How to stop stuttering while talking in front of the crowd

Nowadays, stuttering is not a new problem for us. It is considered as a type of speech disorder. Its symptoms are often the repeat, prolongation, and disruption of the sounds, syllables of the normal words. In many cases, stuttering will have negative effect on your work and life.

There are three types of stuttering including developmental stuttering, neurogenic stuttering and psychogenic stuttering. But the popular types are developmental and neurogenic stuttering. Some common causes of stuttering are abnormalities in speech motor control, genetics, medical conditions and mental health problems. However, some factors such as having relatives who stutter, delayed childhood development, being male, stress can lead to stuttering.

What Are The Effective Ways On How To Stop Stuttering While Talking And Speak Clearly?

There are some methods in stopping stuttering in children and adults that stutter, including medication, controlled fluency, electronic devices, and cognitive behavioral therapy. But you should notice that a method or a combination of methods may be useful for someone may not be effective for others. Hence, you should try some methods to find out the best solution for you. And how to stop stuttering and speak clearly in front of the crowd includes some ways that you can be helpful for you.

1. Read Books Out Loud:

how to stop stuttering-read books out loud

Reading books out loud is a very good way on how to stop stuttering and speak clearly. With this method, you only need to read out loud. In fact, you often think of the words you will say that can make you anxious.
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But when you read books or something like that out loud, it is not necessary for you to have plan for those words, since then, help to minimize your nervousness and stuttering. One of the big problems of stuttering is hard to breathe. This way can help to teach how to breathe.

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2. Stand In Front Of The Mirror To Practise Talking: 

how to stop stuttering-stand in front of the mirror to practise talking

Practising with this way will make you feel more confident and speak fluently. When standing in front of the mirror, you can talk about anything you want for example, your day, your feeling, your plan in the future or even your annoyance with something or somebody. This is a way for you to reduce the stress when you face up with it. When talking in front of the mirror, you can imagine that there is a person that you are talking to. By using this way, you can boost your confidence.

You should try to speak to yourself in front of the mirror every day at least 30 minutes to get the best result. During using this method, you can feel that your fast progress in improving your stuttering as well as your confidence when making a speech in front of the crowd.

3. Practise Breathing Exercises:

how to stop stuttering-practise breathing exercises

As mentioning in the first method, breathing is often a common trouble of the stutter because a stutterer often forgets breathing when he stutters. Hence, a breathing exercise is a necessary ways on how to stop stuttering and speak clearly. And you also can use these breathing exercises for relaxation and before making a speech. They will be useful for reducing your nervousness, anxiety and shyness that can lead to stuttering.

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4. Do Vocal Exercises: 

how to stop stuttering-do vocal exercises

The real problem of stuttering is the vowel. So, one of the ways to improve your stuttering is to do vocal exercises. So spending your time to training your voices as well as breathing techniques every day will also help you get the good result.

5. Visualize Your Thoughts And Words: 

how to stop stuttering-visualize your thoughts and words

Visualizing your thoughts and words is proven to be effective in how to stop stuttering while talking and speak clearly. One of the main reasons that cause stuttering problems is some irregular brain functions. Therefore, before you talk or make a speech, you should map your thoughts in your brain and turn them into words. For example, you can find a new word that has the same meaning with a word you want to use so as to decrease your stuttering.
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According to experts, visualization is one of the most effective methods to help you stop stuttering as well as improving your confidence and fluency.

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6. Record Your Conversation:

how to stop stuttering-record your conversation

You can record your conversation with somebody or when you make a speech. When recording, you must forget it. And when it finishes, you have to rehear your conversation and find out where you stutter through the conversation. And after that, you try to spell that word you stumble over.

Pronounce it slowly and letter by letter will make you familiar with it and limit your stuttering when using it. Now you can do it easily only with your smart phone on your pocket. This way is very useful for stopping your stuttering.

7. Don’t Run Too Fast:

how to stop stuttering-don’t run too fast

Don’t try to talk or make a fast speech. Stuttering can happens with a normal person if he or she talks or makes a speech too fast because he can lose the fluency and accuracy in his words. And for a stutterer, he will definitely lose his accuracy and fluency when he talks too fast. Therefore, for most people, the good way to stop stuttering is that you must speak slowly. It not only helps you have time to plan and visualize your words you will say but also contributes to make your conversation or speech more fluent and clearer. At the same time, it can help the listener catch all your words easily.

8. Don’t Hide Your Stutter:

how to stop stuttering-don’t hide your stutter

You should face with this problem instead of hiding it. Hiding your stutter will not help you stop it. Your embarrassment will make your stuttering become worse. This action even can affect on your treatment. In order to stop stuttering, you need to face it and find out any way that can help you to stop it.

The above include 8 ways on how to stop stuttering while talking and speak clearly in front of the crowd that can be very effective for you. Try to practice these ways regularly can help you get confident and speak fluently. However, you need to be patient to follow them to get the best result. You can find out the help from the others. And if you have any trouble with this problem or want to add more solutions for this topic, you can write your comment below the post of this website. We are always happy to get your comment.

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