MagMind Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The single active ingredient which is lacking science shows that this brand is underwhelming. There were also plenty of dangerous side effects seen in users, many of which stated they would not recommend anyone try it.

We’d have to see a lot more studies to ensure that this brand is actually safe and effective with repeat use.

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MagMind Overview

MagMind is a nootropic supplement that relies on a single active ingredient which is a unique version of magnesium. This additive is unique as very few nootropics currently use it. The intended support is meant to pass the blood brain barrier which can have a much greater impact on the mind.

Even though magnesium is already found in whole foods, this version is meant for people who want a quick impact via a supplement. What was most notable is the lacking science on humans, and the possible side effects which was seen in far too many. Dangerous symptoms were seen to the point where people did not dare continued use, fearing they would experience the same side effects.

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MagMind Claims

The makers of MagMind claim that this can provide a major impact on cognition, supporting both short and long-term memory. It’s also said that this can pass the blood brain barrier, thereby having a much more noticeable and lasting impact.

They do admit that this research is preliminary, and therefore it’s all based off of potential science, not any undeniable proof. Other than a few sentences they do not go into much detail about the possible value of this supplement.

Since they do rely on a single patented ingredient that is made by another company, most of what’s known about this comes from another source.

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MagMind Ingredients

  • Magtein Magnesium L-Threonate

Magtein Magnesium L-Threonate is a patented mineral that has 4 animal studies performed. The ingredient was discovered and said to be better optimized for overall brain health than regular magnesium. A major claim made is that this can support long and short-term memory, and that it can support healthy cognition.

Magnesium in general is an important nutrient that can be found in whole foods such as vegetables and grains, and over time it’s reduced in the human mind.

The patentees of this ingredient admit that there may be dizziness, headaches, and other symptoms upon first use. They say that this should go away as the brain adjusts to the sudden increase of magnesium.

Somewhat positive changes are expected which show it is working such as drowsiness and a increase of blood flow sensation within the brain. It is also revealed that people with kidney issues or certain medical problems should not use this.

The company says that the animal studies performed showed that it could protect neuron cells and that it could provide a healthy dose of magnesium to the brain.

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The Science Behind MagMind

There were 4 clinical studies performed on the sole active ingredient in MagMind. This was not paid for by the makers of MagMind, though they are clearly relying on it working. The claim they provide is that it can cross the blood brain barrier, thereby making it much easier for the brain to enjoy the intended health benefits.

In looking at the studies the major flaw with this ingredient is that it was only tested on animals. It’s not that this guarantees that’s it’s not at all useful, only that human studies are a much better source of information. Animals may not always have the exact same makeup as humans, and it’s far better to understand what an additive can do when it’s given to people.

Additionally, it’s asking a lot to rely on well-rounded nootropic support from just a single ingredient. It could be that people who need more magnesium whole simply eat a diet rich in greens, brans, and grains to achieve similar results.

We’d have to have a lot more science presented to make an accurate decision on the potential benefits of MagMind.

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Word on the Street About MagMind

The amount of negative reviews on their page brought to mind a potentially unreliable supplement. There was a lot of criticism from certain users who felt it gave them immediate negative effects.

A customer who took it before bed suddenly experienced terrible symptoms that kept them from having a peaceful sleep. It’s not exactly clear why this would have such a strong negative effect, but this was not the only person unable to relax.

There was a review from a user who felt that since it does cross the blood brain barrier, it’s, much easier for someone to overdose on it. This may be why there were dangerous symptoms seen in quite a few users. The effects were incredibly strong to the point where people couldn’t feel normal for a few hours. Because of these symptoms may swear off of it, saying they would not recommend it at all.

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Is MagMind Worth a Try?

Due to the lack of research, many controversial opinions, and the use of a single additive, there’s not much value in this. The company behind the sole patented ingredient in MagMind has only reviewed this in animals, and it remains to be seen what kind of effects this may have long-term.

It’s not unlikely that magnesium may play a positive role in adding cognition, but it’s much easier and cheaper to get it in food. The key thing to notice is that this version of magnesium can pass the blood brain barrier which in turn may result in getting too much magnesium.

This was seen in some customers who said it made them extremely uncomfortable to the point where they did not want to continue using this. It has to be taken with extreme caution then because this can have a major negative impact on overall health. Because of the major concerns and lack of scientific proof of long-term usage, it’s too much to handle at this time.

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MagMind FAQ

  1. Does MagMind work to treat anxiety?
    This is not intended to treat anxiety directly.
  1. Can MagMind help with ADHD?
    It’s not a prescription meant for ADHD treatment, so no, it cannot offer support.
  1. What are some MagMind benefits?
    It’s intended to help provide magnesium to the brain, thereby protecting neurons and supporting overall cognition.
  1. What’s a common MagMind review?
    At this time the reviews were somewhat mixed with some seeing unwanted side effects.
  1. Are there any MagMind side effects to worry about?
    There are limited clinical studies but according to reviews, there were symptoms in some users such as anxiety, agitation, difficulty relaxing, blurred vision, and difficulty relaxing.
  1. Is there a MagMind Amazon page up?
    They do have it listed on Amazon.
  1. What are the full MagMind ingredients?
    This has a single active ingredient, Magtein, a patented form of magnesium.
  1. Can I get MagMind at Walgreens?
    They do have it in stock at this time.

So What Really Works?

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