15 Ways And Tips How To Keep A Man Interested In You Forever

keep a man interested in you forever

Men are always a mystery that women desire to discover and conquer. They may appear coldly even insensible at the first sight but they become warmhearted and deliberate in front of their women. They show their sweet love and absolute faith to their wives in the starting period of marriage but they can change their mind and emotion anytime. Finding an ideal man is already difficult, knowing how to keep a man interested in you forever is more difficult indeed.

Women may find various ways to keep their men’s love with them, from changing the making-up pattern to inspire their men to exercise every day to maintain a wonderful body line, from adding delicious dishes to daily diet to taking care of them thoroughly, from increasing the sex stimulation to having a lovely baby. Each woman has her individual ways which depend much on her characteristic and lifestyle but the final purpose is all making their men always interested in them.

At present, VKool.com would like to recommend 15 ways on how to keep a man interested in you forever. All of the suggested ways are really necessary for women who want to maintain long relationships with their men. Spend little time consulting our article to know more useful ways to keep your man interested in you forever.

15 Ways & Tips On How To Keep A Man Interested In You Forever

1. How To Keep A Man Interested In You Forever – Be Confident

how to keep a man interested in you forever - be confident

Having a happy marriage time is important for maintaining Marriage & Relationships.Keeping yourself always confident is the first factor on how to keep a man interested in you forever. It is because when you look good and feel good about yourself, he may receive certain happiness thereby being confident about the way he shows his love for you and about your relationship.

To make yourself more confident, choose suitable dresses that make you look charmer and more attractive on your date with him. And remember to make up lightly and simply because men always love the natural beauty of women.  Besides, always maintain your femininity and youthfulness.

If you used to think your man may be more interested in you when you are a kind and lovely girl, it is really a wrong opinion. Always treat as your characteristic and style and never pretend to be anyone else. Even if you are awkward or show him your negative aspects, your man is also pleasured once he loves all from you. You can also sing his favorite song though you are out of tune, which alerts him that you really understand him and makes him more interested in you.

2. How To Keep A Man Interested In You Forever – Understand His Favorite

It is not surprising to understand what your man like during the time you are both on a dating. Don’t think that only your man have to find this on you but you should also discover your man’s favorite when desiring to maintain a last long relationship. He will be very happy even grateful it if you spend time doing his loved things though you don’t like or make it a bit clumsy. And sometimes, you can make him surprised when seeing you doing what he loves. You may not like blue but you can wear a blue dress because of him. You don’t like pizza but you can buy or make his favored one on your own. You may not know sport much but you can stand next to him watching a football match while eating and shouting with him. And there are many other things you can do as the ways on how to keep a man interested in you forever.

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3. How To Keep A Man Interested In You Forever – Make Him Feel Important

Men always want to be important ones in your life who can help you do or supply anything you like, so making your man feel his importance is a way on how to keep a man interested in you forever. You can do anything as when you think you are important to him as well. You just simply prepare a suitable suit for him each morning, prepare a great dinner after his long- working day, buy something essential for him without any requirements, listen to his stories about work and achievements of the day, or simply laugh at his jokes, especially make him surprised on his birthday. All of these simple gestures will keep your man always keep his eyes on you.

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4. How To Keep A Man Interested In You Forever – Make Him Be A True Man

Men always keep a certain ego along with them, which means encouraging your man’s ego is also appreciated on the ways how to keep a man interested in you forever. You can compliment on his suit that makes him outstanding in a crowd or praises his speech on ground. By these ways, you man may feel better and more confident about himself, which boosts his ego that he can protect and help you when going with him.

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5. How To Keep A Man Interested In You Forever – Don’t Always Keep Him Clingy

how to keep a man interested in you forever - don’t always keep him clingy

Besides a family life, your man also needs time and space for his work and his guy friends, so you should not always ask him to stay at home or go out with you on the weekends. Therefore, permit him sometimes to go out enjoying free time with his friend while you are also shopping and chatting with your own friends as well. You can then tell him what you do with your friends and listen to his stories. Men always love independent women, which means you should also keep your sense of independence after starting a relationship with him. However, no matter how you are independent, you have to make him feel necessary to protect and take care of you.

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6. How To Keep A Man Interested In You Forever – Keep Your Independence

Maintaining your own independence is another way on how to keep a man interested in you forever. No matter how happy you are in love, you have to consider that you would be fine when being alone. Both of you and he have individual lives and he is not everything to you. And as mentioned above, leaving your man space and time as well as keeping yourself independent is really important in maintaining a relationship.

There are something you have to do such as cultivating your own interests, spending time and energy for other friendship, and protecting your alone time. In other words, you should not lose your individual life after going in a relationship.

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7. How To Keep A Man Interested In You Forever – Behavior Well

Having good manner is an important factor on how to keep a man interested in you forever. Your man will certainly love you more when seeing you treating others well and showing your grace and kindness. He is also more confident and feels lucky when having a well- mannered woman along with him along the life path.
You should give your man a massage every night and prepare a comfortable bathtub for him after a hard- working day, which simply shows how thorough you take care of him.

You also make sure to fill your fridge with his favorite beverages. Men love drinking and you can restrict him from going out by the available beverages at home. And sometimes, you can drink beer or the wine talking with him, which helps stimulate your love.
For his family and friends, you have to show polite but not inconvenient pattern so that they all feel comfortable when dropping by your home and as when they stay with your man. He will appreciate what you do for his relatives and brothers thereby giving you more love and believe.

Keep reading this writing to discover other great tips on how to keep a man interested in you forever!

8. How To Keep A Man Interested In You Forever – Keep Growing

Keep yourself growing in a positive tendency is another way on how to keep a man interested in you forever. That means you have to do new things, challenge yourself, and learn more about the world around, which makes you more exciting and more attractive so that he wants to discover.

A long relationship easy leads both of you to the bore but don’t allow that to happen during the time of your life. You have to keep him deep in love with you by indicating him that you are becoming more fascinated every day. Let him see what you are possible to do such as surprising cooking abilities, an excellent cloth-choosing style, and your thorough care in many different ways. By these ways, your man will never get bored with you and always keep his eyes on you.

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9. How To Keep A Man Interested In You Forever – Don’t Analyze Him

If you want to maintain a long relationship, you should have certain believe in him and stop analyzing him too much. Don’t always keep in mind several questions like that “Is he acting weird?”, “Which girls are he going with?”, or “Why does he reply slowly?”… You should not worry such stuff because it is soon enough to find out if your man changes his love. And your inaccurate analysis sometimes can kill your sweet love as this thought effects on the ways you treat him. So in conclusion, believing in your man is an essential factor on how to keep a man interested in you forever.

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10. How To Keep A Man Interested In You Forever – Give Crazy Compliments

how to keep a man interested in you forever - give crazy compliments

In fact, we all like to receive positive feedback and men particularly need it. Giving your man several surprising and crazy compliments is a way on how to keep a man interested in you forever. It is so easy to give him some crazy compliments that express your appreciation and also encourage him to do better. Giving a funny compliment is an effective way to make him interested in you more and get rid of any stress.

For example, when he cooks a dinner with grilled fish, you can say “It is certainly the best grilled fish I have ever eaten”, or look him playing game and say “You are so sexy dealing with the crossword puzzle”, or listen to his talk about music and say “How amazing that you know about music more than anyone I have ever met”, or sometimes proud to introduce him to your friends and show him off.

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11. How To Keep A Man Interested In You Forever – Don’t Control Him

Keeping a certain freedom for him is a good way on how to keep a man interested in you forever. Many women think that they have right to control their men, from managing working time to going out with his friends, from checking out his messengers to urging him to treat them like that. These are absolutely wrong because a man always has his certain ego and nobody can change or manage it.

Instead of controlling your man, you should control yourself as well. At least, you have to control your actions and responses thereby showing your dignity and grace. Let him know if he screws up, calmly and clearly If he keeps doing it, then, he is trying to tell you that he does not care enough. Let him be who he is, and that may turn out to be someone who loves you.

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12. How To Keep A Man Interested In You Forever – Hold Back

Holding back is really a romantic gesture that makes your love stronger and more attractive. Sometimes, you can just only hold him from the back keeping the gesture for a while and tell him that “I just want to be with you forever”. By this way, your man will feel the warmth and sweetness of your love. However, don’t touch your man when he is busy dealing with his work, or when he wants to have individual space for himself. It is similar to the case when your man holds you from the back, you will feel the sweetness and security as well.

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13. How To Keep A Man Interested In You Forever – Keep Calm Down In The Tough Time

There will be sometimes when he is always annoying because he gets troubles with his work or some problems happen during the marriage life. If it is because of his work, you should give him sympathy and support though you may feel bored even tired. However, if it is the problem of your couple, you have to find out the solution and deal with it as soon as possible.  Being a woman, you are always careful and skillful in any cases to maintain your happy marriage time. And no matter how disconnected you feel from your husband sometimes, you should always understand and love the way he treats when he is crazy with work.

14. How To Keep A Man Interested In You Forever – Manage Brain In Lust

The lust is necessary for any long relationships but the hot sex sometimes begins from friendship or the emotional connection that has been established. You then control your brain whether to get in sex or not because you have to maintain a pure lifestyle when you have your own man already. You should think and talk about what are important in your life, ensure your compatibility in your values, interests, priorities, and senses of humor, and not afraid to disagree or even debate when urged to be sexed.

15. How To Keep A Man Interested In You Forever – Understand Sexuality

Understanding about sexuality is a very important factor on how to keep a man interested in you forever. Maintaining sex during the marriage time helps to stimulate your love and it is even a good way to remove any sadness and anger of your two. You can wear fascinating nightgown that brings him the lust and keep your enthusiasm during your sex. None of the men can refuse the attraction of women. After a sex, you can make him some snacks that men certainly love. It sounds crazy but quite effective because he may be out of energy then and these snacks are really essential for him. Do something simple but delicious for him after a sex.

There will be sometimes when he wants to get in sex but you don’t. At the beginning of marriage time, you are both interested in sex but that can change later. By anyway, if you want to maintain your long relationship, you should not refuse his invitation and get in sex with him in the best enthusiasm.

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After reading our article on 15 ways on how to keep a man interested in you forever in our main Relationship &Dating page, hope that you can find out the essential ways to maintain your long relationship. All the suggested ways may be necessary for all the women. Please let us know if you have any question or concern about our topic by leaving comments below then and feel free to share with us if you know other ways to keep a man interested in you forever.

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