How To Become A Better Singer In One Day Without Lesson

how to become a better singer

Becoming a singer requires both commitment and time. Knowing how to sing is only part of that process. It takes dedication and confidence to pursue singing as a career. Especially, for those who want to learn how to become a better singer, there are a lot of things they need to do to get their goal. If you are serious about trying to become a famous singer, then read these tips on how to become a better singer below to make your dream come true.

How To Become A Better Singer – 12 Simple Steps To Become A Singer

1.      Learn How To Sing And Practice

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Obviously, this is the first and foremost thing you need to learn because it is the foundation of your career as a singer. If you plan to go into the area of show business, then you had better practice your skills as much as possible. This is extremely critical when trying to define how to become a better singer. Without practice, you will not learn ways to hit the notes and ways to train the vocal chords in order to help you do what you want. The recommendation is to practice every chance you get; even it is in a car or in the shower. By this way, you can hone your current skills to become a better singer. Additionally, when practicing, you should love singing. Once you do not love singing, then you cannot go as far in the long career as you want. Also, those people who listen to your singing might tell that you just go through cursorily the motions of singing. Keep in mind that emotion plays an important role in being a professional singer. So, learn and practice singing with your “heart”.

2.      Know YourSelf

Once you have your definition of success in place as well as knowledge about singing, in general, remind yourself that success or achievement at all levels will take time. Just go slowly and also be good to yourself. On the other hand, beware of your limitations and embrace them. As important as it takes things one at a time, it is necessary to be yourself with your own instincts. If you feel you can take the next level, then be ready to get much effort to improve your current skills.

3.      Breath Control

Singing, of course, requires good breath control. But breathing for singing is voluntary. We all know that the voice is best described as the wind instrument. Breathing is about 80% of your singing.

Appropriate singing will start and end with appropriate breathing.

The advice is to breathe from your diaphragm. Just keep your shoulders and chest stable. When taking a deep breath, do not try to cram it all into the top of the lungs and throat. In reality, the breath should go lower than that—all the way to the bottom of the lungs.  To get and control better breathing, you should learn some innovative meditating and breathing techniques by keeping the shoulders still as well as concentrating on moving the stomach in and out.

4.      Warm Up

 Similar to other activities needed to be dedicated strength, singing also requires the warm-up stage. When you are tight and your muscles are tensed up, it is impossible to sing and sound great. Make sure that you warm up before every session via humming before starting singing and rest the voice occasionally; thus, you will not skip the vocal cords. Spend 2 minutes before any singing on doing neck massage, shoulders rolls, stretching body, and face and jaw massage.

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5.      Relax When Singing

Tension and strain can cause the poor tone and resonance. Moreover, straining your voice will be not the proper manner to hit a certain high note. It is better for you to stay relax, keep controlling the breathing. More importantly, the vocal cords should never be tight and tense at all.

 Relax the tongue because this can be a big obstruction to great singing when tense. You need to sing with a flat and fat tongue. The more relaxed your tongue is, the more freedom and a more beautiful your sound. So, before singing, let your tongue out of your mouth and say “Ahhh” several times to eliminate any tension that might be in the root of the tongue.

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6.      Develop Your Style

Think about the kind of singing you want to do. What would make you happy? Experiment with various ways of singing and different kinds of music and then find the best suitable one for your personality. Concurrently, what you choose will also need to make the most of the voice. But, your style also should depend on your ability. That is because different styles have different sounds. A country singer might have different sounds as well as intonations than a singer singing a pop song or a rock song. It is great if people can be able to recognize their own voice whenever they hear it. Make sure that you will develop your own personal lifestyle whether or not you know how to sing well already.

7.      Measure Progress

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Measuring your progress every few weeks is necessary if you want to fix mistakes and improve your ability. Record your voice and listen to the playback. Just pick about 3 three songs to be your benchmark: one is an easy song, one is intermediate, and one is difficult. If you just learn to sing, skip practicing the difficult song at the first choice and work towards mastering it.

8.      Take Care Of Appearance And Your Vocal Cords

Any professional singer knows the important role of taking care of vocal cords at all times towards his or her career.

The advice for those who often use their voice is to drink plenty of water. It will rehydrate the whole body naturally. Also, try to eat foods that contain much water, such as fruits and vegetable. Avoid some dairy products because they can induce phlegm, particularly chocolate and cheese.

Not less important, you should avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, even shouting at your all cords. If so, the toll on the vocal cords could be enormous.

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9.      Find An Agent

It is very hard for you to have a successful singing career without getting favor from an agent. Even the biggest names in this industry will have an agent in order to help them enhance their music and to look for moneymaking gigs.

You can be your own agent. But, while you could do freelance singing and find gigs by yourself, an agent will have numerous contacts as well as resources that you may not have.

Nevertheless, be careful. Some people can claim that they can be agents, but in fact, they just want to take your money. Once a certain agent requires money upfront, then consider about the decision of cooperating with that service.

When it comes to choosing agent, one more thing you need to remember is to choose the agent that has the venues which is compatible with your current style of singing to make the most possible and the best effectiveness.

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10.      Make The Demo Tape

Nobody wants to become a better singer without having a demo tape. When an agent agrees to cooperate with you, he or she wants to listen how you sound. So, be prepared for this. In case that you are just starting out, doing your homemade demo tape will be okay.

If possible, you could afford to get the professional demo tape made in your beginning. It might be expensive with your initial financial condition, but it will be greatly beneficial to receive higher-paying gigs at popular venues. A professional one is something useful for you in the first steps of singing career because people could take you seriously and also provide you with an opportunity to sing at their bar or club or other venue.

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11.      Determination

No matter how great you are, singing will be never definite. Some audiences will love your voice extensively while the others may dislike it. Thus, in order to go for a long run, you should have a good emotional preparation. Becoming a singer might undoubtedly be a long road of hard work, criticism or rejection. Handle with rejection and criticism gracefully. If you want to be successful in this industry, ensure that you can take criticism and make use of it to your advantage. Instead of being mad and upset at it, you should learn from critical comments and improve yourself better and better. Besides, just stay true with your own idea of who you want to be. The willingness and uniqueness of persevering will be a good choice than trying to please all critics.

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12.      Consider Joining Forces With A Band (Optional)

There are many reality shows such as American Idol, X-Factor and other channels for showing off your singing ability like Youtube. These have permanently affected the understanding about what it means to be a successful singer. Being a professional solo singer is something we all want. Yet, there is still another choice.

 If you do not play an instrument, it may be wise to join a band that could supply instrumentation for you. Yet, be aware, once you are a part of a band, you are honor-bound to share some levels of your success and you cannot pursue a career as selfishly as you would if you were a solo act. Just weigh all pros and cons carefully before making a decision.

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Becoming a singer is not easy, especially becoming a great singer. These tips on how to become a better singer introduced above are designed to help you develop your singing career firmly, step-by-step. So, make use of them properly to see how your career will change positively.

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