Best Exercises For Flat Abs For Men And Women Are Uncovered

When it comes to abs flab, there are two manners to tackle that problem. Either burn blubber or suck it in with strong muscles. And, even if you do not lose fat, you still could improve your waistline through toning your muscles. Hit your core from every angle by following step-by-step the exercises for flat abs below that will help you shed inches and pounds, banish the bloat, and feel more gorgeous from inside out. Check out from VKool site now!

I. 13 Best Exercises For Flat Abs For Men

exercises for flat abs

Guys, of course, you want a six-pack, yet that is not all you get as working on your own abs. The abs are some of the core muscles which support all of the motions of the human body. Firm abs will help in raising the overall fitness level and improve the athletic performance. Moreover, decreasing your waist size could also reduce your potential risk of heart disease as well as diabetes.

1. Bicycle

exercises for flat abs

With “bicycle” move, you should follow 4-8 key moves in every workout. Make sure that you target both the upper and lower abs, the oblique muscles along your own sides and the back as well. This is one of the best exercises for flat abs you should follow.

First, you lie on the back and then imagine there is a “pedal” in the air. Second, you form the position as if you are cycling on that pedals. Raise one of your shoulders as if you are trying to touch the opposite knee. Do the same routine with the opposite side for about 2 sets with 12 repetitions each one. You should keep the elbows back and the lower back on the ground.

2. Classic Crunch

exercises for flat abs

When it comes to exercises for flat abs, crunch is always a priority for most practitioners as it is a classic exercise which works effectively. You can start by lying on the back, your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Then, put the hands behind the head, your elbows facing out. Now, with the lower back on the ground, you use the abs muscles to raise the upper body as far as possible. Keep this pose for a few seconds before returning to the ground. You should do this exercise for 3 sets with 10-12 reps each one. Besides, you could take a rest for about 30 seconds in between the abs exercises.

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3. Reverse Crunch

exercises for flat abs

This exercise targets your lower abs that might be rather tough to tone. You should keep the arms at your own sides with your palms facing down. Then, you use the abs to raise the legs, bringing your knees directly over your hips. After that, contract your abs further and raise the hips and lower back off the ground, your knees towards face. Keep this position for a few seconds before you lower back to the ground. However, you should not let the feet touch the ground. Keep doing this exercise for 3 sets with 10-12 reps each one.

4. Wood Chop

exercises for flat abs

Another effective move for flat abs is wood chop. To start, you can grab a medicine ball, a dumbbell, or a cable weight system. You should opt for enough weight in order to work your muscles to fatigue in 12 reps. Then, you kneel on the left knee with the right foot forward. After that, use the two of your hands to raise the weight up over the shoulder level, on the right side. Avoid turning the torso. Now, you slowly lower the weight to the opposite hip. Hip, heads and torso should face forwards all the time. Practice the exercise for 12 reps before you switch sides.

5. Trunk Rotations

exercises for flat abs

Opt for a dumbbell or a medicine ball. Then, form a sitting pose, and slightly lean back, engage the abs, knees bent while maintaining heels placing the ground. Keep the weight close to your own body and twist the torso slowly to your left side. Then, you stop a few seconds before you rotate to your right side. You should contract your abs deeply when you twist. Do this routine for 3 sets with 12 reps each one.

6. Dumbbell Fly (Abs And Pecs)

exercises for flat abs

Do you want to look good shirtless? Then, you might want chiseled pecs together with the flat abs. Then, you should practice this move to target these two areas.

To start, you sit on a stable ball while holding dumbbells. Then, walk the feet forwards and lie back till the head as well as the upper back rest on that ball. Keep the dumbbells directly above the elbows. Now, tighten your abs before pushing the dumbbells straight up. Last, slowly swing your arms out and then in – try to keep them extended, not locked. Practice the exercise 3 sets with 8 to 12 reps each one.

7. Front Plank (Abs And Back)

exercises for flat abs

When building your steely abs, you should make sure that your back keeps proper pace. Use a plank to make the exercise more comfortable. To start, you lie on the stomach with the forearms on the blank. Keep your elbows bent, under the shoulders. Then, use the core muscles to raise the torso as well as thighs off the ground while tightly contracting the abs and the butt. Keep this pose for 5 seconds and work up to about 30-60 seconds before you lower to the floor. Practice this exercise for 3 sets, taking a rest for 30 seconds or so in between. Stop instantly if there is any pain in your back.

8. Bird-Dog (Abs And Back)

exercises for flat abs

With this exercise, you need to kneel on both hands and knees, the fingers facing forwards. Then, you tighten the core muscles; lift your right leg up till it is parallel with the ground, not higher than your hip. Concurrently, you raise your left arm till it is parallel to the ground. Keep this pose for a few seconds before lowering to the beginning point; repeat the same with the opposite side. One rep contains a full cycle of two of your sides. Practice the exercise for 3 sets with 8-12 reps each one.

9. Knee Tucks (Abs And Legs)

exercises for flat abs

To get your dreamed flat abs, you should not overlook this exercise. This move begins with the stomach lying on one stable ball, with the feet and hands on the ground. Engage your abs and start walking the hands forwards till you create a rigid plank, your ankles resting on the ball. You should not let your low back sag. Then, tuck the knees slowly into the chest. Keep this pose for a few seconds before returning to the starting point. It is better for you to expect the stability ball to roll forth and back with your own moves.

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10. Glute Bridge (Abs And Butt)

exercises for flat abs

If you want to sculpt the gluteal muscles, you should try out this move. To begin, you lie on the back, with the knees bent as the image above. Contract the abs as well as glutes when raising the hips off the ground. Now, press the heels into the ground, avoid arching the back. You need to inhale deeply and slowly lower the whole body to the floor. Keep doing this exercise for about 12-15 reps.

11. Frankensteins (Abs And Butt)

exercises for flat abs

When it comes to learning how to get flat abs, practicing frankensteins is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get your desired six-pack abs.

You need to stand with the arms at sides, your feet hip-width apart. Then, you tighten the abs, lift the right knee up towards the chest. Keep your knee high and cross the right leg over your left one. Do not rotate your left hip. Bring the right leg back and towards the room’s right side opening your right hip. Last, you return to the beginning point. Do 5-10 repetitions on each of your side.

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12. Side Plank (Abs And Butt)

exercises for flat abs

This is a popular exercise for getting in shape, especially for strengthening core muscles. It can work both the glutes and obliques.

To start, you lie on the right side with the right elbow placed on the ground, directly under the shoulder. Try to keep the legs straight, the left leg resting on the top of the right one. When contracting the glutes and waist, you raise the knees and hips. Keep your right foot in contact with the ground. Keep this position for about 5-20 seconds. Take a 30-second rest before repeating the routine. Switch sides.

13. Lunge (Abs And Legs)

exercises for flat abs

Lunge is a multitasking exercise which targets the butt, abs, quads, and hamstrings at one time. To start, you place your feet together, lift your right leg slowly and step forward, placing the right foot on the ground, firmly. Then, lower the hips till the right thigh is parallel with the ground. You should make sure that the right knee does not push forwards in front of the toes. Next, you return to the standing position, slowly. Do this exercise for 8-12 reps before switching to the opposite side.

Gather all of the exercises for flat abs above so you will be able to create an abs routine which really works for you. However, if you want to get the best results possible, it is recommended that you should do a targeted abs routine about 2-3 times per week, resting at least a full day before doing other workouts. You should not try to do all of the exercises mentioned above at once. Just pick about 4-8 exercises for every session, and broaden the work across various muscle groups. For keeping your muscles challenged, you should mix up the exercises every several days. In case you are over 45, or have any medical condition, then you should check with your doctor before following these exercises.

On the other hand, if you could not see your abs for the belly, then you might need more than just an abs workout. You should aim for about 30-60 minutes of appropriate cardio on every day of the week. In addition to burning fat, doing regular cardio will protect you against depression, heart disease and many other kinds of cancer.

II. 9 Best Exercises For Flat Abs For Women

Ladies, if you want to know how to get flat abs, then the moves below will definitely what you are looking for.  Just take a look!

1. Squat And Reach

exercises for flat abs

  • Start with the feet slightly wider than the hip width apart, and the toes pointed outward slightly.
  • Then, you distribute your own weight on the heels, sit back to create a deep squat position. Avoid letting the knees go beyond the toes.
  • While keeping the squat position, you raise the arms overhead. Hold that position for a few seconds before returning to the standing position whilst still lowering the arms to your own sides.
  • You should practice this exercise for about 15 reps.

2. Push-Up Rotation

exercises for flat abs

  • Push ups is very popular for all of us and these moves can be used to help you get flat abs easily.
  • You need to start in the plank position with the feet in line with the hips. Then, you lower the body toward the ground, push through the arms and return to plank. Now, twist to your left side, and reach the left arm to the ceiling while still remaining the level of the pelvis.
  • Next, return to the starting position, bring the hand back to the ground. Do another push-up with the right side. this will finish one rep. You had better do 15 reps to get good results.

3. Dumbbell Side Bend

exercises for flat abs

First, you keep a pair of dumbbells along your sides, your arms straight and your core engaged. Without twisting the upper body, you slowly bend to the left side as far as possible. Lower the weight towards the left knee. Stop for a moment before returning to the upright position, slowly. Repeat the routine again with your right side. This completes one rep.

4. Standing Core Stabilization

exercises for flat abs

To start, you stand with the feet hip-width apart, you need to use the two of your hands to hold that dumbbell straight out and in front of the chest, your core engaged.

Now, move the torso slightly and rotate the arms slowly to the left side as far as possible. Stop for a moment beofre rotating to the right side. This completes one rep.

5. Bow Extension

exercises for flat abs

With this exercise, you start by holding a dumbbell in both of your hands above the right shoulder, your left foot pointed out to the left side. Then, in only a single motion, you draw the elbows down for lowering the weight when you bend the left knee towards the chest. Reverse that movement to return to the starting point. This finishes one rep. Switch to the other side.

6. Captain’s Chair Leg Raise

exercises for flat abs

To perform this move, you stand on the chair and grip the handholds for stabilizing the upper body. Now, press the back against the pad, and keep the shoulders comfortable and relaxed. Then, you bend your knees and contract your abs to raise the knees to the level of the hips. Do not arch your back or swing your legs up. After that, you slowly lower your back down. Do this exercise for 1 to 3 sets with 12 to 16 reps each one.

In fact, this exercise is often available in the majority of gyms, and works the rectus abdominis and the obliques as well. In case that you cannot access to the captain’s chair rack, you could try holding onto ab straps, or a pull up bar. Also, you could replace it with a ball roll out.

7. Exercise Ball Crunch

exercises for flat abs

To start, you lie on the stability ball, positioning that ball under your lower back. Then, cross the arms behind the head or over the chest while contracting the abs to raise the torso off the ball. Try to pull the bottom of your ribcage down towards the hips. When curling up, you keep that ball stable; do not let it roll. Lower the back down and get a full stretch in your abs. Do the routine for about 1 to 3 sets, with 12 to 16 reps each one.

This exercise is a great tool for women to strengthen their abs. It is more effective than the floor crunches as the legs of practitioners tend to be more engaged when they are on the ground. And, when they are on the ball, their abs does more work.

8. Vertical Leg Crunch

exercises for flat abs

To start, you lie on the ground and extend your legs stragiht up, knee crossed.

Then, place the hands behind the head to get the proper support while practing the exercise; avoid pulling on your neck. Next, you contract your abs to rasie your shoulders blades right off the ground, as though reaching the chest toward the feet.

Keep your legs in such a stable pose; imagine as if you bring the belly button toward the spine at the top of that movement. After that, lower and do again for about 3 sets with 12 to 16 reps each set.

Being considered as an effective move for the obliques and rectus abdominis, this vertical leg crunch is rather similar to the regular crunch, yet the legs are straight up, so you are forced to use the abs to do all the wrold and you also add intensitiy to the move.

9. Torso Track

exercises for flat abs

In this list of exercises for flat abs, torso track gets a good feedback from many women around the world regarding its effectiveness towards their belly fat burning results.

To start, you grip the handles of the torso track and then pull your abs in without keeping your breath. Next, exhale before gliding forwards as far as you could in such a comfortable way. Yet, once you collapse in the middle or feel it in the back, then you might gone too far. In that case, you should use more shorten range of motion for protecting your back.

After that, contract your abs to pull the body back. Use more tension chords to add more tension.

Yet, when not having a Torso Track, you could replace it by trying the abs roll out on a stability ball.

This Torso Track gets the last position in the list of exercises for flat abs for women because, according to some people, it can lead to lower back pain, especially if you roll out too far.

III. 5 Best Foods For Flat Abs

1. Lean Protein

exercises for flat abs

Aside from an appropriate exercise routine for flat abs, you had better create a healthy diet plan which contains lean protein. That means you should cut down calories. Yet, it does not mean that you have to give up meat. Just use lean cuts of lamb, pork, and beef as they are packed with protein which helps you feel full longer. Beans, fish, and nuts, in other words, are also good sources of protein. And, a healthy portion might be equal to the size of your own fist.

2. Whole Grains

exercises for flat abs

It is shown that swapping refined grains for the whole grains can benefit your belly fat burning process. Because whole grains contain fibers, so consuming this type of food could help you have a healthy body weight. You should consume whole grains more by stirring shredded wheat in cereal, by making ordering sushi with brown rice or by making your own sandwiches with the whole-grain bread.

3. Greek Yogurt

exercises for flat abs

According to a study, dieters who consumed non-fat yogurt might lose almost twice as much belly fat as people who did not consume yogurt. Thus, yogurt should be added to your daily eating plan to get your stomach fat off. In case you find ordinary yogurt is not tasty for your own, you can try the Greek yogurt which has more protein and also is thicker.

4. Good Fats

exercises for flat abs

You might be surprised when reading this tip, when it comes to burning fat. Yet, fat should not be off your eating plan when losing weight. Just use the right types of fat which can help you build muscles. The good sources of good fats for burning fat are nuts, avocado, olive oil, and fatty fish like salmon.

5. Fruits And Veggies

exercises for flat abs

There are many benefits of fruits and vegetables that human beings can take, and one of them is fat burning effects. In reality, fruits and veggies should take up half your plate. You should aim for a huge range of colors for nourishing the body with plant-based nutrients. These phytochemicals are great for your heart and can be used to prevent some kinds of cancer. Moreover, filling up your plate with vegetables can also help in cutting back on those high-calorie foods.

Above are top exercises for flat abs that men and women can make use of instantly. Also, there are some noticeable recommendations about the nutrition good for a healthy weight that you also need to consider. Along with the tips above, maintaining a healthy lifestyle like giving up smoking, reducing alcohol intake, and getting good nights’ sleep is necessary for a healthy weight.
Do you have any special fitness tips in terms of getting flat abs? Share your thoughts with us below this post. We will feedback soon!

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