The Perfect Pointe Book Review – Will Lisa Howell’s Guide Work?

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The Perfect Pointe Book Reveals Ballet Lessons

I would like to introduce the 6-parts in the perfect pointe book review to make you clearer about the perfect pointe book program:

1. What Is The Perfect Pointe Book?

2. How The Perfect Pointe Book Help You Perfect Your Pointe Work? Get Things Done?

3. How Much To Get Started?

4. What Will You Get From The Perfect Pointe Book?

5. Is It Guaranteed That The Perfect Pointe Book Will Work For You?

6. Does The Perfect Pointe Book Give Any Support?

What Is The Perfect Pointe Book?

The Perfect Pointe Book is created by a Physical Therapist – Lisa Howell with more than 10 years of training dancers. This ballet lessons E-book is a breakthrough resource for ballet dancers at all ages to guide them through every stage required for pointe work. From that, it will make sure that you have a safe and fun improvement onto pointe. Besides, it is designed to walk you through 4 special exercise programs that target to enhance your techniques and strength as rapidly as possible.

How The Perfect Pointe Book Help You Perfect Your Pointe Work?

This E-book contains 151 pages divided into 4 stages. They are: the flexibility of your ankles and feet; the strength every tiny muscles in your own feet; your turnout muscles; and the last your core balance and strength

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Here is the detailed:

• Stage 1: Fabulous Flexibility: covers tests and exercises ensuring your foot is into the best position for pointe work
• Stage 2: Marvelous Muscles: shows about the various muscles in your feet and how to get the right ones strong
• Stage 3: Terrific Turnout: unveils how to find your actual turnout muscles, make them stronger and more
• Stage 4: Beyond The Barre: find out and how to strengthen your core muscles, etc

In specifically, you will learn:

• Simple tests to point out how you prepared for pointe work already
• The meaning of weaknesses and restrictions and how to fix them
• Simple massage techniques to enhance your pointe range
• And much more

People can check out The Ballet BibleDance Workout, and Belly Dancing Course to get more knowledge about dancing.

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How Much To Get Started?

The author offers The Perfect Pointe Book program with the aim to help everyone access this course People who want to own this unique E-guide can purchase beyond 2 versions:

• One is E-book which values just $29 USD
• The left is the hard copy values only $50 UD + P&P. With this version, you are still able to get access the downloadable files

It is worth noting that this E-book is written by a dancer and for dancers. So, it is absolutely easy-to-understand and follow for every dancer.

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What Will You Get From The Perfect Pointe Book?

When downloading this comprehensive ballet lessons program, customers will receive the main 151-page manual coming with 4 downloadable video files including:

• Video 1: Fabulous Flexibility
• Video 2: Marvelous Muscles
• Video 3: Terrific Turnout
• Video 4: Beyond The Barre

Besides, this system also compiles emails, new letters, and articles to help you actually get The Perfect Pointe Book.

Is it attractive enough to let you order this product right now?

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Is It Guaranteed That The Perfect Pointe Book Will Work For You?

In case that you are not totally satisfied with this product content, within 30 days, please return the E-book in good condition attached with the letter explaining of the reason of returning. Then you will get all your money back.

Now, is there any doubt raising in your mind? Just go ahead to enjoy this unconventional ballet lessons system.

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Does The Perfect Pointe Book Give Any Support?

For any questions relating to the product, customers can follow this address to get the full support

Additionally, people caring about our article as well as this program can leave comments / feedbacks / ideas at the end of this post. We are glad to answer all as quickly as possible! Hope that you have enjoyed an interesting journey with us!

Are you ready to improve and perfect your ballet techniques with The Perfect Pointe Book?

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