How To Get Out Of An Unhealthy Relationship Fast

how to get out of an unhealthy relationship

If you have any doubt about a harmful relationship, read this article on VKool site to get clearer about warning signs of a bad relationship and learn how to get out of an unhealthy relationship fast.

How To Get Out Of An Unhealthy Relationship

I. Warning Signs Of A Bad Relationship

1. Your Partner Just Wants You To Change

your partner just wants you to change download


If your partner does not love you as the way you are, it’s time for you to “run for the hills”! This is a clear sign of a bad relationship. Your partner must be one who accept or love you unconditionally as you are. Even you are poor or rich, small or big, and here or there. If you feel unsafe in this relationship, get out if not you will not be yourself.

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2. Your Partner Does Not Trust You

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In any relationship, if people cannot trust each other, conflict will occur sooner or later. If your partner can’t trust you, and you tried to explain, you should be conscious to leave him. You will not be happy in that relationship as happiness must come from the 2 sides. Only you can’t change the situation and you will fall into many troubles from that relationship.

3. Your Partner Does Not Respect You

your partner does not respect you download

It’s clear that people should respect each other, especially in long relationship. When your partner respects you, it is the way he or she builds up a great love. He or she will never put you down in front of other or in private. He or she will never make you become a fool. He or she will be patient to you. He or she will not leave you in the hard time. If you and your partner have a quarrel, he or she will know how to stop the argument and make you feel happy again.

Moreover, your partner must always stand by you, give you more strength to overcome the hard time in your relationship. If he or she leaves you at that time, you should not be regretful. It’s just because you met wrong partner. You at that time should be yourself, be strong, empower yourself to stay in a healthier relationship. The life is till going on and yours, too.

4. You Feel Like That You Are Not An Equal Partner In Your Relationship

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In a harmonious relationship, you and your partner should have common points of view and go to a final decision. If you try to do something different while making him or her angry or unsatisfied, it’s just the way to make a quarrel. Then, you will feel tired and want to get rid of this relationship fast.

Notice this sign to actively heal your relationship or stop it at the right time.

5. You & Your Partner Do Not Have Any Short-Term And Long-Term Goal

you & your partner do not have any short-term and long-term goal download

Many people tried to save their relationship alone. They don’t know that the success of a relationship depends on the two sides. To maintain a relationship, you and your partner should plan for the future. For example, you and your partner can solve living place, finance, job, children and other importance things for a happy life.

If you ask him or her about the future, he or she does not give you any plan or show his or her responsibility for the relationship, you should learn how to get out of an unhealthy relationship as soon as possible.

6. Your Partner Is A “Word Man” Or Someone Like That

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Normally, it is easier to say “I Love You” than showing actions for these words. So, don’t believe on your partner’s words, just focus on his or her practical actions. For instance, you are a girl and your boyfriend is a romantic man. He always pours sweet words into your ears like honey. He often buys your beautiful roses and says to you sweet words about your beauty. Ask him how long he will love you when you no longer young and beautiful. Then, ask him whether he wants to end this relationship with a wedding? If he can show his good job, his real finance and you can feel his true love, so you can trust him. If not, do not believe in all his words as you may fall in love with a word man.

7. You Always Feel Unhappy, Bad, Sad, Depressed And Guilty About Your Relationship

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Do you know how to get out of an unhealthy relationship without feel sorry? In fact, you have to find out the main cause of the end. If you don’t feel comfortable, secured, loved in that relationship, you might be with a wrong partner. This is a clear sign of an unhealthy relationship. If you keep staying in this relationship, you will definitely get down and get lost. Normally, love is blind, so you must be conscious to get rid of this relationship quickly.

8. Your Friends And Family Do Not Support Your Relationship

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As I mentioned above, love is blind. If you stay deeply in a relationship, if you might love your partner more than yourself, you could not be aware of the real situation. Only your family and friend around you can help you know where you are stepping. If your steps are wrong, you need to steps back and start a right direction. Your family and friends are the best reliable ones for you to follow.

So, if they disagree your relationship with your partner, ask them why they do not support. If they give reasonable advice, you should listen to and consider continue your relationship or stop it right away.

II. How To Get Out Of An Unhealthy Relationship Fast

1. Know The Right Time To End Your Relationship

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First of all on how to get out of an unhealthy relationship fast, don’t decide anything when you are angry. When you know this is exactly a harmful relationship, you have to get ready to say “goodbye” first. So, how to do it? I think that you should do it when you calm down. Show your partner that you are serious to say last words to stop your relationship. Date your partner in a weekend morning, when you are relaxed. Take a deep breath to start. Say things that come from your mind. Forgive him and yourself as you both cannot continue this relationship. Anyway, it’s hurtful enough. When you accept the truth about your breakup, you have to learn to go once and forever. Don’t think much about the past, just think about lessons you have just learn from your relationship. That’s all.

2. Fill The Hole

fill the hole

You might be very tired and hurtful to go to the end of your relationship. However, you still have to continue your life. So, try to balance your mind. Do not fall into blue emotion.

If you want to cry, listen to some sad songs and release your tear. If you want to talk, you even can call your partner or call your friends to show your mood. Fill your hole of sadness, then everything will be ok. A harmful relationship has to stop in any way naturally; it will just come sooner or later. You hence don’t need to be too hurtful or crazy.

3. Heal The Shame

heal the shame

I know it is not easy for you to get rid of the shame about a breakup. But get clear that getting rid of a toxic relationship is good for you. Don’t care about other peoples’ ideas. If you are not decisive to say goodbye, you will still suffer from more doubt, more bad things and lies. Be yourself to stand up, face the truth that this relationship must be ended. Then, learn to heal the shame by yourself. You still have a lot of relationships out there and you will be alright soon.

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4. Be Positive About The Future

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You may not dare to change your relationship, as you are negative. Get clear that, there are many great things and good people belonging to you. Do not focus on your relationship. Be ready to say goodbye and balance your life with your passion job, good friends, good family and other healthy relationships. Just do it right and don’t hesitate. Just think that your life is good. You deserve to live happier and stay in many interesting and healthy relationships.

5. Take Some Rest

take some rest

Last but not least among simple ways on how to get out of an unhealthy relationship, take some rest first. Don’t try to get more stress in messes of harmful or toxic relationship. It has to end in any way. So take some rest first. When you get down, it is easier for you to be weak and have negative thought. Sleep deeply, practice relaxation, meditation and don’t let you fall into unreal dreams. Get awake to know that you will get rid of this unhealthy relationship fast and keep your life going better after then.

Just move on and don’t feel sorry for the past. Just look forward to the future and more healthy relationships. After reading this article on how to get out of an unhealthy relationship fast, share it with other people or feel free to comment upon it. Hope that you are ready to take action now!

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