Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Uses And Its Benefits For Health

extra virgin coconut oil uses

Coconut oil is a trendy ingredient nowadays due to its benefits and advantages for health and beauty. This is not only great for recipes, but it is also good for your beauty. Women are interested coconut oil because it is an excellent and safe ingredient for hair, skin, and nails. People use coconut oil following different ways but they really surprise about its assistances. Recently, VKool.com has released a writing of top 15 extra virgin coconut oil uses and its benefits for health. Keep reading the article and find out what they include.

Top 15 Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Uses And Its Benefits For Health

1. Good For Your Hair

virgin coconut oil uses

Talking about extra virgin coconut oil uses, people usually think about its benefit for hair first. Coconut oil is listed in the best ingredients for hair as it is high protein. It is a good conditioner to protect your hair and prevent hair damage from the sun and chemicals. You can massage coconut oil into the scalp several times per week.

2. Beneficial For Heart

Coconut oil can prevent heart disease because it contains saturated fats, lauric acid. As the result, coconut oil can prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as atherosclerosis. You should add coconut oil into the daily diet.

3. Great For Your Skin 

virgin coconut oil uses

Along with hair care, virgin coconut oil uses are for health improvement and skin care, as well. You can massage coconut oil on the skin to moisturize and prevent skin dryness. You also can reduce wrinkle process and prevent eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and other skin infections. You can mix coconut oil with other ingredients to have great paste for your skin and it is safe for parts of the body.

4. Support Fat Loss

virgin coconut oil uses

If you are obese and want to lose weight naturally, you should take advantage of extra virgin coconut oil uses in fat loss. This ingredient is high in fatty acids and it is very healthy for overweight people. As the consequence, you should add more coconut oil into diet plans for fat loss purpose.

5. Improve Immune System

virgin coconut oil uses

Coconut oil is not only good for your skin but it is perfect in boosting immune system. Coconut oil includes capric acid, lauric acid and antimicrobial lipids that can kill harmful bacteria and viruses and protect your body from dangerous diseases.

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6. Improve Your Digestion

virgin coconut oil uses

Coconut oil is natural cooking oil that many women use in the kitchen today. While coconut oil is well-known in cosmetic industry, it is also used commonly in healing digestion problems as it contains amino acids, minerals, and many healthy vitamins.

7. Prevent And Cure Candida

virgin coconut oil uses

Sincerely, coconut oil is a beautiful ingredient for your health and beauty. Another use of virgin coconut oil is to prevent and health candida disease. It can relieve the inflammation from candia and reduce symptoms of this condition such as general infections, stomach, throat, nose, dry skin, and itchy skin, etc.

8. Fight Infections

virgin coconut oil uses

Coconut oil is an excellent remedy for many types of infections due to antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. Extra virgin coconut oil uses for killing viruses from SARS, herpes, hepatitis, measles, and influenza. Also, it can kill bacteria caused by gonorrhea pneumonia, urinary infections, etc.

9. Good Your Liver And Kidney 

virgin coconut oil uses

Coconut oil is highly recommended for various benefits including liver improvement. Fatty acids and triglycerides can prevent liver diseases, reduce liver work, and prevent fat accumulation. Besides, coconut oil can prevent bladder diseases and prevent kidney stones significantly.

10. Reduce Stress

virgin coconut oil uses

Can you believe? Coconut oil can remove stress very effectually. Simply, you can massage with virgin coconut oil whenever feeling stressed. It will get rid of mental fatigue, tiredness, and stress. Whenever feel anxious about things, you should take some coconut oil and massage, you will feel different from it.
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11. Good For Diabetes

virgin coconut oil uses

If you are suffering diabetes or want to avoid this disease, you should consume extra virgin coconut oil as much as possible. This ingredient will improve insulin level and control your blood sugar. It will prevent and treat diabetes very perfectly if you use it more frequently.

12. Strengthen Your Bones

virgin coconut oil uses

Coconut oil includes crucial minerals, vitamins such as magnesium and calcium, which is necessary for bone growth. Particularly, coconut oil is good for healing osteoporosis in adults. Virgin coconut oil is an amazing ingredient in strengthening your bones. Therefore, you should add it more in the daily diets for you and family.

13. Prevent Cancer And HIV

virgin coconut oil uses

Unbelievable but coconut oil plays an important role in lowering susceptibility for cancer and HIV people. It will help you boost endurance, energy, and help athletes get higher results in competition. Nutritional remedy for HIV is also strongly recommended and people also consider coconut oil as an excellent therapy for the diseases.

14. Healthy For Your Teeth

virgin coconut oil uses

If your teeth are weak, you should take more coconut oil into the diet because calcium in coconut oil will support dental care. It also prevents and cures tooth decay. The reason is that coconut oil can fight bacteria and viruses from the mouth and helps your teeth stronger.

15. Help Your Treat Alzheimer’s

virgin coconut oil uses

Along with other virgin coconut oil uses, you should add this advantage of the ingredient in the list. Coconut oil will be good for Alzheimer’s patients and it will boost brain function dramatically. If people want to prevent this condition, they also need to add coconut oil in the daily diets. Coconut oil can be cooked or added into salad dishes. They are very delicious to eat and healthy to consume.

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After reading my writing of top 15 extra virgin coconut oil uses & benefits for health, I hope that you understand more about its benefits, not only for your skin, but for your body and beauty. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon.

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