How To Stop Knee Pain Naturally Fast At Home – Top 18 Tips To Act!

how to stop knee pain

Updates: 06/3/2024

Millions of people throughout the world have painful, stiff knees due to osteoarthritis. Remedies range from dropping excess weight and keeping active to steroid injections and even surgery. However, research has shown that knee pain patient should take a tastier route to improvement. That is a much more simply way to deal with this problem. Thus, I want to list down here 18 tips on how to stop knee pain naturally & fast at home with healthy foods. If you are serious about getting rid of knee pain, you should never miss this out.

Top 18 Tips On How To Stop Knee Pain Naturally & Fast At Home

The foods you are eating every day can actually contribute to your current temporary or chronic knee pain. Maybe you are eating foods that cause inflammation and lead to chronic knee pain, such as refined grains, flour products (bagels, pasta, bread, etc.) refined sugar, red meat, and refined oils but you even do not know that they are harmful for your knee. Thus, today I will introduce an especially new diet comprised of foods that will help to reduce your pain in joint and surrounding muscles, leading to knee pain. The following foods will help you know exactly to get rid of knee pain fast. Finally, you will be able to combat knee pain thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties.

1. Eating More Fish:

The first tip on how to stop knee pain that I want you to remember is that you should eat fish regularly.

A lot of studies have discovered that fish oil and fish can help to reduce the stiffness of rheumatoid arthritis and the joint pain. Now, a recent study indicates that the omega-3 fatty acids that fish contains can block not only the proteins known to wear down knee cartilage but also the chemicals that cause inflammation in osteoarthritis.

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An expert states that people should eat 2 servings of oily fish, such as salmon or mackerel weekly or consume 1 gram of omega-3s in capsule form in a daily basis.

2. Consuming A Lot Of Fruits:

A recent study conducted in Australia, eating a lot of fruit will help to reduce the risk of developing bone marrow lesions – a factor that can worsen knee pain and osteoarthritis.

The knee-friendliest fruits are which rich in vitamin C, such as papaya grapefruit, mango, orange, and kiwi. Vitamin C in fruit will protect your knee joint and support its structures.

3. Eating Soy Bean:

According to a recent research, people who are suffering from knee pain will get used fewer pain meds and discomfort if they eat soy protein every day for 3 months.

Soy is a great source of isoflavones, the plant hormones that have anti-inflammatory properties. You should consume a powdered soy drink mix which contains 40 grams of protein. You can also get the same benefit from other sources, such as soy burgers, edamame (baby soybeans), and flavored soy milk.

4. Herbs And Spices:

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Ginger, coriander, rosemary, garlic, cinnamon, cumin seeds, and turmeric are all have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that you can make use to deal with your knee pain problem. About ginger and turmeric, I will tell you the detail below.

Besides, you should learn some exercises to strengthen knees to prevent knee pain effectively.

5. Spinach:

Spinach contains a large amount of vitamin K. This nutrient may not get as much attention, but a lot of researchers indicated that just a mild deficiency of sufficient vitamin K might lead to the knee osteoarthritis. A recent study showed that a low consumption of vitamin K will associate with a higher risk of knee osteoarthritis in elderly. Besides spinach, you should also consume other green leafy vegetables, such as mustard greens, turnip, kale, broccoli, collards, and Swiss chard because they are also rich in this vitamin.

6. Consuming More Vitamin C – Rich Foods:

Vitamin C is well-known as an essential nutrient that the body needs to remain healthy. A study conducted in 2024 looked at 293 healthy, middle-aged adults. It showed that people who consume less vitamin C will had more risk in their leg bones of getting cartilage loss, marking the knee osteoarthritis. Broccoli, strawberries, grapefruit, bell peppers, and oranges are the great choices for you to get more vitamin C.

7. Consuming More Vitamin D:

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Vitamin D is found in cells throughout human body. A study conducted in 2024 showed that people who get a low amount of vitamin D were at high risk for worsening knee osteoarthritis. To consume more vitamin D, you should add fatty fish, such as mackerel, tuna, and salmon to your daily diet. You can also take other good sources of vitamin D from fortified cereal, orange juice, yogurt, and milk.

Besides, you may know that if you get chronic knee pain, what you will have to suffer next may be arthritis because they have a strong equivalence. Or maybe your current knee pain is a result of arthritis. Thus, I recommend you learning natural remedies for arthritis pain and rheumatoid arthritis treatment

8. Almonds:

Almonds contain vitamin E, which is well-known for its strong antioxidant powers. A study conducted in 2024 compared 32 persons that were suffering from the severe osteoarthritis and 10 with non-arthritis injuries. Experts found that the osteoarthritis patients get less vitamin E in their knees, implying that they were getting less of the vitamin’s protective benefits. Thus, I recommend you to eat more almonds, safflower oil, peanuts, hazelnuts, and sunflower seeds and oil to get more vitamin E to boost your knee and joint function.

9. Coffee/Caffeine:

Everyone may wonder why so many over-the-counter headache and cold medicines contain caffeine. Some studies showed that caffeine can enhance the effects of popular painkillers, such as acetaminophen and aspirin. However, recent data suggested that caffeine has the power of pain-lowering – at least when it comes to the pain resulting from exercising. Some researchers indicated that proper doses of caffeine — equivalent to 2 cups – can help to reduce the post-workout pain by nearly 50 %, and a caffeine buzz can aid your workout. Maybe caffeine can raise your pain limitation, making it easier to keep working out or exercising harder than you can have before drinking it. But you should remember not to overuse it. If you are going to work out, you should get a cup of coffee on the way because there is good evidence that coffee can make your muscles feel stronger and better.

Also, what you should and the simplest thing to do to strengthen your bone is eating enough nutrients. Thus, you should make use of high calorie foods and foods to boost energy.

10. Cherries:

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Cherries contain a rich amount of antioxidants called “anthocyanins” – the key to the pain-fighting power of this yummy fruit. In a recent study, people who ate 45 Bing cherries per day within 28 days got lowered inflammation levels. Another study showed that anthocyanins contained in cherry can also protect people against the pain of arthritis. A data has shown that a tart-cherry pill can help to reduce pain and improve function in over 50 % of osteoarthritis patients after an 8-week period. Likewise, a cherry-juice drink will help to reduce the symptoms of muscle damage amongst exercising men. In fact, their pain is reduced significantly compared with those people who did not drink cherries juice. Pain-calming anthocyanins are also found in strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

If you want to find a really fast solution for your pain right now, you should learn knee pain treatment

11. Turmeric:

A recent study conducted in Thailand discovered that turmeric – the common spice in many Indian foods can help to fight against the rheumatoid arthritis pain as effectively as ibuprofen. According to an expert, turmeric can also inhibit the joint destruction from arthritis

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Turmeric also inhibits a protein named “NF-kB”. When this protein is turned on, it will activate the body’s inflammatory response, leading to achy joints. The simplest way to make use of turmeric is that you should use this spice to cook daily meals.

Or else, if your knee pain results from an injury, you should get a knee injury solution to find ways to get rid of this problem quickly.

12. Ginger:

Have been using for a long time to aid the human digestive system, ginger is also a useful painkiller. According to a six-week study from the University of Miami, almost 2/3 of chronic knee pain patients reported that they get less soreness upon standing after using a ginger extract. Those people who applied ginger also reported that they get less pain after walking 50 feet than people who took a placebo, and they also needed less medication for their pain. A recent research suggested that ginger can also help to eliminate post-workout pain.

An expert said that ginger helps to reduce your pain by blocking an enzyme that is the primary component of the inflammatory process. You should consume 2 to 3 teaspoons of ginger a day to get desirable results. That is not an overwhelming amount as you can easily add it to soup or a stir-fry. You can also pick up other options, such as ginger beverages and tea that are made with fresh ginger.

13. Red Grapes:

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The next tips on how to stop knee pain naturally & fast at home that I want you to focus on is that you should eat more red grapes to make use of its knee-pain recovering properties.

This deeply hued fruit includes resveratrol – a powerful substance that can block the enzymes contributing to tissue degeneration. There is evidence that in some lab experiments at the University Medical Center in Chicago, resveratrol can protect human body against the kind of cartilage damage that leads to back and knee pain.

Although this study is preliminary, it cannot hurt to fill up on resveratrol-rich foods, such as cranberries and blueberries, which include other powerful antioxidants as well. You should eat your fruits or also you can drink a glass of wine every day because resveratrol in red wine is far more quickly absorbed due to its form.

You should also learn treatment for arthritis because your knee pain may be a result of arthritis. That will be very dangerous if you do not treat it right away.

14. Rest:

Take a rest and avoid heavy activities and workouts to protect your injured and sore knee area from worse problems. When resting, remember to place small pillows under your injured knees.

15. Ice: how to stop knee pain with ice

Apply ice on your knees as a natural remedy to instantly reduce knee swelling and pain. Instead, you can immediately apply cold packs to minimize or prevent swelling. The endurance to apply cold pack or ice is about 10 to 15 minutes, 3 or 4 times a day.

For the first 3 full days after your knee injury, avoid doing activities that may increase your swelling, like hot tubs, hot showers, alcoholic beverages and hot packs.

After 2 to 3 days after the injury, if your knee swelling is gone, you can apply heat and start doing gentle exercises that maintain the knee flexibility. It is also recommended that you can alternate between cold and heat treatments.

16. Knee Compression:

Wrapping or compression your injured and sore knee areas with elastic bandages can help decrease swelling naturally and quickly.

However, do not wrap the injury too tightly as you may get more swelling in the affected area. Instead, loosen your bandage. Signs that your bandage is tight: the numbness, increased pain, tingling, swelling and coolness in the areas around your bandage.

Moreover, do not expect that that bandage can protect and stabilize your knee injuries.

Talk to doctors if you need a wrap for over 2 or 3 days, since a serious problem may occur.

17. Foods And Supplements To Reduce Inflammation:

The following are some tips and diet guide to combat the inflammation caused from your knee pain.

a. Choose anti-inflammatory ingredients

Take a look at this eating plan for a week notice that how much better will your condition be improved.

Breakfast: 2 organic eggs mixed with 2 tsps of butter, 1/2 sweet potato and spinach.

Mid-morning snack: 1/2 apple with 2 tbsps of peanut-butter and 2 ounces of meat.

Lunch: 4 ounces of salmon, ½ cup of cooked rice and 1 cup of vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale or cauliflower, plus 2 tsps of butter.

Afternoon snack: chicken leg, 16 almonds and 2 tangerines.

Dinner: 4 ounces of beef, ½ cup of squash and 2 cups of beans in 2 tsps of coconut oil.

b. Choose natural anti-inflammatory supplements how to stop knee pain with choose natural anti-inflammatory supplements

When getting injuries, daily foods cannot supply you with enough nutrients to boost your immunity and extra energy. So, add more anti-inflammatory supplements for extra healing.

Omega-3 fatty acids present in cold fish are a good source of natural anti-inflammatory supplement. This type of acids also aid in reducing joint pain. The recommended dose you can take is about 3000 to 4000mg per day.

18. Exercise:

Though you are suffering from knee injuries, you still need to stay active. Do some gentle exercises with pillows placed under your knees. Don’t worry! No more serious problems can occur.

Repeat squats, stretching gently and repeat those about 10 or more if you desire. Do not try performing exercises hard. Take a rest and get relaxed. If the injuries recover fast, you can change to walking or running gradually. It’s hoped that the full recovery will come after 4 to 6 weeks.

All of the 18 tips on how to stop knee pain naturally & fast at home above are what I have used to get rid of knee pain effectively, and now, I am glad to share my very own experiences with anyone who desires to recover knees within a short time.

If you feel the 18 tips on how to stop knee pain naturally & fast at home I offer in this article are really useful for your current expectation, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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