Phobia Of Being Alone In The Dark, In A Room Or In Public

phobia of being alone

There are different types of phobias. If your fear relates to anxiety when being alone, this is monophobia. This normally is called phobia of being alone. It’s possible to treat this fear by psychological approaches. Keep reading this writing on VKool site in the line of Mind & Body to understand more about phobia of being alone in the dark, in a room or in public and some effective treatments.

Phobia Of Being Alone In The Dark, In A Room And In Public

I. What Is Phobia Of Being Alone?

phobia of being alone

Monophobia or phobia of being alone is the fear of being alone. People who suffer from this fear are scared of staying alone in the dark, in a room or in public. Monophobia is usually seen as part of agoraphobia.

Patients of agoraphobia may also scared of standing in queues, standing on a bridge or sitting in a place where they don’t feel safe or they feel ‘trapped’, like at a hairdresser’s and dentists. There can be additional phobias, predominantly social ones like fears of blushing, being stared at, trembling, writing in front of people, or talking, eating. They also suffer from depressive and obsessional symptoms.

II. Typical Types Of Phobia Of Being Alone

1. Fear Of Being Alone In Public

phobia of being alone

The phobia of being alone in public can be linked to some conditions such as agoraphobia and social phobia. If you are not comfortable being around strangers or in public, you may not take control of your normal actions such as your voice, your gestures or your face expression. Instead, you are comfortable to stay with family members, close friends or relatives. People with phobia of being alone are also scared of shopping alone, joining party. Most of them have narrow social relationships, less friends and don’t enjoy community activities.

2. Fear Of Being Alone In The Darkness At Home

phobia of being alone

Phobia of being alone at home, though not always, revolve around the fear of emergency situations. Home repair problems, personal injury and burglaries are commonly cited fears. They may arise in those who don’t trust their own judgment and don’t trust themselves. They may worry that they will react poorly and an emergency will arise.

Some are scared of being alone in their thoughts. To get rid of negative thoughts, anxiety and depression caused by the feeling of staying alone, you should combat this feeling by being busy. Listen to music, chat with your friends or do anything you can when being alone at home at night. If you love novel, you can turn on the lights, stay up all night to get rid of the fear of darkness. If you want to sleep, try to practice deep breath techniques for good sleep.

If you have a pet, you can sleep with your pet, too. It’s possible to handle this phobia of being alone in the darkness at home. Try some tips and you will be happy and enjoy staying alone.

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3. Fear Of Living Alone

phobia of being alone

This is an extension of the fear of staying alone forever. Of course, no one wants to live alone, and just young people enjoy their single life or being free without any control from other people. When it comes to the phobia of being alone, people suffer from this are uncomfortable to stay home the whole day. This fear is rooted in the lack of confidence. They may worry that they can’t respond to emergencies, can’t take care of their houses or deal with basic needs.

This phobia of being alone can be treated psychologically if the sufferers are aware of there effort to be real adults and solve their problems by themselves.

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III. Causes Of Phobia Of Being Alone

phobia of being alone

The phobia of being alone doesn’t come when you’re born. It can form and develop due to your living environment and the way you learn to react the world. In details, there are different causes of the fear of staying alone. For instance, it is a result of punishment or threat in childhood. Sometimes, they equate being by themselves for a short time with abandonment. Some feel like they ceased to exist when they are not with other people. They could only define themselves as a human through their associations with others.

Fear of staying alone may be caused by any thing. Maybe people feel abandoned in life and they came to associate staying alone with being neglected or unloved. On the other hand, they just never learned to be more comfortable while alone. Actually, you can learn to control your life without being lonely, so, it is your choice to accept your loneliness or improve your life without being alone!

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IV. Symptoms Of Phobia Of Being Alone

phobia of being alone

The following are typical symptoms and signs of phobia of being alone that you should consider:

  • Your mouth is dry
  • You sweat a lot
  • You shake violently at times
  • You lose your control over psyche
  • You cannot think or speak clearly
  • You cannot breathe properly
  • You have sickness and nausea
  • You fear that you can die at any time
  • You are far from the real life and you experience anxiety and panic attacks
  • Your heart beats fast when your fear comes

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V. Cope With Phobia Of Being Alone

phobia of being alone

As mentioned above, it’s possible to get rid of the phobia of being alone. It’s just a moment you lose your control of your mind. When you can understand your psychological machine and keep calm to handle it, it will disappear by itself fast.

In children, phobia can be treated with the help of parents and psychologists. Parents should create good living environment for their children. For example, parents should let their kids play with some friends. At the school age, children should live in their own room. They have to learn to sleep alone, study by themselves and be more independent in making some decisions.

In adults, people can learn some self-help skills and meet psychologists to handle their phobia of being alone.

Of course, the more fear you suffer from, the less independent you are and the more you position yourself to be needy and demanding within your relationships. It is not surprise that some simple personal skills can help you enhance your independence, boost your confident and strengthen your social relationship for being free from loneliness.

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1. Listen To Music

phobia of being alone

Regardless of any form of monophobia you suffer from, you can find comfort in some basic strategies. Some people see that background music can help. For instance, you can turn on your radio or television at home. Download your favorite music clips and movies to listen to when you feel your fear is coming. In public, you can try carrying your MP3 player, it will help you get rid of feeling of loneliness and get relaxed.

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2. Find Something On Social Media

phobia of being alone

In another way, you can spend your time reading a book, surfing the web, or getting lost in a film. Carry a smart phone, notebook or tablet, they may be are good way to focus on when you are in public.

3. Do Relaxation Exercises

phobia of being alone

Next to ways to overcome phobia of being alone, you can try doing relaxation exercises. In concrete, you can take deep breaths, practice meditation, do yoga, do some stretches to lower your anxiety, reduce stress and feel peacefulness.

4. Use Hypnosis

phobia of being alone

Hypnosis is a great way to calm down and boost confidence rapidly at the prospect. Find a space to get relaxed and extend your out breath several times to loose the whole body. Then, close the eyes and start visualizing yourself by doing something alone but relaxed such as walking or having a self talk. Notice in mind watching things in your thoughts or the way you’ve just relaxed and contented. The better you can do this, the better you train your mind & body to naturally and automatically notice how much calm you are about being alone.

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Bottom line:

In fact, there are various ways to get rid of the phobia of being alone in the dark, in a room or in public. Mainly, it depends on how you can control your subconscious and conscious mind to overcome it effectively. Hope that you could have an overview of this type of phobia and handle it fast. Comment on the article if you want to show your own idea. If you like it, please give it a thumb up!

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