How To Prevent Diarrhea In Babies, Children & Adults – 10 Tips

how to prevent diarrhea

The intestinal tract of human beings is a marvelous creation, in which our food is digested, water is absorbed, and waste is collected and eradicated.

When the human digestive system works well, we still feel good. Yet, when it works inappropriately, we could feel really lousy.

A common problem relating to digestive system is diarrhea, which could be caused by bacteria, over consumption of greasy and oily foods, lack of friendly bacteria in the intestines, stress, excess alcohol, poor diet, and other types of pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, diarrhea is inconvenient, uncomfortable, and usually quite embarrassing.
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In case you are prone to suffering, then you need to learn some important ways on how to prevent diarrhea. The following tips, collected by, will show you effective preventative measures to take to prevent diarrhea in babies, children and adults. Take a quick look!

How To Prevent Diarrhea In Babies, Children And Adults – 10 Must Know Tips

1. Wash Hands Frequently 

how to prevent diarrhea-wash hands frequently

This should be the first and foremost tip on how to prevent diarrhea you need to know. Washing hands before and after preparing your food will help you reduce the risk of diarrhea. Additionally, wash the hands after handling the uncooked meat, changing diapers, using the toilet, coughing, sneezing, and blowing the nose.

2. Lather With Soap For No Less Than 20 Seconds

how to prevent diarrhea-lather with soap for no less than 20 seconds

It is better for you to put soap on your two hands, and start rubbing them together for about 20 seconds or more. This will help you kill harmful bacteria that might trigger diarrhea.

3. Use Hand Sanitizer When Washing

how to prevent diarrhea-use hand sanitizer when washing

This tip is crucial for preventing viral diarrhea. By making use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, you can help decrease the risk of diarrhea. Just simply apply the hand sanitizer and make sure that you cover both the fronts and backs of two hands entirely. Use a product containing at least 60% of alcohol.

4. Serve Food Instantly Or Refrigerate 

how to prevent diarrhea-serve food instantly or refrigerate

Among diet tips to prevent diarrhea, this is a basic one. You had better serve food right instantly after it has been handled and cooked or reheated. Leaving the cooked food out at the room temperature will encourage the development of bacteria.

5. Wash The Food Working Surfaces Regularly

how to prevent diarrhea-wash the food working surfaces regularly

You had better do so to avoid spreading germs and bacteria from one food to another. Remember to wash both your hands and your food working surfaces a few times during the process of preparing food.

6. Use The Fridge To Thaw Your Frozen Items

how to prevent diarrhea-use the fridge to thaw your frozen items

You should just put plastic-wrapped frozen food items in the bowl of cold water in order to thaw it. Avoid leaving it on the counter of thaw.

Check out some natural ways to treat diarrhea here.

7. Watch The Foods You Eat 

how to prevent diarrhea-watch the foods you eat

Apart from the advice of eating well-cooked, hot foods; avoiding eating raw fruits and veggies if you could not peel them yourself, you should also avoid some specific foods when it comes to learning how to prevent recurrent diarrhea effectively.

Some of the foods you should avoid are:

  • Fatty foods: The foods with high fat content could speed up intestinal contractions and lead to a reaction to your digestive system which is already sensitized. That means you should not eat fast food, creamy foods, fatty meat, foods covered in gravy, and greasy foods.
  • Sugar-free foods: It is shown that some artificial sweeteners as well as sugar substitutes could have a laxative effect and contributes to bloating and gas.
  • Gas-producing foods: beans, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, pears, dried fruits, peaches, and plums are those types of food.
  • Caffeine and carbonated drinks: for those healthy foods, drinks including caffeine, alcohol, and carbonation do not generally lead to diarrhea.

    Nevertheless, for those prone to diarrhea, these foods should be avoided till their system returns to normal level.
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8. Watch The Drinks You Take 

how to prevent diarrhea-watch the drinks you take

You had better just drink bottled water, beer, or wine served in the original container. Avoid using tap water as well as ice cubes. Make use of bottled water even for brushing the tap. Keep the mouth closed while having shower. Drinks from the boiled water like tea and coffee, might be probably safe. Keep in mind that alcohol as well as caffeine could worsen up your dehydration and diarrhea.

9. Consult The Doctor About Using Antibiotics 

how to prevent diarrhea-consult the doctor about using antibiotics

For those travelers who are prone to diarrhea, learning some specific tips on how to prevent diarrhea in babies, children and adults is necessary. If you travel to a developing country for an extended span of time, you should ask your doctor about beginning antibiotics before you travel. In some cases, this might decrease the odds of having traveler’s diarrhea.

10. Be Aware Of Travel Warnings

how to prevent diarrhea-be aware of travel warnings

It is said that to prevent unexpected diarrhea, when traveling outside of your country, you should check there for some warnings and tips so you can decrease your risk of diarrhea.

In general, inadequate dietary fiber, insufficient consumption of highly nutritious foods like leafy green veggies and whole grains, and high consumption of fried and fatty foods could weaken your digestive system, triggering diarrhea. Going to the bathroom too frequently, water eradication and loose stools could happen. Thus first off, change your diet by following some tips on how to prevent diarrhea in babies, children and adults mentioned above.

Just simply leave your words below this How To post in order to prevent diarrhea in babies, children and adults effectively.  We appreciate your contribution and will reply all soon.

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