How To Be On Time For Work Or School Everyday

how to be on time for work

Updates: 07/15/2024

If you are continually being late for most things, and have tried many times to fix it, there is hope. This article will provide you with 18 tips on how to be on time for work or school everyday that help you overcome your procrastination and tardiness. Just create some simple changes in your daily routines and you will turn your lateness into punctuality.

How To Be On Time For Work Or School Everyday – Top 18 Tips Revealed

1. Acknowledge Yourself

how to be on time for classThis tip on how to be on time for work or school is critical for those who are having a hard time being punctual. If your lateness start straining your job as well as your relationships, then you need to acknowledge this is your weakness. Thus, you can work directly towards fixing it. Though there is a rational problem, such as traffic or small children, it is no necessary for you to feel bad. Just keep working on it.

2. Know The Importance Of Being Punctual

Those students who are always punctual often those people who earn great grades, or win scholarships. In the working field, such people who are always on time are the ones who get promotions than who do not.

3. Overcome Lateness

In fact, transform a person from chronically later to perfectly punctual is a hard task. It is critical for you to make deadlines non-negotiable, such as “a promise to yourself”. At first, you can begin with something easily achievable, like promising not to hit snooze in the next morning. Once you could not commit to a simple and small inconvenience like that, you might not be ready to eliminate your chronic lateness. Another advice to overcome lateness is to get somewhere on time. Give it a try once and see how you feel after doing that. Then, note down your reaction. Do you feel anxious or relieved? Bored or proud? Then, you could work up from there.

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4. Get Enough Sleep

how to be on time for work everyday

In case that you have trouble waking up in the morning, then you had better make it a serious attempt to go to sleep earlier. In fact, sufficient sleep is necessary for the human brain function at maximum level. Therefore, taking enough sleep will be one of the first things you should keep in mind when it comes to learning how to be on time at work or school everyday.


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5. Set A Realistic Amount Of Time For Dressing And Grooming

It is better for you to give yourself a realistic amount of time to do necessary things before going to workplace or school. You could do this tip with an easy exercise: wake up early in the morning, time yourself while still moving at normal pace. Then, you will see how long it can take from you to get ready for leaving out. If so, you might be surprised at the amount of time it takes.

6. Plan Your Trouble

Late people tend to arrive to the minute, leaving no room for contingency. If you say you need to get to a certain place at 9:00 and you assume that it might take precisely 12 minutes to get there, then you leave your house at 8:48. Nevertheless, if you miss just a single traffic light or have to run back your home to take an umbrella, then it is impossible for you to get there on time.

Therefore, it is recommended that people should add 25% to their time estimate to get anywhere or do anything. In simple words, it you think you need to about 30 minutes to get to your workplace, then give yourself about 40 minutes to do it. Or, if it takes about 12 working hours to finish your task, give yourself 15. If so, you can plan ahead some potential difficulties and always be on time.

how to be on time guide

7. Set Up The Night Before

Disorganization is directly related to tardiness. If you are one of those people who suffer from I-can’t-find-it syndrome, the best way is, of course, better preparation. How often have you been late as you could not find out your car keys as well as important documents? Lay out your clothes; prepare your keys, wallet, and so on, if possible. Just keep whatever you usually use each day in the resemblance of organization so your routines will be smoother than before.  If you are going to some unfamiliar place, then you had better look over the map, or even drive their once if possible. Do not just rely on your GPS. There are different reasons it may not work on your way there. Use Google’s street view to look for landmarks so you will be signaled when getting there. Also, know the parking situation if possible. If you drive, keep the car in good order as well as refill gas in the tank. In case that you go by bus, then know your route and keep cab money on your hand for emergent situations. And, if you depend on another person for a ride, then plan for yourself plan B.

8. Set Reminders

This is a basic tip on how to be on time at work or school everyday, yet also useful for most people. Use the calendar program’s built-in reminder function. Even, if you are a person who have constant lateness, then you can set two alarm clocks in order to make sure that you will not be late anymore. Set the first alarm clock to go off about 5 minutes before the time you have to leave out and the second one to go off five minutes later. When the first alarm rings, stop things that you are doing and try to be out of the door before the second one sounds.

9. Imagine Failure And Success

how to be on time for workProcrastinated people often underestimate the outcomes of showing up late to important events. In order to handle with the tardiness tendency, you should spend several seconds on imagining what the waiting people would feel and think. What would they say? What kind of facial expression would they have? After that, you can imagine the look of approval and the friendly greeting you can get when you get on time. Then, bask in that feeling of success so you can move toward your goal.

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10. Stop Doing “One More Thing”

If you are ready to leave, then you spy just one last little task. This is called as “just-one-more-thing syndrome”. To avoid this, you need to resist the urge to squeeze things in right before you leave. This also means that you should not distract yourself before leaving. Once your timeline tells you to begin getting ready, you had better not do anything which is not listed on the timeline. Do not make the last phone call when you are getting ready. Stick to your schedule.

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11. Choose A Time Which Is The Best For You

I know sometimes this is not possible, yet if it is, you had better choose a time giving you the highest probability of being on time. In case you are not morning person, then do not schedule things which are going to rely on the alarm clock of waking you up on time. Avoid traffic hours if possible.

12. Learn To Say “No”

how to be on time pdfAnother technically trouble for some individuals is the inability to say “no” to additional commitments as they have little amount of time. Though you might be a good time calculator, you still cannot say no when someone asks you for something. For resolving this problem, you need to “practice catchphrases”. That means you should learn to defer or decline requests by saying something like, “I would love to help, yet I am on a deadline”, or “I am going to meet people right now, so I could help you tomorrow”.

13. Be Motivated

For many times of being late, perhaps you feel that you actually do not want to go. Or, maybe you do not like the people or the place you have to go to, or feel forced to go anyway. These could be the reason why you are late. In that case, you make yourself be late. Normally, none of the tricks above will work for you. To deal with this case, you need to look at the real reason for this. What is your desire? What is your motivation?

14. Welcome The Wait

If the thought of getting somewhere ahead of time freaks you out, then you can plan an activity to do in the transaction time. Just bring a magazine, call your friends to speak for a while, or go over your to-do list or schedule for the week. Just make the activities compelling and specific; thus, you will be motivated get to your destination early and do it.

15. Relearn To Tell Time

When it comes to ways on how to be on time, each day you should write down all tasks you have to complete and how long you think it may take you. Repeat this for 2 weeks. Through your list, please time yourself like washing your face, getting dressed, eating breakfast, doing the dishes, showering, and so on. You should also write the actual time beside your estimate. Some people set time frames in their brains that aren’t practical. The reason is that it took you 12 minutes to work five years ago, it doesn’t mean you also spend 12 minutes getting to work.

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16. Put Your Essentials Next To The Door put your essentials next to the door

The next simple tip on how to be on time is to prepare something ready for your actions.

Many late people often spend too much time looking for their keys, wallet, cell phone, and charger. If you put all of your essentials next to the door, they will always waiting when you have to leave.

It is time-consuming if you tend to leave your wallet in the wardrobe, your keys on the table, your cell phone on the television. When you must be on your way, it is possible for you to forget some important items and have to come back home to take them. You may be later.

Rather than, you ought to put all items in the same area every time.

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17. Make Punctuality Your Core Value

Punctuality is not meaningful as integrity or honesty, but it closely tied to many significant values. When you are late for certain events, it will affect the impression of others about your integrity. If this repeat, many people even doubt about your speaking. It is warning. Try to be punctuality as it seems your core value. Through this, you are assessed whether well or not.

Check the aspects in which you are likely to be late and flippant. You can imagine that you take an English course and there are some people coming to 15 minutes late or even you don’t bother meeting on time. This course will not important to you.

Try to do anything with the intention. Show up on time. If you concern about what you do, you are living with the integrity.

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18. Overestimate The Time It Takes To Get There overestimate the time it takes to get there

When you have the intention of having everything ready in the morning, and you come late even when you don’t face up to delays, you may be underestimating the quantity of time you spend getting somewhere. Optimistic thinkers tend to hope that they will come faster. Be sure when you set the plan and the punctuality will follow.

However, it is quite hard to know how long it can take you to get somewhere. If you are about to have a crucial meeting like an interview, you should leave your house as soon as possible. Punctuality can help you get a good performance and be more confident.

Remember that you ought to add at least 15 minutes to the whole trip because on your way you can meet some delays.

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In reality, learning how to be on time for work or school everyday requires from everyone effort and patience at first. After you get familiar with that habit, you will be more comfortable and feel like your nature. If you are interested in this topic, let us know your tips in the comment section. We will reply all soon!

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