How To Stay Motivated And Positive At Work And In Life

Personal motivation is the key to maintaining almost all aspects of the life. Once you are not motivated, you are more likely to waste time and neglect your personal and professional goals. Motivation is not magic. It does not come in a bottle. There is no little blue pill for it. However, there is something you can tap into by designing then harnessing. This article will provide you with sure-fire tips on how to stay motivated that help you sustain motivation easily.

How To Stay Motivated – 9 Easy Tips For Instant Results

1. Set Personal Goals

how to stay motivated at workWhen it comes to learning how to stay motivated, the first thing you need to do is setting your personal goals. This seems so common sense but rarely is. Often, before devoting time to any specific endeavor, people tend to make both short and long terms.

If you begin to lose sight of your own goals, then you might be less motivated than if you always check to see how you are getting throughout the entire process. Therefore, start with simple, small goals, then progress to larger, longer range goals. It is critical for you to set those goals which are realistic and achievable. In fact, it is easy to get frustrated and give up if you set the goals too ambitious.

Actually, in such a busy, distracting world like these days, it is easy to get blown off concentration. This is the reason why you need to focus on your goals. However, to make it clear, you should write down by your hand and connect the letters manually. By this way, you engage your brain more actively in the process.

2. Find The Reasons You Want To Complete The Goals

The next tip on how to stay motivated is finding for you the reason of accomplishing the task. Knowing the precise reason you are making positive changes to your life and having a clear vision of what you want to complete in the end will help you stay motivated than ever before. Anything you do, no matter how simple it is, has a number of good reasons behind it. Not all the duties have good reasons to do them right from the first sight, yet if you take just a few moments to acknowledge and analyze them, you can easily spot something good. Sometimes, we do something which does not need any reason at all. If you stuck with something that you hate or have no motivation to accomplish it, whatsoever, here are some tips for you to find out your good reasons:

  • Personal gain: imagine that after doing that, you will learn something really new and perhaps improve yourself in a certain manner.
  • Get reward: often, you will get pain for doing things you normally do not like doing at all
  • To get closer to bigger goal: each biggest accomplishment has started simply and relied on small and far less important tasks. Just keep in mind that every task you accomplish brings you closer to your big, main goal. Of course, acknowledging this will make you feel good.
  • Achieve the feelings of accomplishment: if you are not really keen on a certain task, at least you will be able to walk away feeling good about accomplishing such a tedious task.

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3. Make It Fun

how to stay motivated to lose weightAttitude is extremely important when it comes to motivation. Each person might have different feelings towards the same duty. Some might hate it while others may love it.

Take sports for instance. Going to the gym everyday for a half-an-hour workout sounds quite boring to many of us. But, some people love doing that. Not because they see the good reasons behind it, but just simply as it is fun. Maybe, at certain time of your daily timetable, they feel going the gym to be the best thing to do because there is nothing fit with their state and their time so perfectly like that.

Thus, all depend on how you see things. Even, some people have fun doing just about anything. A simple method is to begin working on any task from asking yourself some questions:

  • How could you enjoy this duty?
  • What could you do to make this duty fun for yourself and probably for others?
  • How could you make this the best part of your day?

Most tasks have a good potential of being enjoyable; thus, you should look for manners to have fun whilst working is completely a great habit to acquire.

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4. Approach In A Different Way

Once you find something wrong, it is better for you to take a moment and look for a different approach.

If a certain approach does not work for you, find another one. Then, keep trying until you find the one that will both keep you motivated and give you the desired results. Do not think that if you try a different approach means giving up. You might take pride in being really stubborn and denying to try any other options on your way towards the goal. The advice here is that the ability to concentrate is great, yet you should focus on your own goal, and not limit your options by just concentrating on one manner to complete it.

5. Make Checkpoints To Track Your Progress

how to stay motivated in collegeEverything you are working on could be easily divided into smaller sections and stages. Moreover, for different goals, it is rather natural to split the process of completing them into small tasks and milestones. There are some reasons behind this, and one of them is following your progress. Everyone needs to see how they are keeping up with their own goals if they want to stay motivated. More importantly, you need to recognize the progress, not merely track it.

The difference between merely tracking your progress and recognizing your progress is:

  • Tracking is simply taking note what you have achieved in certain stage of your progress.
  • Recognizing is taking your time to see things in a bigger picture and realize your position, your achievements, and things you have to do next.

For instance, if you intend to read a certain book, always begin by doing via the content tables. Because you get familiar with chapter titles, and you can memorize their numbers, then you will be much easier to recognize your progress when reading it. Confirming how many pages the book has is a good idea for everyone before reading it.

Likewise, it is natural for everyone to always wish things to occur at once, immediately. Even if you divide things into small sections, simpler actions, you do not entirely feel the satisfaction until you complete all of them. Once the task is too vast, then you will lose gradually your motivation in the way to achieve the whole goal. That is why it is critical to take small steps in order to realize the positive difference and progress made as well. 

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6. Reward Yourself

Make sure that you reward yourself every time you gain your goal, even if it is not too important. This could be as simple as having a bowl of ice cream after a hard period of time of working out. Or, it is similar to going to the spa for relaxing your mind and your body after hard working. The fact is rewarding yourself is always comfortable. This is considered as the easiest and most powerful ways to get motivation instantly.

If you feel down about something, or hate the idea of working, just simply take a break and relax for some minutes. This is also a way that you are rewarding yourself. That is simple. For greater and more demanding tasks, you might want to reward yourself by doing something more enjoyable, such as taking a holiday or purchasing yourself something.

The more you reward your own for the honest, real made progress, the more motivated you can feel about achieving your goals. Keep in mind that, whatever rewards can keep you going will be the ones you should be giving yourself.

7. Read Or Watch Motivational Stories As Well As Speeches

how to stay motivated to runThis sounds unreal, but in fact, it is useful for some people, perhaps you, too. Everyone deserves a great pep talk every once in a while. In order to have motivation to do something that you are not really interested in, you can watch YouTube videos of some inspirational moments. After that, you might suddenly feel as if there is a new sense of motivation emerging in your mind. Keep striving.

8. Find A Social Support Network

It is a good idea if you can create a group of people around you who can help you succeed. Mentors could be teachers or even simply family members or friends who could give you guidance and assist you in developing new ideas or new skills. You can also reach out to your peers or friends who could motivate you by simply listening and sharing ideas with you.

9. Eradicate Distractions

The last but not least ultimate tip on how to stay motivated is abolishing distractions. Identify things that are causing your procrastination or unfocused mind. Then, get rid of them right away. Put it into a storage locker. Throw or move away from it. You could not be motivated if you squander your time.

If you cannot remove distractions instantly, then move your body. Take a walk, do some jumping jacks, or go for a short run. Exercise has been shown to release depression naturally and boost personal motivation efforts.

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Well, after covering the whole article about how to stay motivated, do you have any further idea related to this topic?

What keeps you motivated? We would love to hear from you!

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