Top 16 exercises for losing arm fat fast

Flabby or big arms may really put you down plus ruin your image! They’re hard to carry in one slim fit dress as well as going sleeveless is one huge embarrassment. Both guys and girls have the same troubles with their arms. Girls desire slim and toned arms, whereas guys desire huge muscles. It’s never too late to start exercise for arms. It does not just decrease the fat around this area, but it also provides you toned arms. You will begin feeling confident about yourself. There are several arm exercises which are super easy to practice and will tone the arms just enough to make the arms look sleek and longer, not too muscular but feminine and nice. In this article, will show you 16 exercises for losing arm fat. The writing collected a list of exercises for losing arm fat from reliable sources. Keep reading this post to learn these exercises for losing arm fat fast in more detail!

16 Exercises For Losing Arm Fat Fast You Should Follow

1. Biceps Curls

losing arm fat - biceps curls

Some exercises will aid in burning the fat faster and also aid in developing toned arms. The biceps curls are one of the simplest exercises for losing arm fat. This needs you to have 2 dumbbells. You need to begin with smaller weights and later you may work the way upwards. Start with two kg and afterwards go up to five kg or more, depending on whether you desire to build the muscles or only tone down the arms. Here are detailed instructions:

  1. Hold the dumbbells using the hands in front of you, the palms facing the front plus the arms and elbows straight.
  2. Now, slowly bend the elbows upwards and then bring them up to the shoulders.Keep for a second.
  3. Bring this dumbbell down and straighten the elbows. This is 1 rep!

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2. Hammer Curls

losing arm fat - hammer curls

General speaking, hammer curls are quite same to bicep curls. Here are detailed guides:

  1. This time, the palm will be facing inwards towards the body and the hands side to side with the elbows close to the torso.
  2. Now, curl the elbows upwards and then bring the dumbbells close to the shoulders.
  3. Hold it there for one second.
  4. Bring it back down afterwards. This is one rep!

3. Triceps Kickbacks

losing arm fat - triceps kickbacks

This is also one of the best exercises for losing arm fat fast. Here are detailed directions to do it:

  1. In order to do this exercise, you’ll need a bench and a dumbbell. You must bend down to a ninety degree while resting the right leg and the right hand on this bench beside you.
  2. Holding one dumbbell, bend the left arm to a ninety degree while keeping the elbow close to the torso. The elbow should constantly be in close proximity with the torso (much like hugging the torso).
  3. Bring the hand above the back (the kickback process). Keep!
  4. Bring it down again to a ninety degree.
  5. This is one rep!


Hold the back and the left leg straight and then try to maintain the posture while practicing all of the exercises.

4. Cable Triceps Pushdowns

losing arm fat - cable triceps pushdowns

The exercise will need you to have one cable pushdown machine that usually not lots people have at home so you’ll go to the gym or you can skip it. Here are detailed directions to do it:

  1. To do this exercise, you need to stand straight as well as right beside cable pushdown. Hold this cable with the hands shoulder length apart.
  2. Then push it downwards. Keep! Nowvery slowly release this cable to its original position.
  3. You don’t release the cable immediately because the sudden jerk may hurt the muscles. This is 1 rep.
  4. Do 2 sets of ten reps each and work the way up once the body gets one hang of it.

5. Modified Push Ups

losing arm fat - modified push ups

This is also one of the most effective exercises for losing arm fat fast. When you’re doing push up and if you’re doing it properly; every muscle in the body is actually working. How to do this exercise:

  1. You must go down on the knees along with rest both of the palms on your floor. Keep the palms shoulder length apart as well as behind the knees, cross both of the feet.
  2. Then slowly go down putting the weight on your palm of both hands. Now press against your floor and return to the original position.
  3. This is one rep.
  4. Start with adding ten reps a day in the exercise routine and after that work your way up.

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6. Air Punching

losing arm fat - air punching

General speaking, this is also one of the best exercises for losing arm fat fast. This exercise will tone the arms and work the chest, legs and waist. While you’re punching in the air, you feel the tension in the thighs. In order to do this exercise, here are easy steps:

  1. Widen the thighs and align the toes in the same direction of the knees and thighs.
  2. Twist the chest to your right side and punch. Then, twist the chest to your left side and punch.
  3. Now go ahead and then punch in the air in the opposite directions. Hold your fists very tight.

7. Triceps Dips

losing arm fat - triceps dips

The exercises do not just work out the arms but also the thighs, the butts, the legs and the shoulders. How to do this exercise:

  1. Position yourself as if you’re sitting on one chair, the difference being; the arms placed behind you on this chair.
  2. The palms should be resting on that chair and the fingers directed towards the body. In the very position, go down slowly, such that the hips are close your floor but don’t sit.
  3. Then bring yourself up to the similar position.
  4. This is one rep.
  5. Do 3 sets of ten reps each in the starting and then work the way up.

There are a lot of arm slimming exercises in this post, keep reading it!

8. Triceps Extensions

losing arm fat - triceps extensions

Simply, all you need are 2 dumbbells plus the will to shed your flab around the triceps. How to do this exercise:

  1. Hold the weight in the hands with the fingers facing inwards, with the arms straight above the head. Hold for 2 seconds.
  2. Bend the elbow and take this weight behind your head.
  3. Hold for 2 seconds. Then, bring it back above the head and breathe in.
  4. This is one rep.
  5. You must be doing two sets of ten reps each in the starting, with a break of sixty seconds in between these sets.

9. Wind Circles

losing arm fat - wind circles

Wind circles are also one of the simplest exercises for losing arm fat fast. Here are step by step directions to do it:

  1. Go ahead and straighten the arms to your sides.
  2. Begin with making smaller circles and then slowly raise the size of the circles.
  3. Do this exercise for 5 minutes in each direction.
  4. In the end of the five minutes, you’ll be making circles as large as a hula-hoop size. Go!

10. Shoulder Press

losing arm fat - shoulder press

To do this exercise, here are instructions:

  1. Stand with your feet as well as hands shoulder length apart. Now hold the dumbbells with the fingers facing outwards.
  2. The hands should be nearly in line with the ears. Then take them above the head. Hold! Bring the hands back to the prior position. Hold!
  3. This is one rep.
  4. Do at least 2 sets of ten reps each.

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11. Overhead Side Bend

losing arm fat - overhead side bend

This exercise is good for you if you desire to flaunt those sexy abs and arms. How to do it:

  1. Firstly, maintain one straight spine and then inhale through your nose.
  2. Exhale through the mouth. Maintaining the weight, take the left hand straight above the head and the right hand resting on the hipbone.
  3. Bend to the right side. Hold! Return to the original position. Hold!
  4. This is one rep.
  5. Do about five to ten reps at each side.

12. Weight Lifting

losing arm fat - weight lifting

This is also one of the greatest exercises for losing arm fat. You need to choose an item from the home to use as one weight. You may use one water bottle or a two liter cold drink bottle for this workout. If you have one pair of dumbbells at your home it really works out fine. Avoid using something valuable or breakable. It can break and fall down, so be very careful with the choice. How to do this exercise:

  1. Hold the item with both the hands and then lift it over the head. The arms should be straight, since this is the starting position.
  2. Now, lower this weight, by taking this behind the back. Need to reach this as low as possible. Make sure that you do not hurt yourself.
  3. Bring up that weight above the head, again. It’s important to keep the upper arms close to the head and ears.
  4. Also, you can try to do this exercise in front of your mirror if you can, it’ll assist you to improve the style.
  5. You need to do three sets of twenty reps, which mean you’ll move the item sixty items above the head.
  6. After every set, you may take a rest of a minute. Increasing the time or weight after every week will assist you to tone the muscles, effectively.

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13. Scissors

losing arm fat - scissors

This is also one of the best exercises for losing arm fat. How to do this exercise:

  1. You need to start by standing straight and next lifting the arms to shoulder height, in front of you.
  2. Stretch the arms to the side and next bring them back to the front, your right hand should overlap your left. It resembles open scissors.
  3. Need to stretch them to your side again and after that, bring them back to your front. This time, the left arm should overlap the right.
  4. This is one complete rep and the exercise requires to be done in three sets of 10 reps daily.

14. Arm Circles

losing arm fat - arm circles

You can do the exercise without or with weights. How to do it:

  1. Stand with the feet placed shoulder-width apart plus arms extend straight to the sides, raised at the shoulder height.
  2. Now, do fifty small circles with the hands by rotating them in your forward direction.
  3. Then switch to fifty small backward circles. This forward and backward arm movement tones all these muscles of your arms including the biceps, triceps, back and shoulders muscles as well.

15. Half-Moon Rotation

losing arm fat - half-moon rotation

This half-moon rotation exercise charms your major muscles of the arms and shoulders – the triceps and biceps. Here are detailed guides to do this:

  1. Stand whit the feet placed hip-width apart plus arms raised straight to your sides, raised at the shoulder height as well as the fingers together.
  2. Begin by keeping the palms facing towards your floor and later slowly rotate the thumbs towards the back till your palms are facing the ceiling.
  3. Slowly rotate your thumb down and forward.
  4. Repeat it thirty times at one stretch for best results.

16. Opposite Arm & Leg Lift

losing arm fat - opposite arm & leg lift

General speaking, this is a surprising exercise for toned arms which strengthens both the leg and arm muscles and stretches your back as well. This exercise is also effective for enhancing balance as well as perfecting the posture. Here are detailed instructions to do it:

  1. Get down on all fours with the knees placed directly below the hips as well as palms placed directly below the shoulders.
  2. Now, raise the right arm forward and then stretch the left leg backward at the similar time.
  3. Create a tension in the back by flexing the foot.
  4. Hold the position for several seconds and afterwards come back to the initial position.
  5. Repeat the same with your left arm along with the right leg.
  6. Repeat fifteen to twenty times on both sides.

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To get more information related to useful exercises for everybody, go to our main Fitness page. After studying the writing of 16 best exercises for losing arm fat, hope that this article will help you learn more some effective exercises to lose fat in arms. These are the greatest exercises for losing arm fat which you may try out at home. They’re really effective and also need to be done on a daily basis. You may do all these exercises for losing arm fat or you may select only one. If you have any question or comment, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible. Also you can share your experiences with us if you know other exercises for losing arm fat.

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