How to cure migraines naturally without medication – 10 tips

how to cure migraines

Headaches, especially migraines are not strange. There are a lot of causes of this pain. And many patients want to seek for a relief. The question is whether the home remedies on how to cure migraines naturally without medication is effective.

How To Cure Migraines Naturally Without Medication – The Useful Techniques Forever

how to cure migraines

Over 47 million people in America have suffered from headaches which affect their income in direct medical expenses. If you feel the pain in one side of your head, you might have migraines. Migraines are often accompanied with vomiting, nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. Migraines happen because of vascular and neurological changes in our brain when we have attack. Therefore, this disease is called as neurobiological disorder. Patients with migraines often feel hypersensitive to any stimuli which cause pain. There are many treatments to alleviate pain, including standard remedies and natural ones. However, some people find out that drugs and medicines have a long-term downside effect.

Fortunately, it is proven that the simple tips on how to cure migraines naturally without medication can work effectively for patients with migraines. As the author of, I would like to share with you my experience that I learned from trustworthy sources and had consulted many professional. So, read the article bellow to know more.

1. Change Your Diet: 

how to cure migraines

It is not surprising to know that changing your diet is the first effective way on how to cure migraines. There are some certain foods that you need to avoid and keep track of because they can trigger the headaches and make the migraines become worse. For example, they are avocado, citrus, meats with nitrates, hot dogs, bacon, banana, foods containing tyramine and so on. Of course, some of foods I have listed belong to the healthy diet but they can cause more pain with migraines. Therefore, when you have a severe headache, please avoid these foods. Some certain foods may be good for your heath but still bad for your ailment.

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2. Limit Caffeine: 

how to cure migraines

The large amount of caffeine you consume during a day is the trigger causing migraines. If you drink too much coffee, please limit it as the way on how to cure migraines naturally. The reason may be that caffeine can activate your brain’s migraine center and bring you the severe pain. By limiting amount of caffeine to 200 mg a day, you will help your migraines reduce.

3. Get Rid Of The Habit Of Missing Meals: 

how to cure migraines

Some people have formed a bad habit diet that they often miss their meal due to busy work. Missing meals makes the blood sugar decrease and escalate the pain in your head. Therefore, when you ask me how to cure migraines, I would like to advise that you should not go anywhere for 3 hours without having a meal as the tip on how to cure migraines without medication.  Dr. Broner recommended that you should eat lean protein in every meal to keep the glucose levels in balance.

4. Sleep 8 Hours A Day: 

how to cure migraines

We all know that sleep deprivation can worsen your pain because the body and brain do not have enough time to fix the problem. A 2001 study took an experiment on rat and it is shown the migraine-related proteins changes with the sleep-deprived rat. Therefore, sleeping enough 8 hours a day is the good advice for people with migraines. If you have any problem with sleep, you should seek for the solutions, including turning off your telephone, computer, television, light or drinking a hot milk before bed time.

5. Get Rid Of Alcohol:

how to cure migraines

Similar to caffeine, alcohol is bad for your heath and your migraines. If you drink alcohol, you will face migraines after one hour later. Therefore, avoiding alcohol is natural way on how to cure migraines without medication. According to Dr. Blumenfeld, this tip on how to cure migraines is proven to be effective. If you can not get rid of alcohol, you should find healthy wine to replace. For example, many people feel relief when they replace beer with vodka.

6. Exercise For Relax and Meditation: 

how to cure migraines

The good news is that you can treat migraines without spending too much money on medication. That effective ways are yoga and meditation. By increasing body’s awareness and brain’s peacefulness, it is the easy way to get rid of migraines. Moreover, mediation focuses on deep breath, which makes your body relaxed and your brain calm.

7. Message: 

how to cure migraines

This tip on how to cure migraines can be done at home. Scalp message will alleviate your migraine pain. When the greater occipital nerve is messaged, the pain will reduce. Moreover, message in generally is proven to treat headaches effectively. For example, you can massage reflex points in your feet and hands.

8. Migraine Home Remedies Feverfew: 

how to cure migraines

Feverfew which is commonly used to treat fever is also the helpful home remedies on how to cure migraines without medication. Many people with migraines believe this home remedy when a study conducted in Great Britain showed that the significant migraine reduce in patients who had take feverfew daily. Moreover, some studies have found out the benefits of feverfew on how to prevent migraines. Especially, when it is combined with white willow, it shows the better result.

9. Home Remedy Buckwheat: 

how to cure migraines

Because buckwheat has flavonoid, which is known as rutin, buckwheat is considered as the useful home remedy on how to cure migraines. Flavonoid can prevent any damage to cell because of its antioxidant properties. Flavonoid also cures inflammation which is the cause of headaches as well as migraines.

10. Basil Oil: 

how to cure migraines

The oil which comes from basil plant is used as effective home remedy to treat migraines. The basil oil will relax the muscle, hence reducing the migraine symptoms because the causes of headaches as well as migraines are tension or tight muscles.

These are 10 techniques on how to cure migraines naturally without medication I would like to introduce to you. Finally, if you suffer from migraines and want to share your experiences, please leave the comments bellow. I will answer you all.

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