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In today’s fast-paced world, products that claim to be fast, convenient, and easy-to-use can seem very appealing. With the growth of the diet industry, many products have claimed to be all three of those things, aiming to get people to buy them with the promise that they won’t have to spend lots of time dieting, exercising, and making sure they keep healthy – instead, they offer an easy solution that supposedly helps you lose weight passively, no effort needed. But do such products work? We’ll be reviewing one such product in today’s review.

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Iaso Tea Overview

Iaso Tea is a diet product that’s supposed to not only “detox” you, but make you lose weight as well. It seems to be entirely natural, made mainly from plant and herbal products. It can be purchased from the company’s main website, or it can also be bought off Amazon. You’re meant to steep two tea bags and drink twice a day, one glass with lunch and one with dinner. The product is sold in different sizes, with a one-month package costing as much as $38-$50. There is no caffeine in this tea, making it fine for drinking at night.

Iaso Tea is made by Total Life Changes, LLC, a health company based in Michigan. They sell a number of different supplements and products, including two different varieties of Iaso Tea – one regular, and one instant. The company doesn’t seem to have a great reputation with customers, with 58 customer complaints registered on their Better Business Bureau page. That’s a lot. People complained that the company has bad customer service, that they advertised false deals that they didn’t follow up on (ex. two-for-one, etc), and that they don’t honor their refund policy.

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Iaso Tea Claims

Iaso Tea is another tea product that claims to help rid you of built-up “toxins” and waste that have accumulated in your digestive tract. Among the other claimed effects are reduced stomach discomfort and weight loss.
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There are very few actual stated health benefits of this product, which is potentially because they know there are actually very few legitimate health impacts of so-called detox teas.

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Iaso Tea Ingredients

Iaso Tea has a few ingredients:

  • Persimmon leaves
  • Holy Thistle
  • Malva Leaves
  • Marsh Mallow
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Papaya
  • Myrrh
  • Chamomile
  • Ginger

Persimmon leaf is a common Korean tea ingredient, and is supposed to be useful for preventing acid reflux. There don’t appear to be any scientific studies that prove this, however. Marsh mallow is a plant used as an herbal remedy for inflammation in the respiratory tract and stomach, due to the chemicals it contains. Blessed thistle is used in herbal teas as a diuretic and prevent diarrhea, but there’s not enough evidence to show it works (WebMD).

Myrrh is a resin from the Commiphora species of plants. It’s also used to decrease swelling.

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The Science Behind Iaso Tea

There are plenty of health benefits that these ingredients are all claimed to effect, but if you take a second look at what we found above, you’ll find that none of them are supposed to help you lose weight.

This is pretty shocking, since most products that claim to induce weight loss actually try to include at least one ingredient that’s supposed to make you lose weight for some reason or another, whether it be burning fat or reducing the appetite.
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The closest we can think of is that blessed thistle is supposed to be used as a diuretic, which could lead to some loss of water weight.
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However, since water weight fluctuates from week to week (and even from day to day) it can’t lead to meaningful, long-term weight loss.

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Word on the Street About Iaso Tea

This product has lots of reviews, but over 40% of them are a 3/5 stars or lower, indication that a huge percentage of people have not been pleased with this product.

While some users said that “it totally works” and “I got lots of energy from drinking this!” many people were disappointed. They said “it didn’t do a thing, even after a month” and “didn’t help me lose weight at all.” Others mentioned that it “tastes awful” and “is a total waste of money – doesn’t work at all!

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Is Iaso Tea Worth Trying?

Definitely not. From top to bottom, everything about this product seems to be problematic. The company itself has dozens and dozens of complaints from customers, which is very bad and quite unusual. The actual ingredients in the tea don’t seem to have anything to do with weight loss, which is why we wonder why they claim it does.

With no mechanism of weight loss offered by the company (or anyone who uses the ingredients included in the tea) we checked to see what users thought. A huge percentage said that the tea simply doesn’t work, didn’t help them lose weight, and was a waste of their money.

The answer is pretty clear: avoid Iaso Tea.
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Iaso Tea vs Te Divina

These products are similar, and contain many of the same herbal ingredients. Iaso Tea claims to help you lose weight, however, while Te Divina claims merely to “cleanse your mind and body” – which is so generic, it could mean anything. Both are made by multi-level marketing companies that encourage people to sign up to sell their products for a commission. They cost around the same price, which is about $40 for a month of tea.

Iaso Tea vs Herbalife

Again, two similar products. They both claim to “detox” you and contain mainly herbal and plant-based ingredients. Iaso’s company Total Life Changes is, like Herbalife, a multi-level marketing company. However, while you can buy Iaso Tea from Amazon, Herbalife requires you to buy their products from a “distributor” (independent salesperson), so it’s hard to find out price information for it.

Iaso Tea vs Fit Tea

These teas make very different claims. While Iaso Tea claims to detox your body of waste and help you slim down (in a way that’s never explained), Fit Tea is supposed to increase your metabolism, leading to faster weight loss. Fit Tea contains oolong and green tea, while Iaso only contains herbal extracts and has no caffeine. Fit Tea is meant to be done in 14-day “detoxes” and costs about $25, about half the price of a month of Iaso Tea.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I find reviews for Iaso Tea?
    On Amazon, mainly. That’s where we found them.
  2. Do you know where to buy Iaso Tea?
    You can buy from Amazon, or from the Total Life Changes website (or via an independent distributor / salesperson).
  3. Is Iaso Tea buyable on the website?
    Yes, although it’s very expensive there.
  4. Can I get Iaso Tea on Amazon?
    Technically yes, although some users have said the Iaso Tea sold on Amazon is fake.
  5. What are the side effects of Iaso Tea?
    We haven’t read about any significant side effects of drinking Iaso Tea.
  6. Where do I find Iaso Tea reviews from 2024?
    You can probably find them on Amazon, like we did.
  7. What are the ingredients in Iaso Tea?
    Persimmon leaves, Holy Thistle, Marsh Mallow, Malva Leaves, Blessed Thistle, Papaya, Myrrh, Chamomile, Ginger.
  8. Is there an instant version of Iaso Tea?
    Yes, sold by the same company and on the same site.

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So What Really Works?

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