10 Health Dangers Of Mobile Phones You Should Not Ignore

health dangers of mobile phones

Mobile phones have revolutionized to aid in communication since the 21st century, and the number of mobile phone users has rapidly increased in recent years.

By January 2024, about 90 percentages of adults in America owned a mobile phone, 42 percentages of them had a tablet computer while 32 percentages had an e-reader.  This data itself indicates how mobile devices are popular.

People use their devices to send and receive messages, call or get alerts even when they do not ring or vibrate.

This addiction to mobile phones is unknowingly affecting to your health. We are swimming in a pool of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) emitted by power lines, electrical appliances, wiring in buildings, and various technology devices that are essential in the modern life. Exposing to electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other technology devices in a long period can cause many negative impacts on your health.

In fact, several studies have indicated the danger of mobile phones. Today, in this writing, VKool introduce top 10 health dangers of mobile phones on human health that you should know. This article shows the list of side effects of using the mobile phones on health gathering from reliable sources. Keep following this writing to know its effects!

Top 10 Health Dangers Of Mobile Phones You Should Not Ignore

1. Spread Infections

spread infections

The first of top 10 dangers of mobile phones. I want to show you in this writing to the ability to spear infections of it. You may not think about it but your device can be contaminated if you use your phone in the restroom, market, hospital, or other public areas.

Researchers carried out a 2024 study at the University of London and measured the levels of bacteria in 400 mobile phones. Shockingly, 92 percentages of these phones contain bacteria.

Another 2024 study found that mobile communication devices contain potentially nosocomial pathogens. These pathogens are present in hospitals and various healthcare facilities.

Bacteria transmitted from mobile phones to your hands cannot be removed by using antimicrobial gels.

It is also found mobile phones of orthopedic surgeons have a potentially rich amount of nosocomial infection and it is recommended that mobile phones should be cleaned frequently more than once per week.

Therefore, it is a good idea to disinfect your mobile phone to aid in inhibiting the germs’ spread to yourself and others.

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2. Reproductive Health

The radiation of mobile phones also negatively affect to the reproductive health, particularly in males. Mobile phones can emit harmful radiation leading to damaged or slower sperm as well as reduced sperm concentration.

A study in 2024 suggested that using the mobile phones too much are one of the main factors causing infertility in men.

Another 2024 study also highlighted the impact of GSM equipment on sperm. This study indicated that exposing to the harmful waves which are emitted by mobile phones can increase the sperm cells that have the abnormal morphology.

In 2024, a study reported that using cell phone was significantly and directly related to the poor sperm count as well as overall infertility in males.

Mobile phones reduce the quality of semen by reducing the sperm amount and its motility, normal morphology, and viability.

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3. Impair Hearing

Mobile phones emit harmful radiation damaging the inner ears, especially the delicate tissues.
It can cause hearing loss at the high-frequency level.

A 2006 study indicates that hearing loss at a higher level is related to exposing to electromagnetic fields that are generated by mobile phones for a long time.

In 2024, another study also shows that the use of mobile phones can make people lose hearing in their dominant ear which is most often expose to the mobile phone.

If you notice any symptom such as ear fullness, ringing in your ears (tinnitus), and ear warmth while using the mobile phones, it may signal an early warning symptom of an auditory abnormality.

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4. Dangers Of Mobile Phones – Spinal Pain And Misalignment

Spinal pain and misalignment are common problems in users constantly tilting downward to use their mobile phones. This habit is really harmful to your spine.

If you often hold the mobile phone between the shoulders and neck, it can make your back and neck get strained.

This, in turn, can cause back and neck pain, which ranges from a nagging and chronic pain to sharp or even severe the muscle spasms of your upper back.

Because you use mobile phones constantly on your hands, particularly your thumbs when you type messages and emails, it can trigger inflammation or tendonitis. This may be the reason causing cramping, throbbing, and aching pain in these areas.

If you do not take care of this problem, it can cause osteoarthritis of your thumb.

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5. Dangers Of Mobile Phones – Brain Cancer

dangers of mobile phones - brain cancer

The WHO (World Health Organization) reported that mobile phones have the ability to emit radio waves (radiofrequency energy). This non-ionizing radiation acts as a possible factor causing cancer.

The radiation that is generated by mobile phones is absorbed by your brain and this radiation will make the brain tissue get heated. This, in turn, increases the chance of developing brain cancer.

A research in 2024 establishes the relationship between the use of cordless and mobile phone and malignant brain tumors that are diagnosed from 2024 to 2024.

Pathophysiology also confirms in a study published in 2024 that using cordless or mobile phones can increase the chance of brain cancer.

Nevertheless, people using the mobile phones more than 20 years are at the highest risk of this disease.

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If you want to know more about health dangers of mobile phones, stay with us for our next post!

6. Increase Accident Risk

Many activities and objects may pose visual, mental, and manual distractions while you drive a vehicle and using the mobile phone is one of these activities.

A report in 2024 highlighted that using the mobile phone any time while driving roughly cause the risk of crash fourth as much as not using it. Mobile phones may easily divert the attention of drivers and thereby increasing the chance of a crash.

Another study in 2024 found that using the mobile phone while driving has a significant connection to crash culpability, which, in turn, increases the culpable crash rate by 70 percent, compared to drivers who didn’t use a mobile phone.

Therefore, you should not use mobile phone while behind the wheel to get safe from dangers of mobile phones.

7. Cause Poor Vision

One of top 10 dangers of mobile phones is to cause poor vision health. Radio waves that mobile phones emit can cause heating effects to your eyes.

In addition, exposing to the blue-violet light which is emitted from the screen of your phone can put you at a higher chance of having macular degeneration. This is a leading reason causing blindness.

Because the screen of mobile phones is smaller than the computer’s screen, you often have to squint or strain the eyes to read messages.

Plus, people tend to bring their device closer to the eyes and do not blink while reading or texting texts. These habits, in turn, strain the eyes.

Scientists studied the effects of electromagnetic waves on the eyes of humans and then concluded that using mobile devices too much can cause early cataracts. This use may also have negative impacts on the corneas, retinas, and various ocular systems of your eyes.

In order to keep your vision healthy, you must test your eyes regularly as well as take breaks from the handheld device on a regular basis.

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8. Increase Stress

increase stress

If you often check the mobile phone every several minutes, it can increase the stress level. Additionally, the constant vibrating alerts, reminders, and ringing can make you more stressful.

BMC Public Health concludes in a 2024 study that the exposure to mobile phone has a direct association to the levels of stress. It may also lead to sleep disturbances as well as signs of depression.

In fact, in any circumstance, stress is harmful to your health. Besides stress, the excess use of mobile phone can also be a risk factor causing mental health problems in adults.

Moreover, a study published in 2024 found that using technologies to aid in escapism is associated with a higher chance of anxiety scores as well as depression scores. Nevertheless, those using technologies to get rid of being bored do not experience bad mental health.

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9. Heart Problems

Another of top 10 dangers of mobile phones is to cause problems related to your heart. Radiation emitted by mobile phone is very harmful to your heart health. Mobile phones can emit electromagnetic energy causing oxidation as well as make cell membranes become weaker.

According to a study published in 2024, radiation that is emitted by cordless devices, including mobile phones, can trigger heart irregularities.

Another 2024 study also reports that electromagnetic energy from mobiles negatively impacts on people suffering from ischemic heart problem because it will alter the activity of electrocardiographic.

Plus, it is showed that using the mobile phones lead to high blood pressure.

After taking a look at the negative effects of mobile phones on the heart health, you’d better not keep your mobile phone near your heart. People having a pacemaker should also follow this rule strictly.

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10. Sleeplessness

If you use your mobile phone too much at night, it can make you sleepless. The light emanated from your phone will affect to your body’s circadian rhythm and stimulate the hormone production, promoting alertness.

Plus, if you let your phone near the bed, you will be prone to get awakened at the middle night because of mobile vibrations and rings.

BMC Public carried out a survey of adults at the age of from 20 to 24 for over 1 year and they proved that sleep disorders and symptoms of stress and depression were related to excess exposure to the mobile phone.

Another study in 2024 found that sleeping with a television or small screen in your bedroom were linked to shorter sleep periods.

It is also reported that children is capable of absorbing microwave radiation more than adults. Therefore, parents are recommended to limit the use of mobile phones in their children.

Besides, remember to let mobile phones aside at night to have a sound sleep.

Do not forget that sleep disorders can directly cause numerous metabolic syndromes such as diabetes, obesity, bad cholesterol, hypertension, excessive belly fat and high levels of triglyceride.

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Here are some additional tips that you can follow to prevent dangers of mobile phones:

  • Use the speaker when you talk to anybody instead of letting mobile phone near your ear.
  • Minimize leisurely talks and conversations. Use a landline when you have long conversations.
  • Never forget the landline because it is safer than the mobile phone.
  • Limit to talk over mobile phones and then text messages if it is possible. However, you have to ensure that you sit straight and let your phone at a safe distance with your eyes when you text messages.
  • Restrict to use your mobile phone when going in the remote area or travelling.
  • Do not use the mobile phone when you are in an elevator.
  • Keep the phone far away when going to bed at night or set it on airplane mode if you can to have a sound sleep.
  • Remember not use your mobile phone when it is charged.
  • Look for EMF protective or radiation blocking clothing available online to protect you from harmful radiation.

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If you want to know more other effects and dangers of various habits in your life and get a good lifestyle, visit our main Lifestyle page. After reading the writing of top 10 health dangers of mobile phones, hope you know the side effects of using the mobile phone on human health.

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