to reduce the risks of getting diseases and improve overall health.

If you think that the benefits of raw food I mentioned above are useful and if you want to share this list with your friends and family, do not hesitate at all to do this and let me see your comments and feedbacks by filling the comment form below!

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