6 Ways to meet women that actually work

The single life can be frustrating. Sure, there are people who enjoy and actually prefer to be unattached, but for those who would prefer to be in a relationship there are a number of obstacles that can hold you back from meeting someone with whom you feel a connection.

Well-meaning friends may always have someone they feel is perfect, or your mother knows a lady who has a daughter; we all know the drill. While those scenarios may sometimes work, many people would prefer to take their personal lives into their own hands and keep it, well, personal.

As dating habits change over the years, singles have had to adapt to these changes. The chances to meet someone interesting are all around us, but it may take just a bit savier and creativity than it did in the past. If you’d like to up your dating game and increase your chances of meeting the girl of your dreams, try a few of these tips.

1. Hit The Bar

hit the bar

Bars and clubs have always been the default choice when people decide they want to mingle and potentially find a date. It’s true that people can and do meet people at bars all the time, but just keep in mind that you’re not the only one on that same mission, so choose your behavior wisely.

You’re going to have to eliminate any shyness or self-doubt when you’re out at the bar. If you see someone that you find attractive, introduce yourself and ask if you can buy her a drink. To demonstrate that you’re not completely weird, invite her to accompany you to the bar to place her order.

While the bartender makes her drink use the opportunity to break the ice a bit. Ask her a few questions about herself and see how it goes. You just might find yourself at a table for two.

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2. The Club Scene

the club scene

While it’s quite possible you might meet someone at a nightclub, hitting up a different type of club is likely to produce better results. One of the keys to a great relationship is maintaining common interests, and one way to meet someone with similar interests is through clubs and groups in your area. If you live in a larger city, you’ll generally find a club related to every activity or cause imaginable.

Interested in the great outdoors? Join a hiking club or a bird watching group. Would you prefer to work with other professionals in a humanitarian situation? Your local Rotary Club might not only add a bright spot to your resume but it could also allow you to meet the woman of your dreams.

And contrary to popular belief, organizations like the Rotary Club are not just for older people. More and more professionals in their twenties and thirties are realizing the professional and personal benefits of these types of organizations.

3. Online Dating Sites

online dating sites

Whether you’ve got a profile on every dating site known to man or you’ve avoided them like the plague, it’s time to realize that this is the way many date now, and you have to be certain that you’re doing it right.

Which site you choose plays a part in your success, so browse this roundup of the 10 best dating sites to make some comparisons. Once you’ve decided which dating site to go with, choose a very flattering profile photo and write a detailed, smart, and grammatically correct description of yourself. Be sure to keep it light yet highlight all of the positive things about yourself and what you’re looking for in a partner.

The responses are sure to roll in.

4. Go Back To School

go back to school

Dating in high school was weird, and dating in college could have been even weirder, so why would you want to go back to school in the hope of meeting someone? Ideally, most adults have matured a bit and have refined their tastes and their passions. If you sign up for a class in a subject that you enjoyvery much, the chances are that your classmates are going to be just as passionate as you are.

Whether it’s photography, a foreign language, or the history of India under British rule, taking a class not only gives you the opportunity to learn more about a subject you like, but there’s also the undeniable appeal of flirting with someone when the teacher isn’t looking.

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5. Become A Volunteer

become a volunteer

While taking up a philanthropic endeavor with the sole purpose of seeking out a date might be a bit dubious, it is true that people appreciate good deeds. With that in mind, why not seek out a volunteer opportunity in your community?

Beach clean-ups, pet adoption events, support services at marathons: these are just a few of the volunteer options that exist in cities all over the country. You show up, you do your part to help a worthy cause, and at the end of the day there’s no rule that says you can’t ask your cute fellow volunteer out for a drink to celebrate a job well done.

6. Get Political

get political

As election season is upon us politicians across the country are gearing up for their campaigns. It takes an army of people to organize and present all aspects of a political campaign, so if you find yourself intrigued by a particular candidate, sign up to work for their campaign.

Aside from the fact that you’ll be actively participating in the political process of the United States, chances are that you’ll meet someone who shares that same passion and commitment. You work side by side with people who share your convictions and your political mindset, and campaign offices can offer a lively and fun atmosphere, even though you may just be stuffing envelopes or planting campaign sign in peoples’ front yards.

The upside to all of this hard work is that if you do meet someone special, it’s unlikely you’ll ever have a long, drawn out argument over politics.

Dating in the modern age has definitely changed, but that doesn’t mean that we have to make it more difficult or awkward than it needs to be. Simply, think outside the box and be willing to try something new. You never know; it just might lead you to the relationship you’ve been craving.

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