Daygame Blueprint Review – Is This Dating Guide Useful?

daygame blueprint review

Updated: 09/15/2024

If you are wondering if the Daygame Blueprint dating guide is worth your money, then this Daygame Blueprint review will show you what this program is all about and how it works via 7 parts below:

1. What Is This Guide All About?

2. How Will This Guide Help Men Attract Women Easily?

3. Pros And Cons Of This Dating Course

4. How Much To Get Started?

5. What Will You Receive From This Guide?

6. Is It Guaranteed That This Guide Will Work For You?

7. Does The Creator Give Any Support?

daygame blueprint

Daygame Blueprint Review Reveals How To Attract Women Quickly

What Is This Guide All About?

daygame blueprint Andy Yosha and Yad are creators of the Daygame Blueprint course which is a step-by-step dating guide for men that teaches users how to get the women they want easily. Actually, this dating guide is among the most comprehensive system that focuses on helping men meet, attract, and seduce hot women with just a few simple steps.  Inside the program, the authors uncover some big secrets about daytime dating. It is said that bars and nightclubs are the worst place to meet women who are girlfriend material. This e-guide reveals to people the real techniques that have helped thousands of men worldwide build their confidence in social settings and attract the right woman outside of the bars of nightclubs.

The goal of the authors is to instruct every man everything they need to know to consistently meet women in daily situations and start a relationship with them. According to Andy Yosha and Yad, this is the only system that contains tips and tricks you will not find anywhere else. Basically, it is not just 2 authors who supply you with the secret tips, but there are some guest speakers throughout the training course sharing a lot of interesting and useful ideas regarding dating and attraction. The Daygame Blueprint system consists of many DVDs which are jam packed with chock-full of knowledge making you feel as though you are attending the seminar personally.

daygame blueprint for men

There are 5 parts inside this program, having a lot of lengthy videos in each part, in addition to the bonuses section .This Daygame Blueprint review is based on the real experience of a user named Henry Nguyen who used this program and successfully attract the woman he desired within a short span of time. Henry shared with that, because this Daygame Blueprint program comprises a large number of dating tips for men, so users should not expect that they will be able to digest the information inside this e-guide in just one day. A large section of the course is allocated to demonstrate the right way to approach a woman on the street, like the proper gestures, things to say, and vocal tonality. To put in simple words, this Daygame Blueprint program is especially designed for those men who are interested in learning the tips for dating during daytime.

To help you have deeper understanding about this dating course, the next part of this Daygame Blueprint review will show you how this program works.

daygame blueprint

How Will This Guide Help Men Attract Women Easily?

Generally, this Daygame Blueprint program contains 16 videos which are divided into 5 parts, as mentioned earlier in the previous part of this Daygame Blueprint review. Here is the preview of each part:

  • Part 1 – Capture:

This part concentrates on the best way to approach women and then hook their own interests. Fact is, a lot of men have trouble meeting women and they are tired of having women ignore them. Thus, in this part, the authors cover different topics like what is “Attention Snap”. Basically, this part is designed to get men comfortable with the idea of approaching women.

  • Part 2 – Attraction:

The next part teaches you how to build attraction basing on some fundamental principles. You will learn what real attraction is and how people could create it.

Besides, you also learn how to become a guy that is appealing to women, what the rules of daygame attraction are, and how to make use of your own sense of humor to make women smile and laugh, and how to build sexual attraction effortlessly.

daygame blueprint

  • Part 3- Rapport:

This part aims of the Daygame Blueprint aims to help you hold things learned the previous parts together. We all know that rapport is the heart of any sort of dating and seduction program, this is the important part of a dating game. The authors expose to you top qualities of men that women are looking for and these qualities could create a deep connection with the women. Moreover, you will learn what the so-called Self-esteem supercharger is and how to gain confidence while conversing with girls.

  • Part 4 – Seduction:

This part shows you how to build attraction over the seduction tips shown, making the woman you desire want to meet up with you at the next date. Also, this section offers men various factors of seduction which are logistics and leading, the initial date, the inner game of the sexual seduction and the outer game.

  • Part 5 – The Advanced Section:

Here, people will discover a variety of tricks that they have most likely never heard of previously. This part contains indoor and spontaneous daygame, and additional Q&A segments about advanced tips. These will serve you to solidify your own general understanding about dating.

daygame blueprint

In detail, below are the videos you will learn in the Daygame Blueprint system:

  • Assumption Stacking (1 hour and 15 minutes in length)
  • The Capture (21 mins and 10 seconds in length)
  • The Attention Snap (1hour and 15 minutes in length)
  • Observational Statement (29 minutes and 30 seconds in length)
  • Authentic Communication (41 minutes and 4 seconds in length)
  • Daygame Foundations (1 hour and 33 minutes in length)
  • Deep connection (1hour and 23 minutes in length) & Deep rapport (17 minutes and 54 seconds in length)
  • Happiness and Self Esteem (1hour and 42 minutes in length)
  • Indoor Daygame (33 minutes and 30 seconds in length)
  • Number closing & instants (28 minutes and 23 seconds in length)
  • Principles of Daygame Attraction (1hour and 17 minutes in length)
  • Seduction: What to do on a date (45 minutes and 24 seconds in length)

Not only will you discover unique dating skills but also how to supercharge your confidence and build happiness with a lot of deep insights into the human behavior which could make a great difference to your inner game.

It does not matter how experienced you are in dating, how you look, and how much money you own, the techniques inside this Daygame Blueprint program will help you attract the women you have never even dreamed about.

daygame blueprint

Pros And Cons Of This Dating Course

    • Pros:
    • This Daygame Blueprint program contains simple-to-follow and practice tips and tricks for every man
    • The Daygame Blueprint course is presented in the form of seminar with outstanding quality
    • The information is very entertaining to follow
    • The advice is relevant to different situations, not just in daytime – this means you could use it while dating in the night
    • There whole Daygame Blueprint course show you what to do and what typical psychological features of women
    • You can improve your dating skills and seduce women without any manipulation
    • The program comes with 60-day money back guarantee
    • The program contains full online support
    • And much more
    • Cons:
    • This course is not available in book store
    • The videos seems to take a long time to view all

How Much To Get Started?

This Daygame Blueprint program is currently launched with a price tag of $97. Though this priced sounds too expensive, yet I bet that it is worth that money as what you could learn and get from it is so amazing. Believe me, you do not risk anything when using this Daygame Blueprint program!

daygame blueprint

What Will You Receive From This Guide?

Right after placing your order of Daygame Blueprint program, you, as a customer, will instantly get a package of videos which reveal to you everything you need to do to seduce your woman on the dates.

Some dating experts also speak in those videos, including:

  • Adam Lyons
  • Alex Coulson
  • AJ & Jordan
  • Scott Mckay
  • David Wygant

Is it attractive enough to encourage you to take action now?

daygame blueprint

Is It Guaranteed That This Guide Will Work For You?

daygame blueprint Sure. There is so much detail that is well embedded into this Daygame Blueprint system that it almost warrants a 100% success rate. Many men used successfully this program, you too. If you are not satisfied with the results gained, within 2 months from the date of order, you will get a full refund. No hassle or question asked.

Does The Creator Give Any Support?

For any question about this Daygame Blueprint system, feel free to contact to the producers via this address: support [at] daygame dot com

After reading my Daygame Blueprint review, if you want to comment on any aspect of this writing, drop your words below and I will respond all soon.

daygame blueprint

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