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We’ve seen a lot of nutritional shakes, and they all make promises about being healthy, all-natural, and effective. We came across a shake recently that has a lot going for it – colorful advertising, a fun name – but when we actually checked out its actual nutrition information, as well as customer reviews, it turns out it might not be worth your time after all.

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Bootea Shake Overview

Bootea Shake is a nutritional shake that’s intended as a meal replacement. It comes in three flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and banana. The main place to purchase it seems to be the product’s main website,  and it doesn’t look like you can buy it anywhere else. As a meal replacement, it’s supposed to be a quick and low-calorie alternative to eating a full meal.
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Each shake contains 115 calories and has no sugar.

Bootea Shake is made by Bootea, a health supplement company that makes a large number of products mainly having to do with diet and detoxing. They’re owned by Eighty Twenty Ltd, a company that ran afoul of advertising laws in Europe for making claims about the health effects of their products that they couldn’t prove – and so they were hit with a complaint from the Advertising Standards Authority. They backed down, taking down all the unsubstantiated claims from their websites.
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Still, we’re left wondering if they are willing to tell the truth, since they’ve been caught for it in the past.

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Bootea Shake Claims

Bootea Shake claims to be a healthy shake that gives you the nutrients you need for having the energy to get through the day. It’s supposed to make you feel full enough from one shake that you don’t feel the need to snack for hours, making sure that you can keep to your caloric restrictions. Since the product contains no sugar, it’s supposed to be better for you than other similar products that have lots of sugar in them, which can have excess unnecessary calories.

They don’t make many claims on their site – probably because the last time they made claims about their products, they got slammed by regulators because they couldn’t back them up.

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Bootea Shake Ingredients

Bootea Shake has a comparatively short list of ingredients:

  • Whey protein concentrate (contains milk and soy)
  • Green Tea extract
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Stevia

Whey protein is a pretty common ingredient in meal replacement shakes, providing a low-calorie way of getting protein into your system (which helps with hunger and muscle maintenance). However, we didn’t quite understand why it contains soy. Whey protein comes from whey, a milk product, and should have nothing to do with soy.

Green tea is supposed to have antioxidant effects, but the company doesn’t really go into any detail as to how it’s specifically supposed to work in this shake. Help with energy? Detoxify? They don’t tell us.

Stevia is a sweetener used as an alternative to sugar, since it contains little calories and isn’t technically “sugar,” so sugar-sensitive people are expected to find it fine for consumption.

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The Science Behind Bootea Shake

The main principle seems to be that the whey protein is supposed to contain enough protein to stave off hunger, without the fat and carbs that usually accompany such shakes. This means you get the most protein with the lowest amount of calories, for an easier time hitting your weight loss goals.

Unfortunately, there’s no record of vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients, and so it’s possible that this shake doesn’t contain any.
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This is a huge oversight – people need vitamins and minerals, especially when they’re dieting, and a meal replacement shake without these nutrients doesn’t really have anything healthy to offer.

There’s also only 1g of fiber in each serving. Most similar products have 5g or more, as fiber is crucial to health and also feeling fuller longer.

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Word on the Street About Bootea Shake

Bootea Shakes aren’t really sold anywhere except the product’s main website, which means the only source of customer opinions is biased. After all, why allow negative reviews on your own site?

Some people claim that it’s “delicious” and “is a great way to fill up for little calories.” Others claim they lost up to “6 lbs the first week by using the shakes!

We found other reviews that weren’t so glowing. “It’s a little too sweet” some claim, while others went on to say that Bootea Shake is “too expensive.

Overall it’s hard to get a clear, objective view of how good this product is, since all the reviews are to be found in only one place: the company’s website.

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Is Bootea Shake Worth Trying?

We don’t see a lot of reasons to suggest this product. Not only does it not appear to contain any vitamins or minerals, it doesn’t justify or explain the presence of soy in the whey protein or why they included green tea extract in the recipe. Also, you can’t find it anywhere except the company’s own site, which means you only get to read the customer reviews that they have oversight of, and so it’s not a surprise that almost 100% are “five stars.”

Keep in mind too that the company came under fire for overstating the health benefits of their products, and had to remove all such claims from their site.

In the end, Bootea Shake is basically an expensive protein supplement. You need more than that, so don’t bother with it.

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Bootea Shake vs Bootea

Both of these products come from the same company, but they have very different intents. The Bootea tea product is a cleanse, and comes in the form of loose leaf tea in bags to be drunk a certain amount of times a day to rid your body of – well, they don’t specify, so we’re assuming it detoxes you of “toxins” of various sorts. Bootea Shake, on the other hand, is a meal replacement shake that’s supposed to be a good low-calorie way to stay full and eat less.
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Bootea comes in 14-day and 28-day packs, while Bootea Shake comes in a jar that contains an unspecified amount of protein supplement powder.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any side effects to Bootea Shake?
    We haven’t seen anyone list any side effects, but that could also have to do with the fact that you can really only find positive reviews on their site.
  2. Where can I read a review of someone’s weight loss with Bootea Shake?
    We haven’t seen any prominent diet bloggers out there try it, so we couldn’t say.
  3. Can I get Bootea Shake at Holland and Barrett?
  4. What are the nutrition facts for Bootea Shake?
    All we’re told is that it has 21.6g of protein, 115 calories, 2.6g of fat, 1.44g of carbs, and 1g of fiber per serving.
  5. Can I get Bootea Shake at Amazon?
    It looks like you used to, but not anymore, it seems.
  6. Is there a discount code for Bootea Shake?
    Not that we’ve seen.
  7. What about the Bootea Shaker?
    That’s a little shaker you can get for ordering the shake, and it helps you mix the powder in water more effectively.
  8. Where can I read Bootea Shake reviews?
    At the Bootea Shake website.

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So What Really Works?

So much for Bootea Shake. It’s a pity, because it seemed like they had the right idea – natural ingredients, non-hormone whey – but it let us down with its low-quality nutrition and questionable business history.

We’ve reviewed plenty of weight-loss shakes, and the best nutritional shake we’ve ever reviewed is called 18Shake. It’s got all the nutrients you need (including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids) and is made in an American facility that’s FDA-registered. It contains no artificial ingredients or flavors, and is low-sugar. And if after all this you still don’t find it to your satisfaction, the company that makes it offers a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days.

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