Top 9 Causes Of High Cholesterol In Adults

Cholesterol is one thick substance which can be found in your blood. While few cholesterol is good—the body really needs it to build the healthy cells—containing very high cholesterol may have a negative effect on the heart, leading to heart disease. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep the cholesterol down. But it is important for you know the causes of high cholesterol before treating it. In this article, will show you top 9 causes of high cholesterol in adults. The writing collected a list of high cholesterol causes from reliable sources. Keep reading this writing to learn more these 9 causes of high cholesterol in more detail!

Top 9 Causes Of High Cholesterol In Adults You Should Know

1. Excess Weight

causes of high cholesterol-excess weight

Looking for the causes of high cholesterol, you should not pass weight. Being overweight is one major part of getting high cholesterol. A lot of people struggling with the obesity consume too much LDL cholesterol that may be found in the foods rich in trans fats. Exercise may actually help to reduce cholesterol. That is because moderate, regular physical activity may bring up HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol levels. It is crucial that you should consult the physician before taking part in any aggressive physical activity plan. In fact, if you are currently overweight and also looking to cut the cholesterol, you should consider beginning with moderate physical activities, such as going for brisk walks or riding a bike.

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2. Poor Diet

causes of high cholesterol-poor diet

Poor diet is one of the causes of high cholesterol in adults. A diet high in LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol) can raise your cholesterol levels and then lead to heart disease. That is why it is necessary to avoid trans fats that are load with LDL cholesterol. Typically, trans fats may be found in many unhealthy foods, from the fast food burgers to the baked goods like cake, donuts and tarts. In order to fight off high cholesterol, you should try taking loads of whole grains (like pastas and whole wheat breads) and eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, you had better substitute less healthy red meat with the heart-healthy kinds of fish—such as tuna, halibut and cod—all of which has omega 3 fatty acids recognized to help keep heart health.

3. Age

causes of high cholesterol-age

Age is also considered as one of the top causes of high cholesterol. Women over age 55 and men older than age 45 are automatically at risk for the problem of high cholesterol.

Fortunately, there are some things older adults may do to reduce their cholesterol levels. Exercise can help but even if that is not a choice one can cut the cholesterol by consuming healthy foods (like fruits, whole grains and vegetables), quitting smoking and losing weight as well.

4. Smoking

causes of high cholesterol-smoking

All you know that smoking is not good for your health. But it is specifically troublesome as it comes to cholesterol, because it reduces HDL cholesterol levels while leading to physical harm to the blood vessels lining. In time, this can increase one’s risk of the developing blood clots that can eventually cause atherosclerosis. It’s worth seeing that breathing in others’ cigarette smoke or second-hand smoke— may also have this effect. In fact, if you have got high cholesterol, you had better stop smoking immediately.

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5. Gender

causes of high cholesterol-gender

Males are far more likely to cope with high cholesterol than females. And for a lot of men this means they are at far better risk of having one heart attack than the female counterparts.

That is why it is crucial for all males, especially those older than age 45, to have the cholesterol levels tested. Especially, if high cholesterol problem is detected, one had better seriously think serious lifestyle adjustments, like changing diet, quitting smoking and losing weight.

6 Activity Level

causes of high cholesterol-activity level

Generally, slumping in front of your TV can take years off the life and it is also not good news for your fitness as well as cholesterol levels. In addition, lack of activity can reduce HDL (good cholesterol) and raise LDL levels (bad cholesterol). You can get the heart pumping as well as endorphins flowing with one morning run, or can try something new like bootcamp or boxing. Even moderately strenuous activities such as housework and gardening all count!

7. Family History

causes of high cholesterol-family history

A few people eat well, exercise regularly, avoid smoking and get a healthy body weight and still find themselves infected with high cholesterol. In a lot of cases it is the result of the familial hypercholesterolemia that simply means that an individual has one family history of the problem of high cholesterol.

8. Health

causes of high cholesterol-health

Seeking the causes of high cholesterol, your health is also a cause of this problem. A family history of diabetes or heart disease can affect you as well as certain diseases, including hyperthyroidism and diabetes, can lead to the high cholesterol. The levels of high cholesterol also look to run in families, thus if the parents are affected, opportunities are you will be at a few point in the life too.

9. Foods

causes of high cholesterol-foods

Some types of foods are also one of the top causes of high cholesterol. They include:

  1. Fried chicken, French fries as well as other traditional fried dishes may be high-cholesterol and notorious trans-fat foods. Instead of deep frying, you should try sautéing or pan frying.
  2. Fast foodgets much blame these days for troubles with one high-cholesterol diet, however the reality is that a lot of restaurant chains now provide heart-healthy diet options which you can order alternative by those laden with the trans fats. Look for salads, chicken or grilled fish, baked chips, baked potato, fruit. Also, skip the cookies, fried desserts and pies, and seek yogurt treat or a fresh fruit.

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To get more information related to health problems, go to our main Diseases & Conditions page. After reading the writing of top 9 causes of high cholesterol in adults, hope that this writing helps you learn more the high cholesterol causes to prevent and treat it fast and effectively. If you have any question, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible. Also you can share the experience if you know any other causes of high cholesterol to us.

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