Famous & popular festivals in America – 9 interesting festivals

festivals in America

Annually, in America, many large and small festivals are held. There are some festivals that are popular and well-known in all over the world. Taking part in these festivals, people will be able to increase their confidence and make friends with others easily.

Famous Festivals In America – The Most Popular Festivals:

Travel to America and join the famous cultural festivals here will give visitors plenty of exciting experiences. Discover the most interesting and popular festivals in America through the article below for more knowledge about the country and people in America.

1. Chitlin Strut Festival: 

festivals in America

To honor the dish including fried pig intestines – a traditional food of the people living in Carolina over the last hundred years, the Chitlin Strut festival has been taken place for 48 years since the first time it was held. Therefore, the list of famous festivals in America definitely cannot lack the Chitlin Strut festival.

This festival was first held for the purpose of money donation for Christmas decorating lights, and it is the annual cultural event of the Salley town, South Carolina. Accordingly, the famous American festival Chitlin Strut was described and explained as follow: Chitlin means “the intestines of pigs”. This dish is an indispensable dish in the Thanksgiving dinner menu of local families here. The main activities in this festival include spectacularly parading on eye-catching dressed carriage, enjoying delicious dishes made from pig intestines and purchasing handmade items or participating in the pigs herding contest. This is the first one of the famous festivals in America that I would like to introduce in this article.

2. Caterpillars Festival: 

festivals in America

It is really hard to believe that the scary caterpillars which can cause terrible itching have a famous and magnificent American festival with the same name in Northern Carolina. Over many years recently, a lot of people here gathered together in Banner Elk – located in North Carolina – to use the striped caterpillars to predict the temperature of the upcoming winter. They can participate in many contests to won a lot of prizes valued of $ 1,000. In addition, to predict the temperature, you can also taste a lot of delicious typical dishes of the people here and enjoy the impressive entertaining shows during the American tour, or attend a very interesting race for the wool and you have to choose your favorite caterpillar as it climbs the hanging rope.

3. Layout Art Festival In Baltimore, Maryland: 

festivals in America

This annual event took place in Baltimore on July 20 to July 22 is considered and known as the America’s largest art festival. This is also a popular festival in the United States that we cannot forget to mention in this list. Last year, there were 350,000 attendees with numerous unique cultural art activities, such as singing, dancing, concerts, and fashion shows of the top artists in the world were held in this festival.

4. Parade Festival Of The Lambs: 

festivals in America

This is one of the most popular festivals in America which occurs in Ketchum (located in the East of the Boise city, Idaho State), beholding the annual migration of the lamps to the South area. The biggest event is the lamb parade every Sunday, where you can follow 1,500 lambs along the main street of Ketchum. Besides, visitors can watch the sheepdog contest, enjoy roast lamb, and enjoy music from the lands of lambs, such as Peru, Poland, and the Basque Country. Children will be delighted to learn the process of soap and sheep wool production or make handmade crafts for Christmas.

5. Minneapolis Festival In Minnesota: 

festivals in America

This popular festival in America is the combination of … everything, from sailing to bowling leagues made from milk cartons. You will be playing freely if you join all the activities in this unique festival.

6. Halloween Festival Of The Dead: 

festivals in America

Enjoy your eldritch streak in the town where the famous witch trails took place. During this event which haunts people and lasts in a week, you can join a guided vision ritual to the sabbat grove to meet the spirits for yourself. You can visit some mysterious gardens where the livings can hunt ghosts, communicate with the spirits of the dead, and learn about the ancestors of Witchcraft – which is so-called “Mighty Dead”.

7. Music City Festival & BBQ Championship:

festivals in America

America has such a very abundant musical history – back in the 1700s, early settlers cut loose with buck dancing and fiddle tunes – and locals celebrate this tradition proudly during this yearly festival. Certainly, you can check out live music any night of the week in Nashville. However, there are some special things about enjoying it with the buzz of the crowd on the banks of the Cumberland River. And aspiring chefs can take part in the BBQ contest, so now is the perfect time to make wonderful BBQ sauce.

8. Roswell UFO Festival, New Mexico:

festivals in America

Come to the Roswell town, New Mexico in July to have the opportunity to admire the aliens from everywhere around the world. Your pets can also have chance to be dressed to take part in the contest “aliens pets”. Do not forget to watch a volleyball game in the mud and the outdoor parade of extraterrestrial creatures and be careful when confront with the hunters and UFO abduction experts here.

9. Mash Festival, Barnesville:

festivals in America

The last but not least festival in America is also a relatively “strange and funny” festival that many people will love – the mash festival (mashed potato festival).

Mashed potato festival in Barnesville annually attracts more than 16,000 potato lovers to attend more than 40 unique activities of the festival, including: wrestling in a pool of mashed potatoes, potato peeling contest, shape on mashed potato, mashed potato eating contest…

This is the list of 9 interesting famous festivals in America that readers of VKool.com should know and will definitely love to take part in if they have chance to go to visit America.

If you think that the list of popular festivals in America I mentioned above is very interesting and useful, you can share this list with other people and show me your own opinions by commenting in the form below.

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